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Summary: Zuko thinks about each member of his new, 'dysfunctional' family. And how they drive him up the wall!

Genre: Um… I guess this has a little bit of everything in it! Especially some light humour...

WARNINGS: This is my first piece of work in this category, so if I make a few mistakes, correct me. But don't flame me! Those are useless if I want to improve this story, since I always ignore them. Plus, a bit of Zutara later and maybe some Taang. You have been forewarned! If you despise Zutara or Taang, well sorry, but it's happening! In this fic anyway... If you don't like it, then I suggest you run for you life! Quick! Go! Hit that back button!

Well, this is yet another Zuko fic, so sit back and enjoy! This was going to be a comic, but I don't have the time or patience to draw it, with my GCSE exams coming up. Oh well...

Is Zuko Alone?


My name is Zuko. I used to be the prince of the fire nation, but four years ago today I was banished. My father burned and disowned me, he said I was never to return until I caught the Avatar.

But, fate had different ideas for me. As cruel as it is. It never favoured me…

So here I am today, sitting under the Sakura tree watching the Avatar, the one that I was supposed to capture, learning how to fire bend.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Uncle almost chanted. He He circled the twelve-year-old boy that looked up at him in confusion. "Fire comes from the breath! Not the muscles." Uncle Iroh began giving Aang yet another lecture he would have given me when I was the Avatar's age. It's funny how I thought the Avatar and me were so different… But, he actually reminds me of myself when I was twelve.

"But Uncle Iroh!"

"Now Aang, you know very well why meditating is important." Uncle Iroh said calmly. "I know its boring and you would rather play, but to control fire, you must have control over your mind." The old man smiled. Aang submitted to him and sat himself on a nearby rock. "That's a good student."

Pfft. Ok, maybe he wasn't exactly like me. It would have taken me A LOT longer to listen to Uncle. But I guess Aang was raised to be a bit of a goody two shoes… living with monks and all…

"Sokka! Why can't you ever wash your own stinky socks!" And there's the water bender girl, yelling at her brother, as per usual.

"Because that's your job! You wash the clothes and I do the hunting!" Sokka retorted.

"Oh really! So I have to stay at camp and wash the clothes like a good woman while you go out being the man, 'hunting' for food! You are such a sexist Sokka!" Katara yelled. I don't know how anyone could live with the water wench and the water idiot screaming at each other, for so long! I don't know how I'm going to live with it!

"Hey! That's not fair, you're putting words in my mouth! I'm not sexist! … Anymore…"

"Hey! I'm trying to meditate over here!" Aang butted in. "How about some peace and quiet?" The water siblings glared at the air bender. It was wise for him to back away and put on his most innocent face. "… Please?"

"Yeah, shut up for once!" Toph, the blind bandit entered the argument. "I'm trying to nap here!"

"Lazy as always, I see." Katara remarked.

"Do you want to start something Sugar Queen? Listen, I've done my chores and now I want to sleep! So for once, get off my back!" Uncle Iroh sighed, smacking his forehead. I can relate to him, he's not the only one who gets tired of these pointless arguments. Well, I guess it's my turn to step in…

"Ok, this ends now." Everyone turns to face me. "Aang, if you want to meditate in peace, I suggest you and Uncle Iroh go to a quiet spot, away from camp." They nodded and so, they left to train on the other side of the lake. I could see the proud smile on my Uncle's face as he trailed behind his new student.

"You!" I said, pointing at Katara. "You're being overly sensitive, I'm sure Sokka didn't mean to sound sexist. And you should stop picking on every little thing Toph does, she's done her share of the work, now let her nap."

"Thank you!" Toph exclaimed, falling on her soft spot on the ground. Katara glared at me, before she turned away with a familiar 'Hn!' with her arms crossed.

"And Sokka, you should really wash your own socks, you're old enough to do it yourself and no one should have to put up with the smell."

The water-bending girl giggled at this comment, while her 'older' brother pouted like a child and went off to sulk. And probably catch some food. Good thing too, I'm starting to feel hungry.

"Now everyone! Leave me alone!" I finished, nestling back into the curve of the tree. Ah… there's what I wanted… pure silence. Nothing but the birds chirping and the sound of the blind girl over there breathing deeply as she slept… But then there was the water wench…

"That's so typical of you Zuko." She said out of nowhere. I lifted my head so I could look up at her. Her beautiful blue eyes were glaring down at me, her hands were clenched into fists and something was burning in her.

"What?" Was all I could utter. If I said anything else, it would have been something I might have regretted later.

"You're always wanting to be alone! Even after all this time, you still don't accept me or anyone in the group." Katara hissed. "When are you going to act like you're part of the team?"

"Excuse me? I have been very helpful these past few weeks, I've taught Aang all that I know about fire bending, I do my share of the chores and I've put up with all of your nonsense arguments!" I scowled up at the stupid girl. What an ungrateful wench!

"That's not enough Zuko!"

"Well then how much do I have to do to make you shut up!" I shouted. Ok, this is definitely one of the things I've said I am going to regret for the rest of my existence. 'Sigh' I hate my life.

"It's not about what you do around the camp Zuko." She said, barely above a whisper. She kept her gaze on me for a quiet moment, softening her baby blue eyes. "I just want you to feel like you're a part of this family…" The water bender took her pile of dirty laundry and went off to a secluded part of the lake.

… Well… you would probably think that I feel like a jerk right now. Well I don't! She started it, like she always does!

And what did she mean by family? No one here is blood related (Except for me and uncle, and Katara and her brother) so what family is she talking about?

Wait a minute. Maybe she thinks of the whole group as a family…

Pfft, one dysfunctional family. Why would I want to be a part of it? Just because I'm travelling with them, it doesn't mean I have a special relationship with them. Haha… the very idea is ridiculous! Hahaha! 'Sigh'…

End… For Now…

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In the next chapter Zuko thinks about his relationship with the person he has been hunting for three years! That's right, it's Aang!