Ok, this is my first story ever! well on here:) ok...um its got Neji x Tenten, Sasuke x Sakura, Ino x Shika, and Naruto x Hinata. hope you like it! o yea, they like 17/18.

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It was around lunchtime in the peaceful village of Konoha. Mumbling could be heard from a corner booth at the infamous ramen shop. Who was it? Why our favorite four sensei's.

"They all finally made it to a jounin status! We should celebrate!" Gai yelled.

"Umm Gai, they've all been jounins for about two years or so," Kurenai corrected him.

"All the more reason to celebrate this wonderfulness of youth!" Gai proclaimed.

"And what pray-tell do you have in mind?" Kakashi asked looking up for the first time from his book.

"We "kidnap" them and force them to stay the night together in a tent!" the green clad man exclaimed, his excitement bubbling over every second.

"That is perhaps the dumbest idea I've ever heard of!" Asuma criticized.

"Why would we do that?" Kurenai questioned, completely ignoring Asuma's comment.

"Wait, wait, let me guess, to allow their "spring time of youth" to blossom?" Kakashi mocked.

"Ahhhhh you are so cool I can't compete with such awesomeness! You hit the nail right on the head!" Gai wailed. "Imagine it, the younglings, gathering together in a completely awkward situation, probably not presentable. Their youth would HAVE to blossom!"

"Well, all things considered, it is foolish; although, it would be so great to see them in a situation they have no control over," Asuma reasoned.

"YOSH! Then we'll do it! Tonight! Hurry all, we must get a giant tent set up! And plans, there must be more planning!"

The other three, slightly more sane of the four, rolled their eyes, regretting this idea already. Only the looks they expected from their former students faces, kept them from knocking Gai out and going home.

Night rolled around and the sensei's had set up a tent large enough for twelve teens. Pillows and blankets supplied. Now the only thing left to put this crazy plan into action was, the twelve teens. They split the "retrieval" among the four of them. Kurenai would get the four girls and Neji. Tenten, Ino and Sakura lived together, in Tenten's house, Hinata and Neji both lived at the Hyuga Compound together. Very logical reasoning. Kakashi would get Sasuke and Naruto. Gai would get, or "kidnap" as he liked to say, Kiba and Lee. Asuma was in charge of Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino.

The time Gai had insisted upon "kidnapping" them was midnight. That way they would be "vulnerable" and the effect would be more fun.

So, here it was midnight on a Tuesday, now a Wednesday, and Kurenai, Kakashi, Asuma, and Gai had split up to get a bunch of teenagers.

Kurenai raced across the rooftops, stopping when she entered a friendly looking neighborhood. The houses were all of traditional Japanese style. Walking calmly towards Tenten's door, she didn't knock, she just walked in. she found all three girls in the living room watching a movie in their jammies. Tenten was hanging upside down on the couch eating popcorn in green shorts and a pink cammie. Sakura was sitting on the floor in pink shorts and tank top. Ino was lying on the couch in purple shorts with clouds on them and a white short- sleeved shirt. When Ino and Sakura saw Kurenai, they screamed from pure shock, causing Tenten to fall off the couch and spill the popcorn.

"Kurenai Sensei, what are you doing here?" Sakura was the first to speak.

"No time, you girls need to come with me, now," Kurenai responded.

"Were in our pajamas," Tenten stated.

"Too bad, move it quickly. We have to go to the Hyuga Compound," The young sensei replied.

Kurenai made a "chop-chop" clap with her hands and rushed the girls out of their home telling them to get a move on, pajamas or not.

The three groaned, but complied.

They reached the estate quickly, their home only ten minutes away. Kurenai instructed them all to stay put and wait. They obliged, and she leaped over the large wall surrounding the compound.

"What the heck do you think is going on?" Ino asked leaning on the wall.

"As if I know, but I'm no liking this situation one bit," Sakura responded. "Do you know Tenten?"

"Oh yeah, me falling off the cough in surprise was just an act. No, I do not know, but we can assume she is getting Hinata. For what, I don't know," Tenten responded sarcastically.

"Oh, well that was pretty funny. I mean you just fell," Sakura giggled.

"Yeah, right on your face," Ino joined in taunting poor Tenten. It's not her fault she is a wee bit clumsy.

