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Chapter One: Camouflaged Destiny

"My my..." That was what Hisoka thought as he crossed the massive gate of the newly-founded Hunters Club. "Just too perfect to hav some good time." He headed towards the isolated wood on the Hunters Club grounds. The club was gigantic, so it was obvious that it would have some natural scenaries and places.However, that was Hisoka's favourite place. As he walked, he began to remember the first time he visited it. I was an invitaton to all Hunters from around the world.He thought of going since he had nothing better to do, and to kill the boredom.

On the gate, the guards gave him a "map" of the place. He preferred lonely places anyway, so he headed straight to that wood. It was so charming that it bewitched him. He found a large tree with thick branches and lots of leaves.He climbed up the tree and sat on one of the branches. He sat there for so much of time that he himself completely and found himself lying on the branch the next day in heavy sleep.

At that point, Hisoka stopped thinking. He had already reached that tree. He looked at it deeply. Then he jumped up the tree and sat on one of its thick branches. His eyes were lost in the pure water of the small river just below it. His thoughts went far. He thought about all the people he had known, and who had affect his life. He thought about Machi, Kuroro, the whole Spider Brigade, Illumi...

His thoughts finally reached the "ever-together" group, and a slight frown found its way to his face. He remembred Leorio, Kurapica, Killua, and Gon. Gon, Gon, Gon... He had always liked Gon's innocence and his perseverence despite his young age. He envied Killua for having him as his best friend. He envied the whole group generally. He hated how they were always together, and remembered his loneliness. Although he had been lonely for all his life, he hated loneliness when he saw them. He did not believe in friendship but whenever he saw them together, his belief was destroyed. They were just too... perfect. He tried to deny that fact, but he liked them all, especially Gon. Usually, Hisoka never thought anyone was "in the level" to match his powers, but whenever he wanted an opponent, he tought of Gon. And whenever he needed a friend... he wanted Gon.. Gon awakened his desires for friends and life between people whom he liked and who liked him. He made him human again, not just a scary nightmare for his enemies.


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