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"Fine, so spit it out!!!" Hisoka prompted Adrianna.

Adrianna sighed, "Okay, first of all, I have to introduce my family. My younger sister is called Martina. She's the one two years younger than me. I'm actually twenty-four myself, so she is twenty-two, and here's her picture."

She took out a black leather wallet and grabbed the picture of a sharp-faced redhead, who looked totally different from Adrianna. Long, straight, thick and sleek hair having a crimson-like shade of red. Her eyes were sharp and wide, grey as the heavy mist and shadows of London, thin crimson eyebrows so sharply curved, making her look like a visible picture of the devil, and pure white skin with a tinge of Russian blush.

"She's the one who lives in New York. She runs a mini business in one of the ghettos, mainly an office for investigations, but..." she paused for a moment, as if to rethink whether to speak or not, "but this office is actually a cover for some dirty work she does sometimes for others, for some good payment..."

Hisoka lifted an eyebrow, and looked at her, the shadow of a knowing smirk passing through his lips, "What kind of dirty work?"

Adrianna slightly shuddered and gave Hisoka a menacing look, "No, Hisoka. It's not what you think."

Hisoka sniggered mishievously, "Really? So what is it then?"

"She actually has a number of third-class assassins working for her, whom people hire, and she earns some good money as a payment for it," then she got back the same angry menacing look, "and NO. She's NOT a whore, and better yet, she is NOT a female pimp, and does not have bitches for rent!!!"

Hisoka lifted an eyebrow, musing for sometime, "Mmmm...What a girl!!! Reminds me of a friend of mine..."

"Really? Who?" Adrianna asked with seeming curiosity.

"Ummm...Well... You don't have to know him now...Just continue...For the time being..."

Adrianna paused for a moment. Why didn't he tell her about his friend?! And who IS his friend anyway?! What is fate hiding for her behind Hisoka's enigmatic personality?! She decided to just let it go. She continued, "Alright...Though I don't know WHY you're hiding everything from me, but I know you'll tell me later,"she said, sighing as if she had given up, then continued, "Whatever, I-"

"Wait a minute...What makes you so confident that I'll be telling you everything?!" Hisoka interrupted, eying her suspiciously.

"Ummm...It's my sixth sense...It never let me down!!!" Adrianna beamed.

Hisoka just rolled his eyes, amused for apparently no reason, "So, continue..."

"Sure," Adrianna agreed, "Here, this is my other sister, Belladonna. She Martina's partner in the business.Cute, is she not?!"she beamed happily, showing him the picture of a young woman, much resembling an angel. Wavy, platinum-blonde, long hair, wide purple eyes, and skin so white it was almost transparent. She seemed much like an angel. Her features were comforting and peaceful, but it looks they all had those sharp, evil-looking eyebrows. Only the colour was different.

"Wow, she looks a lot like a butterfly..." Hisoka said, admiring Belladonna's impressive beauty.

Adrianna smiled,"Well, everyone actually thinks so. She looks so serene." Then she growled, giving out a hateful sigh and sneering with disgust, "Here's the last picture. That's my fourth and youngest sister, Helga." She handed him the photograph of a beautiful young lass, probably at the age of twenty, with pure white skin, long, straight, blonde hair, and wide transparent-blue eyes. Her eyes, though havinga glazed look and colour, still weren't that cold. They glowed with gaiety and intelligence. Her irresistably cute smile was still sly and smug.

"Blondy, hehehe. This is an angel wandering through the earth. She's beautiful..." Hisoka said, a smirk creeping across his face.

Adrianna eyed Hisoka angrily, her lips curling in a strange mixture of sneering, pouting and frowning, and released a hot angry sigh that almost increased the temperature of the room, making Hisoka snigger.

"You're jealous, aren't you?!" Hisoka said from between his laughs.

"Huh?! Me?! Jealous?! Why?! Ughhh, Hisoka, BE REAL!!! I've seen a million guys who are cuter than you!!!" Adrianna screamed in denial.

Hisoka sniggered some more, "Two things very clearly show you're lying. For one, you're screaming so loudly, you can cause a person some eternal deafness or something, which you don't really need to prove your point, and for another, there's now way in hell could you find anyone cuter than me. Sweetie, you're not good at lying."

Hisoka was actually right. The whole "a million guys cuter than Hisoka" thing was not a very brilliant lie. Hisoka is hot, and there's no way she could find five guys altogether who were hotter than him. Let alone a million!!! Boy that's hard to believe!!!"

"Oh come on, you arrogant bastard. I don't even love you!!!"she snapped.

Hisoka looked straight into her eyes, smiling playfully, and lifting his eyebrows. He moved his face much closer to hers , hissing in her ear, "Who spoke about love?! It's something else, sugar...Something called lust..." He traced the outer lining of her ear with his tongue.

Adrianna froze. She just couldn't make a move. Her limbs were so numb. /What's happening to me?! Why did I even trust this guy?! Did I go crazy?! But, on second thought, if he wanted to molest me, he could have done it while I was in my coma. I still don't trust him. Oh, how I wish to give him a good lacing and run away!!! Ughhh.../

But actually, she couldn't. Letting Hisoka's unbeatable powers, she didn't want to. Something deep down inside her wanted to stay. Even though she was prudish, she couldn't resist his hypnotizing charm. The aura which surrounded him...It was attractive...It got her caught in a trance. She couldn't say she was only impressed. No...She was scared. Her character, though carefree and audacious, still had that prudish side that always kept her on her toes whenever she met a person with a character close or similar to Hisoka's. Her eyes widened in fear.

Hisoka drew his head backwards when he noticed the intense fear in her golden eyes. He lifted an eyebrow, rather amazed, "How chaste!!! Are you a nun or something?! I haven't done a thing, and you're shivering and almost crying. I wonder what you would do if someone tried to rape you!!!"

Only then, she noticed that she had been shivering. Why did she feel so weak?! She was a hunter after all...A Blacklist Hunter, but she still couldn't control herself. The shivering, the tingling sensation, the numbness, She was-"

"Now quit the trance please. I'm really losing my patience right now," Hisoka said dangerously.

Adrianna winced hard at Hisoka's voice, that suddenly interrupted her thoughts. She winced so hard that she bumped the back of her head against the back of the bed.

"Owww...HOLY SHIT HISOKA!!! You were literally and physically hitting on me, pervert, and you actually expect me NOT to be scared?! Ughhh..."Adrianna snapped.

"Well, according to what my instincts tell me, which-by the way-never let me down, that wasn't just fear. You were almost comatosed. Don't tell me you can't defend yourself against rapists!!! What's that Hunter's License doing in your pocket then?!" Hisoka exclaimed.

"Ughhh!!! Hisoka, I can. It's just that...See, this stupor-like state happens to me whenever someone physically hits on me..." Adrianna said, biting her lower lip.

Hisoka just lifted an eyebrow, frowning with a questioning look in his eyes, as if to ask her: "Why?"

Correctly interpreting his look, she nodded her head, "You can't blame me...It's some kind of teenage complex.

"Mmmm...Mind telling me?" Hisoka suggested.

Adrianna sighed, "Well, you know a lot already, so I don't really mind you knowing the rest..."


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