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It's been months since Edward left. He just left. He didn't even say good-bye to me. Not one word. I woke up one morning, after a night of crying after one of our arguments about changing me, and he was gone.

I was so confused. I drove to school in my truck, and when I got there, as I was at my locker, Alice came up to me and handed me a white envelope with my name written on it.

"It's from Edward," she had said, and turned to walk away. I stared at her with a befuddled look on my face.

"Wait," I called after her. She turned back to me, a cheerless expression on her pale face. "Alice, where is he? I haven't seen him since last night. He stormed out on me after we had a fight."

"Read the letter." That was all she had said and left me standing there in the hallway. I instinctively opened the envelope, not exactly hoping for the worst, and that it would be something happy in at least the tiniest bit. It definitely had no happy written anywhere within his words, in his beautiful penmanship.

My dearest Isabella,

I'm sorry that you have to hear about this in a letter. You have no idea how sorry I am. After our argument last night I couldn't stand to be near you anymore. At least for the time being, anyways. I'm extremely sorry and I hope that in time you can grow to forgive me.

When you get this letter I will be long gone, probably already at my destination. Alaska. I'm going there so that I can clear my head. I just need some time apart from you. I'm sorry. I know that I've said that about a million times already, but that's how I feel. I love you, but I'm not quite sure what else there is that I can do. You've pushed me over the edge, as people so plainly put it. I told Alice, along with everyone else, to not tell you anything until you got this letter. I figured that you would rather hear it from me, rather than them.

I think that this is what's better for the both of us. Well, what's best for us for right now, anyways. I hope that you can understand my decision. Please.

I'm not quite sure when I'll be back, maybe days, maybe months. Know that I love you, always and forever. I'll come back for you.

I love you,


I remember slumping back against the row of lockers, making a large noise as they clunked against each other. It was so heartbreaking. I couldn't believe that Edward would leave me. My Edward, gone. And I had no idea when he was coming back.

I had cried and cried for weeks, until one day, they ceased. My eyes had run dry, and I had no tears left to shed. The rest of the Cullens never came over and talked to me to see how I was doing. I never went over to them, afraid that if I said one thing to them that I would bring on a whole other set of tears.

I started sitting with Jessica, Angela, and Mike at lunch once again, always right next to Mike, with Jessica on my other side. The two of them had broken up about two weeks before Edward had left. We were in our senior year now and it was November, just after Halloween. When I talked to Mike about their break-up, he had told me that the reason was because Jessica had figured out that Mike still had feelings for me. I don't really know what I was thinking. I must have been out of my mind, because I told him—extremely abruptly, I might add—that I had feelings for him, too. Mike asked me out on a date for that night, asking if I was busy or not. He knew that Edward was gone, and took my newly single status as his chance with me. I reluctantly said yes to the date, internally kicking myself for being so vulnerable at the moment.

I had decided to wear almost one of the only skirts that I owned, which was a green wool, and a white tank top, leaving my hair flowing down my back. For our date, he had taken me to a fancy restaurant, where he told me to order 'anything I like.' I chose carefully, finally picking a fettuccine alfredo dish, while he chose to have ravioli, making me burst out crying, thinking back Edward and the food I had eaten on our first date, where he had told me everything. Mike put his hands on my left one, which was placed on the table, where I had slammed it down, hard, when I had started crying. I had promised myself I wouldn't cry on this date. My other arm had been bent at the elbow, holding up my head, as I looked to the side, staring at other couples in the restaurant, tears flowing freely down my cheeks. When he touched my hand, I looked at him, wonder flooding through me. I wondered what it would be like to be with him. I mean, I had only been with one guy before, and that was Edward.

"Mike-" I had started, but before I knew it, he was leaning over the table, kissing me. At first I was shocked, but then I started getting used to it, closing my eyes. I still hadn't started breathing regularly, so it was cut short from me not having enough breath. I couldn't seem to help liking Mike at that moment, even if I was vulnerable. Edward had been gone for weeks since then, and it felt nice to be needed and wanted again. Mike pulled back once he realized I had staggered breathing, and looked at me, sitting back in his chair, shock overcoming him, too. I couldn't help but smile. My face was still wet from tears, but I quickly wiped them off. It was nice. For the first time in weeks I wasn't thinking about Edward. I wasn't thinking about anything that even had to do with him, thanks to Mike. He was just what I needed to get my mind off of all the bad things that had been going on lately. He was my escape.

The rest of the night, we talked about random things, from school to family. He wanted to know everything about me. I asked him some questions; he would answer them, and then turn the same question to me. I smiled the first time he did that, because it seemed like he actually did want to know about my life. Especially my life back in Phoenix, because he had never been there before. He surprised me when he said this, so I decided to ask him where else he had ever been. He said that the only other place he had ever been was just Florida and a select few other states.

When the food finally came, I looked at my watch to see how long it had taken. It had already been forty-five minutes. I suddenly realized that this place was incredibly busy when I glanced around at the other completely full tables, along with the long line by the door. Then I noticed that if Mike and I had been talking for that long then we must have more qualities alike than I thought we did. I smiled back at Mike, who was already doing that to me, and started to eat my food. When we were done we shared a tiramisu for dessert and got up to leave the restaurant after he paid the bill and tipped the waiter.

We had gotten back into Mike's car and he drove me home to my now empty house, thanks to Charlie, who had gone fishing for the week, taking time off of work.

"So…" I had said. I never was the best with good-byes.

"So…" he had mused. "I…guess I'll see you tomorrow, then, huh?"

"Yeah. See you tomorrow."

Then he leaned in and kissed me again. I couldn't believe how different it was from kissing Edward. It was amazing how different they really were.

The next day we met up at my locker and talked about the previous night. "So, I hope you weren't uneasy about the whole kissing thing last night. It's just that I really do like you, Bella."

With that said, Mike and I started hanging out with each other more and more, kissing involved when it seemed the right time.

It's been months now, and I was actually happy. I was happy when I was with Mike. I was happy when he called. I found that we really did have things in common, and that I actually could be happy with someone else. Mike kissed me, and I smiled, for I was as happy as I have been in months. I giggled slightly at Mike, who kept planting kisses on my neck playfully. And then I saw him as I looked past Mike's shoulder. I saw Edward, walking through the school. Edward stopped abruptly as he saw Mike kiss me once more before he walked to class, and his golden eyes smoldered into me, angry as ever. Oh no. This wasn't good.

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