"Yeah, yeah. You two weren't exactly the sign of elegance screaming like two- year olds," Tenten retorted.

Their laughter stopped.

"It was very unexpected!" Sakura defended. The bickering went on.


'Gosh this place is huge! How am I going to find these two in a freaking mini village?' Kurenai thought to herself as she scaled the same building for the fifth time.

"K-K-Kurenai S-Sensei?" a young girl stuttered from below.

"Hinata!" Kurenai exclaimed jumping to the ground. She had found Hinata. She was wearing long blue striped pajama bottoms with a blue top.

"W-What a-are you d-d-doing here so late?" Hinata questioned.

"Well, we don't have the time for an explanation, but you need to come with me, and we need Neji as well."

"Ok, h-his r-room is this w-way," Hinata lead Kurenai down a long hallway."

They stopped at the last door on the left; Hinata pointed and shook her head. Kurenai entered, finding Neji in Sweat pants reading a book on his bed.

"Neji, get up. We gotta go," Kurenai stated firmly, knowing he would be the hardest to persuade.

"Hn, no," Neji replied emotionlessly.

"What do you mean "no"?" Kurenai asked, annoyance already present in her voice.

"Why do I need to get up?" He asked smugly.

"Because I said so and it's important."

"Hn, fine, let me get a shirt."

"No time, we gotta go now! Were already late thanks to this freaking mini village."

At this Neji went back to reading.

"Neji get up now!"


"Get up or so help me!" At this point Hinata had entered the room.

"N-N-Neji- nii- san, j-just come, w-were apparently late f-for something." Hinata pleaded.

"Hn, fine." He stoically responded getting up.

"About time!" Kurenai scolded him while jumping over the wall to rejoin the other three girls. She found them arguing.

"Tenten, you would scream to if there was a random person standing in front of you when you are in the middle of watching a suspense movie!" Sakura defended, "Besides who falls off a couch because they heard a scream?"

"I was upside down!" Tenten retorted.

"Falling is worse than screaming," Ino mocked.

"U-umm, what's wrong?" Hinata asked cautiously. The three girls turned around at the sound of the timid girl's voice.

"Oh nothing Hinata. Didn't see ya there." Tenten said looking around also spotting Neji. "Neji's here as well….Hi." seeing Neji, Tenten moved behind Ino, trying to hide her appearance. Being with girls in your pj's is fine, in front of a guy, who, well, you have a tad crush on, not so much.

"Hn," Was his wondrous reply.

"H-Hello Tenten- san, Sakura- san, Ino-san," Hinata greeted. The girls smiled at her manners.

"Well fun greeting, let's get going! Follow me!" Kurenai said as she leapt on to rooftops and into the forest.

Neji was behind Kurenai, leaving the four girls at a distance.

Ino whispered to Tenten "Enjoying the view?" Ino was, of course, referring to Neji and his shirtless self. This statement and Tenten's reddening face caused giggles to escape the girl's mouths.

"Shut it," Tenten whispered. "Why doesn't he sleep with a freaking shirt on?" she muttered rhetorically.

"If he did, we wouldn't be able enjoy this as much," Sakura answered. After Sakura and Ino had moved in, the three of them had found out about Tenten's crush on Neji.

"What part of 'shut it' don't you get?" Tenten mumbled, speeding up. The younger girls just laughed and caught up with Tenten, still wondering where they were going. They stopped in a clearing where a large tent was set up.

"You dragged us out here at midnight to a circus tent?" Ino asked with much sarcasm.

"It isn't a circus tent, it's not that big," Kurenai said walking towards it.

"Then what is it?" Sakura asked.

"This is where you are staying for the night, along with your former teammates!" Kurenai answered.

"Bye," Neji said turning, beginning to walk away.

"Not so fast. This counts as a mission. It's a bonding mission." Kakashi said walking into the scene with a ticked off Uchiha and a confused Naruto.

"How very like you to be late," Kurenai said.

"What the heck is going on? I was in the middle of a good dream when Kakashi Sensei comes in and kidnaps me!" Naruto yelled loudly.

"Everyone get in the tent and we'll explain," Kakashi ordered.

The nine ninjas filed into the tent to find Lee, Kiba, Shino, Choji, Shikamaru, Asuma and Gai sitting, except for Shikamaru who was lying down.

