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On with the story!

The Ultimate Debate

"Will you stop talking crap!" I yelled at him.

"No," he shook his head stubbornly. "You don't understand, this is all about you."

I glared at him.

"IT IS ABOUT ME! So why don't you just get the freaking hell out of here and let me take care of myself! I'm not a kid!"

"I'm afraid you can't take care of yourself very well," he said calmly.

That was it, my patience also had a limit and he had just broken that limit.

"I AM capable to take care of MYSELF! If I weren't, this country would've been messed up since a long time ago!" I bursted, my hand grabbed the nearest thing I could reach—which happened to be my schedule notebook—and threw it to his adorably handsome face. He caught the thick notebook easily. How I hated his great ability at times like this!

"Okay, you might be able to take care of this country. Still, sometimes you can't take care of yourself. And both of us know that if something bad ever happen to you, nobody will take care of this country, so will you just do as I say, please?" he pleaded half demanding.

"I won't. I repeat, I won't," I crossed my arms and shook my head. "I'll do what I want and no one is able to prevent me from doing so."

"I BEG you," he began to look frustrated.

I gazed at his honest green eyes and I know he only do this because he loves me. But I had no intention to do his order! No matter how much I love him, this one thing I'll never do.


He stared intently at me, trying to convince me that what I was about to do is wrong. I pouted at him. I've told him many times that the red liquid was not harmful, and it would not burn me to death from inside, and without it, I would never take the thing he bought for me. He finally gave up and handed me the tube.

"Cagalli," he sighed in defeat as he watched my childish face when I finally got what I wanted. "What's so great to eat kebab with chilli sauce?"

Kira: I'd never eat any kebab anymore

Cagalli: Why? They're good, you know!

Kira: After the memory that you and Mr. Waltfeld gave to me? No, thanks

Solid: Ah, you're just afraid of spicy food

Kira: I'm not!

Cagalli and Solid: Prove it (shoved one kebab with flaming red sauce on top right to Kira's mouth)

Kira: AAAAAAAAH! Water...! Water! Water! Water! (running in background with fire breath)

Solid: How about you, Athrun? Red or white? (preferring to chilli and yoghurt)

Athrun: (sweat-dropped) Uhmm... pass?