Operation: WHITE

Weird Adult


In White


Everybody In for Questioning

Chapter 1: Taking Down the Trainers

It was a normal day for Mr. Boss who was the father of Number 86 and was reading the newspaper at the table. Suddenly the door of the main entrance of his house was busted open and several armed men in white suits along with some sort of white armor came into the room with their weapons drawn.

"What's the meaning of this?" asked Mr. Boss to the strange men in white.

"We're from the government" replied the squad leader, "and we're the Guys in White."

"Well, what do you want me for?" asked Mr. Boss.

"We believe you had access to ghost DNA" replied another agent.

"And by the order of the law of the nation" said the head of the squad, "you were illegally manufacturing the DNA for your own nefarious deeds which were also foiled by another organization we are looking into."

"That reminds me" said another agent, "where's your daughter at?"

"We believe her organization still holds a prisoner in one of their secret top circles for illegal purposes" added the head of the squad.

"Look" said Mr. Boss, "ever since she revealed my daughter told me she was Number 86 of the Kids Next Door I promised to not keep any tabs on her and give her a head start."

"Look" said the head of the squad as he grabbed Mr. Boss' sleeve and brought him to his face, "we can audit your taxes if you don't tell us where your daughter frequently visits."

"Uh since you put it that way" said Mr. Boss as he wrote down the location of Sector V and other locations of where Number 86 has been on a piece of paper and handed it over to the Guys in White, "here you go."

"Thank you for your cooperation" said the head of the squad as he took the piece of paper and as the Guys in White were leaving the scene, "oh we'll also be speaking in with your boss this Father of your organization."

"Good luck with that" said Mr. Boss as he continued to read the newspaper.

"What was that?" asked another agent.

"Uh, nothing" replied Mr. Boss.

As Mr. Boss was continuing his daily routine, the head of the squad of the Guys in White stopped two of his agents.

"Wiretap his phones" said the head of the squad, "I do not trust this guy."

"Roger that sir" said the first agent as he saluted the head of the squad and started to place the wiretapping bugs on the phone lines.

"Now to pay this Father Delightful for a visit" said the head of the squad.

Several minutes later, Father was sitting at his chair still trying to study what went wrong with his halfa army.

"Father" said the Delightful Children as they came into the scene, "please come up with another plan against those Kids Next Door. Chad has been captured by one of their top secret sectors that handles with enemies with super natural powers."

"I'm sorry my Delightful Children" said Father, "I just had a road block in making more plots against them in recent days ever since the failure of the halfa army at the hands of those two ghost punks."

Suddenly the doors of Father's office were busted down and men in strange white suits and white armor emerged with their weapons drawn at Father.

"Are you Father Delightful?" asked the head of the squad as he showed his government I.D. to Father.

"Yes" replied Father, "but what do you want with me?"

"We're going to bring you in for questioning on using ghost DNA for illegal purposes" replied the head of the squad.

"You're going to have to fight me first" said Father as he flared up the place with his fiery attitude and began to fire some fireballs at the Guys in White.

"He's resisting our civilian standard interrogation" said the head of the squad on his communicator.

"Then use harsher terms of interrogation" said the voice on the other line.

"Roger that" said head of the squad as he ordered his men to finally subdue Father into submission.

"You can't do this to me!" cried Father as he was being handcuffed.

"We're sorry to do this to your Father" said the head of the squad to the Delightful Children.

"I think you misunderstood Father" said the Delightful Children as they hatched up some sort of scheme and a lie, "there's an organization known as the Kids Next Door that had allowed someone who is half ghost to join their group."

"Hmm, now that you have mention it we were going to investigate them next" said the head of the squad.

"So does that mean Father will be released?" asked the Delightful Children.

"Sorry" replied the head of the squad, "but he broke the law and even someone who has vast connections as he can not get out of this one."

"Oh, you'll soon see how resourceful we really are" said the Delightful Children as the Guys in White were leaving with Father in handcuffs.

"Keep a good eye on them" said the head of the squad to at least ten of the agents who remained behind.

"You can count on us" said one of the agents.

"Now onto the organization known as the Kids Next Door that associate with the punk known as Danny Phantom" said the head of the squad.

Back at the tree house of Sector V it was a normal day for the five members.

"I'm still sad that Number 7 had to leave the Kids Next Door" said Number 3 as everyone were in the main room.

"It's heartbreaking for me as well" said Number 1, "but her ghost powers would have drawn too much attention."

"But I still think they were cool" added Number 4, "and she wasn't that bad looking in her ghost mode either."

Then Number 3 jabs Number 4's shoulder.

"What?" cried Number 4.

"Well" said Number 5, "Number 5 agrees with Number 1. She would bring too much attention."

As Sector V was just about to relax for the rest of the day they heard some sort of explosion in one of the levels of the tree house.

"What's going on?" asked Number 4 as the alarm rang throughout the tree house.

"There's an intruder alert" replied Number 1.

"And from the looks of this" said Number 5 as she was looking at the intruder detector, "there are quite a number of them."

"Kids Next Door this is not a simulation" said Number 1, "so let's move out!"

But before they could do anything some sort of grenade was thrown in the main room and some smoke came out of it knocking members of Sector V out cold. As they woke up they were shocked to see that some guys in white were holding them and the head of the squad came toward them.

"You must be members of this Kids Next Door organization am I correct?" asked the head of the squad.

"Just who the heck are you people anyway?" asked Number 1.

"We're the Guys in White" replied the head of the squad, "and you recently have recruited someone who was half ghost."

"See" said Number 1 to the rest of the team, "I told you recruiting Danielle would bring this type of attention."

"So you know the half ghost in question?" asked the head of the squad.

"What makes you think we'll tell you?" asked Number 2.

"I believe a good interrogation would do the job" replied the head of the squad as he snapped his fingers and the five agents took Sector V away.