"This is a troublesome scheme they've created," Shikamaru said, having figured everything out earlier.

"At last! The precious flowers have arrived!" Gai and Lee yelled together when the girls entered the tent. The girls rolled their eyes; save Hinata who turned red. The prodigies were ticked and Naruto was, well confused.

"All of you are staying the night together in this very tent!" Gai exclaimed. "You shall release your youthful power in your awkward states of unprepared-ness!"

"Yeah and it's funny." Kakashi said smirking, if you can see him smirk.

"So you all have to stay here until we get you tomorrow! Have fun!" Asuma exclaimed walking out of the tent.

"Bye!" Kurenai said leaving. Kakashi gave a small wave before walking out as well.

"I shall leave you wonderful youths to uncovering your springtime of youth!" Gai shouted.

"Gai Sensei!" Lee cried waterfall tears.


"Gai Sensei!" the two joined in a hug under a random sunset backdrop.

"BYE!" Ino yelled. Gai scrambled out of the tent, fearing the blonde-haired kunoichi.

"Well, don't stand there like a bunch of idiots! Were stuck here 'till morning. So, grab a pillow and sit down!" Kiba said with Akamaru barking after he finished.

Neji grabbed a pillow and sat in a corner of the tent, Sasuke did the same, only in a different corner. Naruto plopped down in front of the other guys and began talking rather loudly. The girls were horrified at the situation. As I explained before, in front of your girls friends in your jammies, that's fine. In front of guys you like, not the greatest thing. Tenten was first to recover, she sat down by Shino and Shikamaru. She wasn't intimidated; the other girls sat down with her. A circle was formed, excluding the stoic prodigies, it went Choji, Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura, Tenten, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, along with Akamaru, Lee, Naruto, and back to Choji.

"Hey you guys! Why the heck do you think they put us in this tent? I didn't even have time to grab my chips," Choji asked/ said.

"Because they are all crazy. They love to torture us, especially in times of awkwardness; such as now," Shikamaru explained with a bored tone.

"Oh give me a break! They haven't even been our senseis since we were like thirteen and fourteen! That's four years!" Ino exclaimed.

"Although Ino, think about the fun we could have with this," Sakura whispered to Ino, Tenten heard and told Hinata, who turned redder.

Ino shook her head up and down with a devious smile, glancing towards her friends. Sakura smiled back, Tenten rolled her eyes and Hinata allowed a small giggle past her lips at their childish antics. The guys weren't liking this situation at the moment.

'This is going to be interesting,' Tenten thought to herself.

"Guys! Guess what were gonna do!" Ino yelled

"What youthful activity are we going to participate in, oh friend of the beautiful Sakura?" Lee asked excitedly.

Ignoring the stupid-ness of Lee Ino answered his question, "Were gonna play Truth or Dare!"

"Why would we do something stupid like that?" Kiba yelled.

"Because, I SAID SO!" Ino yelled, angered at how they weren't cooperating. "Everyone is playing, even you two," she finished, indicating Neji and Sasuke.

"Hn," both said at the same time.

"Ok, good," Ino went on explaining how the game was going to work.

"That meant no," Sasuke interrupted Ino.

"You are both playing."

"Hyuga can, I'm not." Neji sent Sasuke a cold glare, as if he wasn't worthy to say his name.

"I'm not playing either," Neji said, interrupting Ino and Sasuke before their argument got loud.

"Oh come on you guys! Just play! It wouldn't be fair if you found out all the secrets just by listening. Please play," Tenten said with her best puppy eyes. They didn't seem affected.

"Sasuke- teme is just too scared to do any dares," Naruto teased him.

"And Neji, my all time rival must have a deep dark secret he is hiding," Lee put in. Not the smartest thing he's ever said. Neji got up, making an action to punch Lee.

"P-please, c-c-calm d-d-down. I-I-It's just a g-g-game," Hinata managed to stutter, that took a lot of courage for the poor girl to say.

Neji sat down in the circle next to Hinata, Sasuke and Naruto ceased their arguing; Sasuke would play, only because he didn't want to be showed up by Neji.

"Ok, to determine who will go first, everyone pick a number 1-100. Whoever is closest goes first, I of course won't pick one," Ino initiated the start of the game. "Ok Sakura pick a number."

