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It was getting dark but Ivy did not want to leave. The wind was heaven on her face and her hair, still in its ponytail, whipped around as if it were dancing. The metal bench had warmed under her, her fingers gripping the arm rests.

"I hate you…," she said to no one.


"You've ruined my mind…," he said, his hands scratching his scalp in frustration.

The dark had invaded not just his room but his mood as he watched his curtains flutter against the wind.


Her face was pale. It was always pale now. Layla, who had a slight aversion to makeup, tried to force some blush on her cheeks but Ivy was able to run out, her bag in hand and flew out to the waiting bus.

She did not feel like looking pretty.

The entered the bus feeling like a shadow. Could they see his hands on her body? The tears on her face, the ghosts in her eyes?

Even Ivan, his face shining with smiles could not bring her out of her stupor.


It was hard to breathe anymore. The air was like a thick poison, suffocating her until she had to close her eyes to let the pain pass.

That beautiful, sickening pain. And sometimes, she felt an almost release as the feeling overtook her and distracted her to everything around her.

Her eyes were starting to come to a close when she felt that sharp pain of pain shoot through her spine.

She looked up and saw him, his eyes guarded but beautiful, so beautiful that she wanted to cry. His hands were gripping the table before him, the blue veins in his throat brilliantly showing through his sand-colored skin. The love-sick Ivy in her wanted to walk over and kiss his anger away, but the scared Ivy, the one she was living as at the moment could not find the courage to actually do it.

"Are you okay Ivy?" that voice; the voice that used to make her turn to with admiration did nothing for her right now.

"I'm fine Ivan, just a bit tired," he made a sound like he didn't believe her but at the moment; she didn't really give a shit.

All she wanted was for Warren to come over and save her.


He followed her lips as she managed out shallow words, her hands wringing the strap of her nag as her eyes were darting around her surroundings, stating her uncomfortable stance.

She wanted to leave and it angered him every second he wouldn't let her go.

The sun was showing through the hallway windows, illuminating her in a shower of light and brilliance. And even though he could see her tired face even more clearly, he also saw the beauty that first entranced him.


Ivan finally got the message, or maybe he had something else to do, and left. Ivy breathed a sigh of relief and walked outside, so she could feel the light breeze brush her face, making her feel alive.

The hairs on the back of her neck pricked as she continued walking, precariously close to the edge of the floating school.

She closed her eyes and almost imagined it: her arms loosely by her side, her legs rim-rod straight, the wind taking her away, her hair sweep around her almost like a halo.

And just as her feet rose to step out, her mind free of its bounds, strong arms encircled her waist and pulled her back, reverting her back to reality and out of the dream she was waiting to accomplish.

To fly.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, trying to kill yourself?" that harsh voice next her ear, that hard chest touching her back, callused hands gripping her skin, almost in a rough caress.

At the moment, she wanted to; because being this near to him and not allowing herself the benefit of staying in his arms for the sole reason of enjoying his heat, his scent was ripping her insides apart.

If only he could see the internal battle playing out in her eyes.

If only he…

"Well, Ivy?" and when he said her name, her heart started thumping so loudly, she wouldn't have been surprised if he heard it.

She bit her lip.

What could she say?

Would he believe her?

"Look at me…Ivy," he commanded softly, and she knew she would always answer.

Slowly, Ivy moved her body until she was facing him; his arms, she noticed, were still around her.

She bit her lip again to keep from smiling.

He saw this and followed every movement, watching as her bottom lip turned pink.

"Ivy, tell me," there was something in his voice and it warmed her to know he still cared.

She smiled.

"I just wanted to fly," she said simply. His eyes clouded for a second before going back to that smoldering look she first fell in love with.

Was that right?

Was she in love with him?

Had that been why she was in that slump, because she loved him and it hurt her to know that she had been screaming another guy's name in her sleep?

She had deprived herself of his presence to figure out what he meant.

To her.

And each time she thought about it, her mind always reeled back to the one conclusion

That she loved him.

"Are you sure that was what you were doing?" he asked her, tightening his arms.

Yes. I just didn't feel like taking the bus home today," she moved her arms from her sides until they were resting on his forearms. He saw the act and brought her closer to his body, mingling their whipping hair together until a drape formed around their heads; he took this chance.

Slowly. Slowly.

He eased his face down 'til he was a breath away from her. His courage was suspended in time as he waited for her reaction.

She breathed in.

And that's when he crashed down and kissed her with the fervor of someone who hadn't seen his love for weeks, because that is exactly how he felt.

He brought his hand to cradle her head as he probed her mouth with his tongue, soothed her fears as he sucked her bottom, pinked lip.


Ivy was dying.

That was what she thought as she kissed Warren with a passion she had tried to hide whenever she thought of him. Her hands touched the sides of his face with such loving caresses, it drove him to try and hug her body to his even more.

She never felt such yearning until she was away from him for so long. It hurt her to realize that he might have been going through the same anguish as her.

She broke away, not for breath, but to kiss his whole face.

"I miss you," he whispered to her, his cheek resting against hers.

"I miss you too."

"I'm sorry for letting him come between us," she smiled as he said this.

"It doesn't matter anymore," ivy said as she pulled away to look at him.

"I'm sorry but it does. There's something about him that I don't like, Ivy. And I'm not gonna let it go 'til I know what it is," his eyes pleaded forgiveness for his words but Ivy couldn't find it within her to give it.

"I can't believe it, your letting it happen again. You're letting the idea of Ivan keep you from me. Ivan's my friend, a superhero for God's sake and you still think there's 'something about him?'"

Ivy backed away, her eyes glazing over with disgust and hurt.

How could he ruin what was about to be fixed?

"You know, Ivan might've been right about you. The shadow of your villain father has followed you. You'll never let an obsession die," she spat out before taking one last step before disappearing beyond the school's edge.

"Ivy!" he yelled, rushing to the edge, looking frantically for her.

Before he was pulled away from the edge, a big no-no for the school, Warren saw a flutter of brown hair past wisps of clouds.


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