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Children of the Moonlight
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The night was cold as he sat outside, facing the vast expanse of the lake, which glinted like molten obsidian in the darkness. The moonlight danced across its surface in parts and made it seem infinitely more surreal than it did in the daylight. He had always preferred the calm light of the moon to that of the sun, which he found quite garish with its golden rays. The moon was colder, darker and more aloof: the moon was Slytherin in with it's argentine light. Yes, the moon was Slytherin, just like he was, but there was something about it that terrified him.

Suddenly, he did not know why, he felt like he was being watched: he turned around and saw someone resting in the shadows behind him.

"Whose there?" he asked. "Show yourself!"

Quietly the figure moved forward from the shadows and was illuminated by the moonlight. It had streaming golden hair and staring, moon-pale eyes: at first he thought he was staring at a nymph or a veela, but then he saw the necklace of butterbeer-corks and the horseradish earrings; it was none other than Luna Lovegood, the resident eccentric of Ravenclaw house. The moonlight was just playing tricks on him…

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" she whispered as she looked up at the moon. "It watches over us even when we can't see it."

He looked over to the Ravenclaw astounded that such philosophy had come from her mouth.

"The moonlight is yours because it is everything you are," she continued. "The moon is mine because it is me and I am it. It scares me though; doesn't it scare you, Draco, that something so beautiful is so hidden by illusions? No one sees the dark side of the moon, after all."

He looked over at her, astounded by her use of his forename; most would just call him Malfoy, even within his own House. Still, he mused, it would have been strange had she called him anything else…

"I may be the Moon," she sighed, "But you are the dark side of the Moon; people know about you but they never truly see you. I can see you and I know you; we are the same, we are children of the moon."

She smiled, "Why hide within the darkness when moonlight can be used for illumination, for finding the truth."

With that the enigmatic girl walked away as quickly and silently as she had come and he was left alone to dwell on his thoughts. Perhaps there was some truth in what she had said, but still what was his life other than an ever-changing illusion, just like the moon? He stood in silence as the moonlight danced across the lake, then he turned away from it; no matter about the truth, it did not do to dwell on dreams.