I decided to write a fic 4 dis movie ever since I saw it on TV. I immediately fell in luv wit one character, and well, u kno who it is gurls.

Will does not exist; instead the Strongholds' have a daughter, Ivy. (Yeah, I also finished watching "The Village", hehe)

There will be some scenes from the movie dat I'll use, tweaked a bit of course.

K, well, there MIGHT be lemons so ur warned.

Well, da chance of lemons is big, so…


The sky was glimmering with rays the sun was emitting. The smell of exhaust was a faint scent in the air but alerted the anxious teens to speed up to the bus stop.

"Come on, we're going to be late!" called Layla from atop a tree, in her hands a bird's nest.

Ivy grudgingly kissed her parents goodbye and waited while her best friend climbed down from saving a teetering nest.

The girl was a freak.

But she loved her for it.

"Come on, freshmen, got places to go, things to do," said Ron the bus driver, as said on his name tag.

"I don't wanna go," bemoaned Ivy, ripping open a Slim Jim and biting it off in frustration.

Layla was watching with grimace and pointed at it.

"You do realize that that used to be a-"

"I don't wanna hear your hippie-dippie speech, Layla. I just wanna enjoy my snack before I burst with anger," retorted Ivy, munching on the stick of seasoned meat.

She had never wanted to be a superhero. Never wanted to have the lives of millions resting on her hands; never wanted to belittle the normal that envied them for their "talents."

Life obviously hated her. Ironically, Layla accepted her life and tried to make sure Ivy did.

It hasn't worked for the last five years; it's not going to work now, just as they went to a school steered toward the gifted.

Ivy knew the first day of school would be a terrible one.

"We're here!" hollered Ron.

Oh Jesus.


Ivy didn't want to mention it to Layla, but all throughout lunch, she felt eyes on her. But the huge mass of the student body filling in and out of the lunch room didn't help matters.

Ethan was going on and on about some guy to Layla and Zach when Magenta nudged her.

"He's staring at you, you know."

"Who?" asked an oblivious Ivy?

"Duh, Warren Peace. We were just talking about him," quipped Layla.

"Why is that?" Ivy asked.

"Don't you know your history? Your dad busted his. Obviously the guy hates your family's guts," Zach answered casually, popping open his chocolate pudding.

Ivy, without even thinking, turned around and was met by angry, brown eyes; eyes belonging to a guy who was sitting literally at the table next to hers.


"Okay, now I'm freaking," she said whipping her head back.


Her friends stared at her while eating their lunch.

Ivy could still feel him glaring at her.

"Is he still looking?" she asked Layla who was gulping down her orange juice.




Ivy turned back again but brought her face back in front of her.

"I thought you said he wasn't looking anymore?"

Layla shrugged.


It was eerie. The hairs on her neck were standing at their ends and her heart was racing with fear.

How Hell could she get lost on the first day of school?

She had just gotten out of her last class of the day when she made a wrong turn as she was talking on her cell.

And Ivy was supposed to be the next greatest superhero.

The lights were bright, blinding her eyes as she walked down a now-deserted hallway.

She stopped walking and stalked into a bathroom.

Well, what do you know? It's empty too.


Ivy peered at her reflection, at her brown hair pulled up in a ponytail and her brown eyes lightly outlined in black eyeliner with a slight dusting of shimmer on her eyelids and cheeks.

"There you are, hurry before we get stuck here," rushed Magenta, with Layla standing behind her, holding the bathroom door open.

"Do I look like someone you'd wanna kill?" Ivy asked, pointing to her face.

"Ivy, let it go. There's nothing you can do about it. Warren is always gonna have a grudge against you. Live with it," Magenta said with finality, grabbing Ivy's pale arm and dragging her until the three of them were outside.

Students were milling inside the yellow buses, swinging their bags while they chatted up with their friends.

The Pennys were talking with the whole senior class.

"Ivy!" Layla yelled.

Ivy jerked to attention and rushed to her friends' sides but bumped into someone

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said, stooping down to pick up the book the person dropped.

"'War And Peace'?" slowly, Ivy lifted her head, meeting the eyes of the same angry, brown eyes.

Oh shit.

"Watch where you're going Stronghold!" he thundered, snatching his book from her hand so fast Ivy swore there was a slight burn resulting from it.

He stalked away, his steps quick and big.

"Jeez, what's his problem?" Magenta said when Ivy sat down next to them on the bus.

"I don't know…" Ivy looked out the window, mistakenly catching his eyes from the other bus.

He gave her a glare then turned away.


"Don't worry, mom. Coach Boomer knows I can fly too," Ivy assured her mom as they set the table.

"Just wanted to make sure. We have to get the world ready for the new Stronghold hero," she said with happiness at the fact of her daughter having both of her parents' powers.

"Hmm, what is that wonderful smell? And what's for dinner?" her father came in, kissing her mom on the throat.

"Steve!" she squealed.

