Hi, everybody! OK, I got major writers block, so I'm using the only cure I know - oneshots. And this is just something I came up with after thinking about the names of the main weapons in the last battle of SEED. Enjoy, and drop a review?

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Ironic, no?

Providence tries to destroy Freedom. Well, now isn't that interesting. But there's more to come.

Justice destroys Genesis, but in doing so, destroys itself. Funny, isn't it? But I've more.

Before dying, Genesis makes one final bid and destroys Providence. Well, now we should have seen that coming.

This leaves only Freedom standing. And Freedom is not how you would like it to be.

Why? Simple. The others will show you.

Genesis died in shock.

Justice died in tears.

And Providence died smiling.

And here's why.

Genesis died because of murder. It wanted to murder, and so we murdered it. With Justice no less. A betrayel by something it helped form. Freedom. No wonder it died in shock.

Justice died because it had no way out. But Justice left us something. The empty shell of what once fought for peace. And it watched itself die, and the tears came fast and ready. It had sacrificed itself for Freedom, a freedom its remains could only watch.

And Providence. Providence dies smiling because it doesn't see a reason not to. The irony of this situation. The irony of Freedom's last bid. It's just to damn ironic not to smile about.

Genesis is gone. Providence is gone. Justice is gone. The three things we have believed to form Freedom are gone. It destroyed them itself. And in doing so, destroyed itself.

Because what is Freedom worth, without something to believe in?

Ironic, no?

And now Freedom is drifting. And now Freedom is wondering. And now Freedom is crying. It can ask itself "what have I done" as it looks down on the shell of what was once the might of Justice.

It can ask with no answer. Because no-one is left to give it.

Oh, the sweet irony.


Well, that's all I got. What ya think. Oh, and here's the meanings of the names.

Genesis: It means 'new birth'.Providence: It means 'Heaven' or 'God's will'. Justice and Freedom, we all know. And if you've taken offense to my view of Providence, please know that I meant nothing by it.R&R? Please?