"Thirteen," Sakura answered after a second of thought.

"Tenten pick."

"Ninety- nine." She answered.

"Hinata." Ino continued around the circle.

"One," the timid girl quietly answered.


"Sixty- four," he answered


"Thirty- seven."

"Ok, Kiba."

"Seventy- three," Kiba answered after consulting with Akamaru.


"Five!" He enthusiastically yelled, clearly pumped about the game.


"Seventeen, believe it!"

"And last but not least, Sasuke. Pick a number," Ino replied


"Ok, that's all done! The number was thirty- two! So that means Shino goes first!" Ino said clapping her hands together like a ten- year- old would.

"Umm, What am I supposed to do?" Shino asked dumbfounded.

"Haven't you ever played before?" Sakura asked, earning a blank look from Shino. She continued, "Well you ask a person, any of us, truth or dare. If they pick truth, you ask them a question and they have to answer. If they pick dare you dare them to do something crazy or whatever."

"Uh-huh. Umm….. Choji. Truth or Dare."

"Dare! I can do anything!" Choji exclaimed.

Shino thought for a minute then said, "I dare you to BLANK BLANK(-insert dare here-)."

Choji did as he was told and the other teens laughed, aside from Neji and Sasuke who just smirked.

"Ok, now its Choji's turn," Ino explained the rules as the game progressed.

"Ok! Ino! Truth or Dare!" Choji bellowed.

"Err um truth," Ino replied.

"Umm Who do you like?" Choji asked. Delight moiling through him at seeing her flabbergasted face. Tenten laughed at the question, so hard in fact, she rolled over.

"Shut up Tenten!" Ino shrieked, her face going from pink to crimson.

Everyone's eyes were on Ino; even Shikamaru had opened his eyes and sat up a bit.

"Ooohoo! I bet he's here! That's why she's so embarrassed!" Naruto yipped animatedly.

"Shut up Naruto!" Ino shrieked again

"You have to answer the question Ino," Choji reminded her.

Giving up she mumbled, " Shamdkru."

"Sorry, what was that Ino? Couldn't understand ya," Tenten goaded her.

"Shikamaru," she mumbled a little louder and clearer.

Shikamaru heard her, along with the rest of the teens, and was shocked. Ino was turning purple.

Tenten, still laughing, said, "Ok, moving along. Ino your turn." Ino's eyes held revenge.

"Tenten. Truth or dare." Ino calmly said, she shouldn't have laughed. Tenten's last giggle stopped abruptly.

"Umm, Dare," she said after a moments thought, maybe dare would be safe.

"Tenten, I dare you to kiss… Neji." Tenten was wrong; nothing was safe.

"I can't do that!" Tenten screeched face as bright as a tomato. Hinata and Sakura's mouths were hanging open; Ino wore a triumphant smirk. All the guys had deadpanned.

Lee reacted first, "Woe is me! The flower of my former team has been petrified with embarrassment. Please allow me to do a dare in place of her and her fragile self." That earned him a punch in the face.

"I'm not a fragile freakin flower! I can do whatever dare Ino says!" With that said Tenten walked over to where Neji was sitting and pulled his face to hers by his hair. Their lips locked and they shared a kiss for about ten seconds. Gasps could be heard form the occupants of the tent, which could very well be becoming a circus tent.

"Neji has defiled our team flower!" Lee yelled with waterfall tears.

"Oh my gosh!" Sakura and Ino squealed as Tenten pulled away and sat back down. Hinata's eyes followed her.

Hinata whispered to her, "T-T-Tenten, I c-can't believe you d-did that! Best thing i-is he d-didn't push you a-away!"

Tenten whispered back, "I didn't even comprehend what I was doing! I heard lee call me "fragile" and that was it! I hadn't even thought of that!"

"Heh. Hyuga's getting soft," Sasuke smirked. This grabbed tenten's attention.

"Oh lookie its my turn!" Tenten said happily, a glint of mischief in her eyes. "Sasuke, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to… kiss Sakura."

"Tenten!" Sakura hissed in her ear.

"No way," Sasuke said coolly.

"Oh I get it your scared. Can't do what I did, or what Neji did?" Tenten provoked him.

