War in Germany



Jules woke to someone saying her name. After a moment, she realized it was Jess and kept her face buried firmly in her pillow. There were the quiet noises of Jess getting up, getting dressed and then leaving the room.

"Probably to shag Joe," Jules thought bitterly, ignoring the ridiculousness of such a situation.

She had never felt so angry in her life. Sure, she had had problems before: her mom's pressures to act more like a girly-girl, dealing with the guys (and girls) who thought girls couldn't play football. But what had happened last night made everything else seem like small change. Everything had gone wrong. Her world, revolving around football, with Joe at the top and Jess alongside as her friend, had come crashing down.

How could she not have seen it coming? Looking back, she could see every moment at the club from a different perspective: Joe's initial refusal to dance with her and then how he grabbed Jess as soon as they reached the floor. His conversation with Jess, ignoring her. Leaving her to go after Jess. And then as she had found them on the balcony…

Jules squeezed her eyes tightly to keep in the tears. This whole time, she had hoped that Joe liked her and it was only his role as her coach that kept him aloof. But his actions last night had made it abundantly clear that it wasn't his professionalism that kept him from making advances. No he just didn't like her enough to risk it, like he obviously did with Jess.

But the feeling of betrayal didn't really come from Joe. She was mostly hurt by what Jess had done. What kind of friend was she? Had Jess even considered how Jules felt? Jules quickly ruled out the possibility that she didn't know. She must have…they were already such good mates. After all, Jules was the one who had gotten her onto the team—making Joe watch her try out. She'd encouraged her to come when her family disapproved, set up the fake job, even given her dress shoes so she could buy the proper football boots. Last night it was Jules who had called in Mel. The only reason that Jess had looked so good last night was because she, Jules, had helped her out.

And then Jess had been the one making goo-goo eyes at him and being totally oblivious to the fact that he was off-limits! Did she have any sense of propriety? Joe could get in major trouble for this. Not to mention what her family would think. She had never met Jess's family, but from what Jess had said, they would flip if Jess came home with Joe. My mom would be over the moon, Jules thought ironically. Probably the one thing I could do to make her happy.

It just wasn't fair! Jules had done the right thing and not tried anything obvious, waiting, hoping that he would notice something, that maybe he liked her too. She had stayed late at practice, had spent time with him while he was working, had done everything he said and more.

Jules didn't know whether she was shaking with anger or heartbreak. Finally she decided not to decide and stuffed her face into the pillow.

What a bitch.