Into The Light

"I've made my mistakes

I've tried to live right

Stepped out of the darkness

Into the light"

- "Falling Away" by Good Charlotte

"Judy!" Christina stared in horror as Lucas Boyd held her at arms length with a knife to her throat.

The only response she received was a whimper from her friend. Boyd just smiled.

"Let her go!" she demanded. "This is between you and me. Leave her out of it!" She watched anxiously as Boyd pulled Judy in closer until she was secured against his chest, wide eyed and frightened.

"Christina!" she cried out pathetically. "Don't. Let it. Take you."

Christina stared at her, not understanding her until the sudden surge of evil hit her fast and hard. She could feel it pulling at her and swimming through her veins, filling her with the desire to kill. The darkness was consuming her and she could feel every second of it.

A part of her hated it (her friend was in danger), but a bigger part loved it. She felt powerful and invulnerable.

She shook her head and forced her thoughts to focus on rescuing her friend, her friend who, she had to remind herself, was currently at the mercy of Boyd and who was relying on her to save her. She needed to go back into the light. It was the only way to save both Judy and herself.

Boyd laughed as if sensing her distress. That laugh gave her the strength to push back at him with her mind and she sent him flying away from Judy and into the wall.

Judy scampered towards her and moved behind her so that she was shielding her from Boyd. Christina barely noticed. She was too busy advancing on the collapsed figure of Boyd and keeping him pinned to the ground with her eyes.

"Not too scary now, are you?" she drawled. "I guess none of us can keep up the act every moment of the day. Sometimes," she smirked, "we slip."

Boyd grinned back at her and began to climb to his feet. "Yes, sometimes we slip," he agreed. "And one day, you will. You won't be around to rescue your friend here. You'll be the one she needs rescuing from. You are destined to bring the end of days, Christina. It's only a matter of time."

Christina shook her head defiantly and her blonde hair swished through the air behind her. "No. I won't let that happen. I'll kill myself before I let that happen." She watches Boyd move towards the door.

Both know that he's right – she can only hold off what's to be for so long – and both know that at this point in time, she won't give in. It will be some time before she breaks. She intends for it to be a very long time.

She lets Boyd leave and then turns to Judy. "Are you okay?" she asks, bending down next to her.

Judy shrugs and smiles carefully. "I really couldn't say. That was…too close."

Christina nods in agreement. She remembers the exhilaration she felt when the evil spread through her. She'd been so close to letting it win. She'd been so close to letting it take her over and wreak havoc on the world. She forced a smile onto her face. "Way too close."