"Fine! Anything you can do I can do better!" he got up and walked towards Sakura and kissed her. She had turned so red she was clashing with her hair. Sasuke and Sakura parted after eight or so seconds. Sasuke sat back down, while Sakura nearly fell.

"Kiba truth or dare," Sasuke said, as if that hadn't just happened.

"Well, I'm kinda scared to pick dare now…. But dare anyway."

"I dare you to streak through town tomorrow."

"Are you crazy? My ma and nee -chan will kill me!" Kiba said, regretting his choice of dare.

"Too bad Doggy boy, you have to!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Is it my turn now?" Kiba asked sounding defeated. Heads shook up and down. "Ok, Neji, truth or dare?"

"Truth," he replied calmly, looking as if he was trying to meditate.

"Umm," Kiba looked to Ino and Sakura who mouthed "do you like anyone" he looked to Hinata for confirmation on the question. She shook her head 'yes' with a smile, "do you like anyone?"

"Yes," Neji answered stoically.

"Who!" Sakura, Ino, and Hinata burst out at once.

"No one asked me who I liked, just if I like someone. My 'truth' is over. I believe it is my turn."

"Yup!" Ino answered his question.

"Naruto, truth or dare."

"Dare! Believe it!" the kyuubi boy yelled.

"I dare you to go without ramen for one week," Neji very calmly stated.

"Are you kidding me?" Naruto yelled EXTREMYLY loudly.


"That's impossible!" Naruto yelped.

"Get over it! Its your turn!" Sakura yelled.

"Oh right, ok. Lee! Truth or dare?" Naruto questioned crestfallen.

"On my youthful honor I will choose the difficult task of dare! YOSH!" Lee replied dramatically.

"Ok, I dare you to go streaking with Kiba."

" Alright! If I cannot accomplish this task, I will do three hundred push- ups! If I cannot do those, I shall do two one thousand laps around Konoha! If I cannot do those I will.." he was cut off by Tenten.

"Lee would you just shut it and ask someone truth or dare!" the bun- haired kunoichi yelled, clearly agitated.

"Yes, I understand. Shino, truth or dare." Lee directed the fated question to the bug shinobi.

"Dare," Shino said smoothly.

"Ok, I dare you to show us your mouth!" (Shino had been wearing his jacket).

Shino placed his hand on the part of his coat that hid his mouth and pulled it down, allowing everyone to see his mouth.

"Aha! He does have a mouth!" Lee said idiotically.

"Hinata, truth or dare," Shino asked the diffident girl.

"D-d-dare," she stuttered quietly, astounding the group. Hinata was being bold.

"I dare you to tell the person you like, you like him. Now," Shino stated aloud, turning his gaze to the clueless Naruto.

"O-ok….u-um, N-Naruto,Ilikeyoualotand Ihave sincebeforeweweregenins." She said terribly quickly, too fast, in fact.

"Hinata, no one understood you," Tenten said quietly to the red girl. In a quieter tone she said, "You don't have to be worried. I kissed Neji! Neji! Sasuke kissed Sakura, and Ino had to tell whom she liked. It's alright. You can do it!"

Hinata gathered her courage and said softly, "Naruto, I, umm, like you. I have since we were genins."

"That's great Hinata -chan!" Naruto yelled running over to envelop her in a hug. She pretty much fainted.

"You dobe," Sasuke insulted the blonde boy.

"Look what you've done Naruto! She may not wake up for hours! Neji hit him!" Tenten reprimanded/ commanded. Naruto was whacked on the head and Sakura told him to go to sleep.

"Fine! I'll go to sleep! But you all will too eventually!" Naruto bellowed as he flopped onto his pillow.

"Oi! What's all the commotion? Stop being so troublesome, I was asleep!" Shikamaru yelled, making everyone realize he had gone to sleep.

"Naruto made Hinata faint," Ino offered the explanation. Somehow, Shikamaru didn't look so mad anymore. Ino noticed and continued with, "Well I guess we should just go to sleep!"

"Goodnight youthful friends! May our dreams be peaceful and full of blossoming springtime!" Lee wished everyone good night.

Most of them slept where they had been sitting, drifting into a peaceful sleep filled with dreams of friends and love. They had fallen right into their four sensei's plan.