Surety Of Time

The rabbit died.

Pregnancy tests had modernized with the times, but that was the only way Sakura could think about it, even after training as a med-nin for over three years. The way that her mother and her mother's mother and her mother's mother's mother had thought of it.

She didn't focus on the fact that the first test was blue, nor the fact that the second test had given her a mockingly bright orange plus sign, and definitely not the fact that all of her seven different pregnancy testing jutsus had come up positive.

The rabbit died. She was pregnant.

Sakura sighed, and slumped down to sit on the toilet, her head buried in her hands. They'd only been chunin for three months, and now this. Three months…and she was almost certainly three months pregnant. Of all the times for her to forget her contraceptive chakra forms, the night they celebrated their graduation – all night.

Blowing a stray lock of pink hair out of her eyes, Sakura sighed in resignation. Well, there was nothing for it. She had to go tell the boys – no, men, now. Especially now.

Rising determinedly to her feet, Sakura swept the detritus of her home pregnant kits into the trashcan and marched out into the living room of their small two bedroom house. It was about to become even smaller.

The only thing she wasn't sure of, was who the baby's father was. Sasuke, or Naruto?

Oh, well. Time would tell.