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"No that's not it." said a voice.

In the shadows of an abandoned theater a strange women say muttering to herself odd words and poring liquids into pots.

"Darn it!" she cried.

"One hundred eighty seven times is enough" she yelled into the darkness or actually it was mostly to herself.

She was fed up with all the combinations that she had to get right. But she was still determined to get them right so she could bring back her dearest thing her husband, The Puppet King.

"I have the potions in order, all I need is the power and the incantation." she muttered to herself.

"Ah well, I will not give up and just going to try again. The sad part is that my powers or even the Teen Titans powers can help with this, just words and potions…or can they?


Chapter 3:

Jump C. meets Amity P.


"Could have done better." said Raven.

"Where is the big TV?" asked Starfire curiously.

Starfire and Raven had just arrived at their apartment after the bus ride and chanced a bit of flying high up since the closest the bus came to the apartment was three and a half miles and it was already six o'clock and they did not feel like walking.

"It'll work for now" thought Raven. Although she did enjoy the fact they weren't in the slums but in the best part of Amity Park.

"This is better that the bus ride" said Starfire who was still a little queasy but flying took most of it away.

"I know" said Raven "I still hurt"

Then they both moaned in unison.

"What time is it?" asked Starfire feeling almost back to normal on the nausea level.

"Almost 7:00" answered Raven looking out the window at the sun and then got up out of the comfortable chair she was sitting in and went to the kitchen to make some herbal tea.

"Ok" said Starfire "Will you get me some donuts to eat?"

"What happened to the two cases of donuts you brought?" asked Raven curiously from the kitchen.

Suddenly Starfire flew to her room in the two bedroom apartment and got one of the suitcases out.

"I want some to eat and this is why I can't eat this" said Starfire.

She then took out of the case a hat with frills on top that made the hat look like it was made out of jelly, frosting, and some sugar.

"Donut Hat!" exclaimed the alien princess proudly "Or on my planet we use larger rocks with holes in them to make the hat of happiness. But your Earth nuts of dough work even better because when you are all done with the hat in 2 months or as we call it on Tamaran the Garb-Jor."

"Aliens…" muttered Raven under her breath while waiting for her herbal tea to heat up.

"Come on…" begged Raven to a bed at six twenty AM in Starfire's room.


"Murphalegrafengrump" complained Starfire's voice under a lump in the covers.

"We need to get to the school early to talk with the principle" said Raven desperately.

A head poked out of the covers fallowed by two arms then Starfire yawned and stretched.

"All right…" she said sleepily

After about an hour later when both girls had taken their showers, put clothes on, gotten breakfast and eaten it they finally locked the door of the apartment and chanced some more flying to the bus stop.

"Friend Raven must we ride the bumpy earth transporter again?" questioned Starfire urgently.

"Yes Starfire we have to, I'm sorry" said Raven. She was a little more wary herself knowing that this trip was going to be on a school bus. (Shudder)

"I could have teleported us to the school if you got up earlier" commented the sorceress somewhat accusingly.

"Well I went to sleep on the nice bed, although it was not pink, at the earth time of eleven thirty" said Starfire as she was the bus turning the corner.

"All right…" sighed Raven "Just remember that you are Star Erif and if anyone about your last name it is German, OK?"

(If that is offending to any Germans that may be reading my story I am sooo sorry.)

"OK" said the alien dreading another bus ride and not really like her new name.

"Oh, and my name is Rae Logan and Robin said that the school set it up so we have the same schedule and that we should say that we are half sisters or something like that" said Raven as the bus was pulling up.

The bus ride could have been worse and nothing happened during it that would cause any interest in Raven or Starfire. It was the usual paper airplanes, pranks, and other stuff that the kids do with their last minutes of freedom before school.

"Finally" said Raven when the bus pulled up to a school called Casper High.

All of the kids on the bus ran off to actually breath and got up to the steps and went into the two doors of the school.

Later when Raven and Starfire had gotten to the principle's office they got their schedules and went to their lockers to go to their first class English - Mr. Lancer.

"Watch it Fen-tina" said a rough voice as Raven and Starfire were approaching the corner of a new hallway.

A large boy in a red and white football jacket was staring at a much smaller boy with brilliant blue eyes, purposely impish charms and extremely messy hair.

"All right Dash" said the boy hurriedly sounding as if he didn't want a fight.

"Whatever…" said the boy who the two titans guessed was named Dash while he walked away.

"You OK, Danny?" asked a girl with black hair, purple eyes, and had on clothes that were just, well, blackish.

"Yeh, just Dash being an idiot again" said Danny looking back at where Dash had walked away.

"New kids" he said.

"New girls, you mean" said a boy with dark skin, a yellow shirt, and other clothes that almost said TECH GEEK HERE.

"Yeh…."said Danny almost drooling at the sight off Starfire.

"Sweet, one of them looks half-way smart" said the girl with the gothic clothing.

"And one off them might even be a match for Paulina" said the boy with dark skin.

As Raven and Starfire walked up Danny stopped drooling and he and the tech geek ran over to Starfire and said "Hi, I'm Danny" "And I'm Tucker, as in too fine."

Starfire giggled and blushed as the two boys looked at her as if she were a goddess.

"And I'm Sam" said the Goth to Raven. "Don't mind them they just get excited over girls like just yesterday…"

The bell rang and the kids realized that they were thankfully outside the door of the classroom that all of them needed to go to.

"OK kids get inside, the bell rang" said a bald overweight man with a blue shirt and tie.

Raven, Starfire, Danny, Sam, and Tucker all got inside quickly before the supposed teacher Mr. Lancer all gave them detention.

When everyone sat down Mr. Lancer got up from his desk and said "Now kids I'm sure you all want to start but today we are going to do something different…"

"Cooking!" said a girl in the back of the class.

"Football!" exclaimed Dash.

"Make-Overs!" yelled a pretty girl in front excitedly.

"No" said Mr. Lancer "Today, because the school is making me do this we are going to talk about government."

"Oh-no" thought Raven.


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