"Guys, when I leave the room!" Ivy growled as she escaped into the kitchen, stirring the pasta sauce.

Her thoughts kept on going back to one thing: Warren Peace.

What was up with the dude anyway? What did SHE ever do to him?

After going through old newspaper clippings her dad hung in the secret sanctum, she found Warren's dad.

He wouldn't be granted parole until after his third life. Ouch.


The room was swarming with kids, hands holding trays laden with food. The sound was too overwhelming for Ivy.

She wanted to get away but Layla stayed her hand.

"No, plus it's gonna look like you're running from Warren."

"But I'm not!" she protested.

Zach gave her a look.

Ethan smirked.

Magenta grinned.

"I hate this school," she slumped back down, opening the package of her cookies.

Warren was staring at her again. But it wasn't as scary this time. Whenever Ivy and her friends would burst out laughing, his eyes automatically went to her.

His brows would burrow deep, as if in thought then return to his book.

"Ivy? Would you mind getting me a soda while you're up there?" Zach asked as Ivy stood up to buy more cookies.


The line was long but she finally got her stuff. As she was making her way to her table, Ivy didn't notice her converse's laces had come undone. Ivy stuck out her hand to grab something to stop her fall.

Too bad the table she made a grab for was the very one Warren was seated at.

Ivy fell to the floor, her cookies crushed; the soda rolled away, reaching Zach's feet, undamaged.

The hand she had used held something. It was a few pages, with ripped edges. At the top it read "War And Peace."

Oh Fuck.

"You bitch. You Strongholds need to stop messing with everyone's shit," he barked, standing up.

Shakily, Ivy did the same, her eyes on his.

"Don't talk about my family, asshole," she threatened.

"Oh, and what are you going to do about it pipsqueak, fly around?" there was laughter all around.

Ivy was burning with rage.

"You fucking bastard. It's a good thing we don't have your father around. Two Peaces' would be too much," she spat.

Unfortunately, Warren was also burning with rage.

"Ahh!" from his fist, he shot a fire ball at her.

Ivy dodged it, holding a tray in front of her.

It burned a hole through it.

"Fuck!" she cursed, running away towards the fire alarm.

Ivy tripped again. Stupid laces.

"Where you going, Stronghold?" Warren bellowed.

Ivy scuttled under a table and crawled away. A loud thud alerted her to Warren right above her.

"Scared, Stronghold?" he mocked, throwing fireballs at the benches, blocking her escapes.

Ivy heard his laughter resonate throughout the room as the students watched in awe. They waited to watch the new Stronghold demonstrate her multiple powers; powers that would save the world.

"Where are your sidekicks now?" Warren taunted, blasting a gaping hole on the table, stopping Ivy from going any further.

"Here!" proclaimed Layla, the others standing beside her.

From under the table, Ivy gave them a grateful smile.

"Leave them alone!" Ivy screamed, picking up the table with her hands.

Warren stumbled a bit but stayed his ground as Ivy swiftly threw the table across the room, slamming a flying Warren on a lowered beam.

"Ivy, you okay?" her friends shrieked to her, but stopping to hug her in excitement.

"You showed him!" Zach exclaimed, high-fiving her.

"That was some sweet action," Ethan said to Magenta who nodded in agreement.

Ivy received congrats from other people but stilled when she heard a yell.

"Stronghold, you think that's gonna stop me?" she turned and was shocked at how fast he recovered, racing at her with both arms blazing with red-hot fire.



"I'll be back after last classes," stated the principal, leaving Ivy and Warren in the detention room.

All the whiteness was giving Ivy a headache.

"Bastard," she mumbled under her breath.

"What did you say?" Warren's head whipped toward her.

"Like I'd tell you freak," she gave him a dirty look, then flipped him off.

"Do that again and you'll end up with one less finger," he warned, his eyes burning.

"Are you threatening me?" Ivy stood up and he did the same thing.

"If you're that dumb, then there's no point in answering that question," he rumbled with a grave look.

His shoulder-length hair tickled his face as he strode up to her; she didn't shrink back as she would've done.

"What you gonna do, shitface?" she goaded, her face tilted upwards since he towered over her like a giant.

He grabbed her wrists and twisted them painfully, bringing a gasp from Ivy's mouth.

With a growl she stomped on his feet. He growled but she didn't stop, slamming her other feet on his other feet.

Warren took advantage of her feet atop his and stepped back, letting go of her wrists.

"Argh!" she screamed as her bottom touched the hard floor.

As she rubbed the pain away, Ivy watched as Warren smirked at her.

That pissed her off even more.

Faking a move with her hand, she brought her feet up and kicked him right in the crotch, digging the tip of her shoe in deep.

"You fucking bitch!" he screamed in pain, falling to the ground, coughing.

Ivy stood up and fixed her shirt, smoothing out the wrinkles.

"That'll teach you to badmouth my family, you no-good, wannabevillain," she spat, walking to the farthest part of the room and waiting out the day.


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