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Shape Shifter, Shadow Dancer
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

It is a shape shifter, one to whom a fixed form would be unimaginably alien. It is a shadow dancer, one who flits between the light and the darkness endlessly. It is a demon, the embodiment of our worst nightmares. It is the dark one, the formless one, the one that dwells in places of deepest decay and darkness. It feeds on our fears, our terror it's food. It can become whatever it pleases in order to scare us, in order to survive.

Is it the creature that haunts the deepest halls of Azkaban. It is the demon that hid under your bed as a child. It is the monster in your closet that will come out and feed on your screaming. It is as fragile as a spider's web of the wings of a butterfly. It is all of these things and yet none of them at the same time.

Shape shifter, shadow dancer, feasting on our fears: shape shifter, shadow dancer, master of illusions: shape shifter, shadow dancer, Boggart.