Let's try

(In this story, House has a 4-year-old daughter named Michelle.)

Rated: T

Summary: Since Cuddy is thinking about having a baby, House is going to test her. He is going to send his daughter to stay the weekend with Cuddy.Not very good at summaries.

It was a Friday afternoon in the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Dr. Lisa Cuddy was at her desk finishing up some paperwork. She sets down the last one and leans back in her chair. She closes her eyes and thinks about whom would be a good sperm donor for her. She's been through many files that day and couldn't think of one file that she thought was good. House told her to pick somebody that she likes. Very few people came to mind though.

Moments later, she heard a soft tap at her door. Thinking that if she wouldn't pay attention, it would go away. She ignored the first three taps. As the fourth one came, she lifted her head in frustration and looked towards her door. Her mood quickly softened as she saw a pair of baby blue eyes staring at her through the glass. The little face was smiling shyly at her through the glass. Cuddy smiled back and waved her hand for the little girl to come in. The little girls smile widened as she pushed open the door.

Michelle House walked through the door of Cuddy's office holding a pink remote control car. She skipped over to Cuddy and stood beside her.

"Hi Michelle,"Cuddy greeted.

"Hi Cuddy," Michelle replied. Michelle walked to the side of Cuddy's desk, set the car down on the ground, crossed her arms, and laid them down on top of the desk while still standing up.

"Cuddy, have you seen my daddy."

"No I haven't sweat heart, what's the problem."

Michelle bent down and picked up her toy car. "The wheel fell off and I can't get it back on." Cuddy smiled at her and stood up. She walked around to the front of her desk.

"Let me take a look at it."

Michelle looked at her with confused eyes and gave her the toy car. Cuddy set on the floor. Good thing she is wearing jeans. Michelle came over and stood beside Cuddy. "My daddy said that girls couldn't fix cars." Cuddy looked up at the little girl and smiled.

"Sweetie, your daddy is just messing with you so he can look good so when you bring him toy cars to fix he can look good in front of his big manly friends." Michelle had to smile at Cuddy for making fun of her daddy. Many people were pretty good at it. With a surprise to Cuddy, Michelle crawled into Cuddy's lap. As Cuddy fixed the car, she found that Michelle had cuddled into Cuddy's arms. Cuddy was tense at first, but soon relaxed.

Cuddy popped the wheel back onto the toy truck and set it on the floor. "It's fixed." Michelle smiled and jumped out of Cuddy's lap. She took the remote control off of the desk and turned it on. She moved the switch and the car moved around the room. Michelle jumped up and down with happiness. She ran over to Cuddy and gave her a hug.

"Thanks Cuddy, you're the best!"