1Author's Note- I have changed the age of Michelle to 4. The first chapter has many grammar problems and I promise to fix those later on. Some people have been asking me about who Michelle's mother is. Well that's going to stay a surprise until I post the sequel to Let's Try. The only thing I'm going to tell you is that it is a House/Cuddy fict. Well... Enjoy reading.

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Chapter 8

Cuddy sat at her livingroom table finishing up some paperwork. It was about 10:00 in the morning and Michelle was in the kitchen eating her breakfast. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn't notice Michelle walk in and sit down next to her.


"Yes sweetie," Cuddy asked not looking up from her work.

"If Polly Princess gets cold, can I put her in the microwave to keep her warm?"

"No sweety that would be a mistake."

Michelle sat there for a little swinging her feet back and forth. "Cuddy," she said after awhile.

"Yes," Cuddy said a little hesitant.

"I made a mistake."

Cuddy immediately got up and ran to the kitchen. Michelle right behind her. She ran up the microwave and pulled the doll out. It had melted a little and the foil outlining on the dress made the microwave smoke. Cuddy let out a sigh of relieve.

"I'm sorry," Michelle said.

"It's okay sweetheart. I should have been watching you. It looks like Polly Princess got fried though."

"It's okay, daddy was going to buy me a new doll anyway."

(Later that evening)

Cuddy sat on the couch watching t.v. Michelle sat on the floor coloring in her coloring book. Today was the last day that her and Michelle would be together. She felt sad. She was really having a good time taking care of her for the weekend. The good news was that House would have to do those extra clinic hours now. She smiled at her victory. The phone rang and Cuddy reached for it only to be blocked by Michelle's hand on the receiver.

"Hello," Michelle said into the phone. Cuddy looked and saw that she got a bewildered look on her face. Then she slowly nodded her head. "Ok," she said and handed the phone to Cuddy. "It's somebody from something something." Cuddy smiled and took the phone from her hand.

"Hello. Oh hi Brenda. Yeah, I'm taking care of her this weekend. Extra clinic duty." Cuddy laughed at her reply. After a couple of minutes she hung up the phone and turned her attention to Michelle. She sat on the couch watching tv. "Do you want to go somewhere before I have to take you home."

"Cuddy, can we go to the park," she asked.

"Sure sweetheart. Get your coat." Michelle jumped off of the chair and to the hall closet. She opened the door and waited for Cuddy to come and pull the coat off the hook for her. Michelle ran down the walkway towards the car. Cuddy helped her into the backseat, setting her bag below her feet. It took about 10 minutes to get to the park. Michelle quickly jumped out of the car and Cuddy had to run to keep up with her. Once she was situated on the slide, Cuddy sat down on a bench. Next to her was a woman with a baby sitting on her lap.

"Your daughter's beautiful," the woman complimented.

It was a while before Cuddy knew she was talking to her. "Huh,' she asked.

"Your daughter," gesturing towards Michelle.

"Oh. That's not my daughter. I'm watching her for a friend."

"Do you have any children of your own," the lady asked.

"No," Cuddy sad solemnly.

The lady could hear the sadness in Cuddy's voice and decided to change the subject. "So, I've seen your picture in a magazine before. You work at the PPTH don't you."

"Yeah. I'm the dean there."

"Yeah. My sister was diagnosed there by a doctor Gregory House. She says that he's as rude as it gets."

Cuddy smirked. "He is a handful. But he's the best diagnostician that we have. She's his daughter," she gestured to Michelle who was now playing in the sandbox with some other kids.

The lady looked at Michelle and laughed. "How could someone so rude make someone so beautiful." Cuddy laughed and she and he other woman talked for a little while longer. Cuddy looked at her watch and noticed that it was about time to take Michelle home.

"Well, I got to go. Nice to meet you," Cuddy said extending her hand.

The lady took it. "Nice to meet you too." Cuddy smiled and walked over to Michelle. She sat on a marry-go-round with a number of other kids. A single person spun it around.

"Time to go Michelle."

"Ok. By you guys," she said waving off to the group of kids.

"By Michelle," they said together.

"Wow, you really made a lot of friends today." Michelle smiled up at her and ran towards the car. They reached House's house about 15 minutes later. Again, Michelle ran up the stairs toward the house. Cuddy grabbed her bag from the back. By the time Cuddy reached the top stoop, House had opened the door.

"Daddy!" Michelle jumped up into her father's arms. House smiled and hugged her back.

"Hi. Did you have a good time over auntie Cuddy's house.?"

"Yeah, I had a great time." House smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Good. Why don't you go watch tv while I talk to Cuddy." He set Michelle down on the floor and she ran into the livingroom.

"She was great," Cuddy said.

"Thanks for taking her for the weekend."

"I believe that you owe me extra clinic hours." House looked over and smirked at Cuddy.

"You really think that I'm going to do those myself."

"Oh I'll make sure that your down there myself. So don't try to get Chase, Cameron, or Foreman to do them."

"Yeah right," House said as he started to close the door.

"I'm not kidding House," she warned. House just whistled as the door shut.

Cuddy smiled and walked towards her car.