Heaven's Fire

Authors Notes: Awhile ago I saw an idea posting for Ranma 1/2 crossover stories. One was a Ranma 1/2 story where Nodoka was really a Phoenix (like Jean Grey from X-Men) and sensed her daughter awakening to her powers. I found the idea intriguing so I thought I take a stab at it. I have taken liberties with the battle at Phoenix Mountain, gomen.

Disclaimer: I own neither Ranma 1/2 or X-men. I also don't make nearly enough money to make suing me worth it. Arigato.

Heaven's Fire

Prologue: From the Ashes….

Phoenix Mountain

"DIE YOU ANNOYING GNAT!! DIE!!" Saffron, God-king of Phoenix Mountain, screamed at the bounding red and black blur with a pigtail trailing behind him.

"What's the matter Saffron, don't like it when your prey fights back?" Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, taunted the enraged phoenix.

Saffron replied with a low growl and a dozen more fireballs launched at the leaping mortal that had caused him so much trouble. Ranma, though he would never admit it, was hard pressed to evade the attacks. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Shampoo holding the doll-Akane. He didn't have much time left. He needed to get Akane to the spring! Ranma gritted his teeth and launched another attack.

And the battle continued.

Above the Battle

"Lord Saffron seems to be having some problem with the boy." An aged phoenix-man commented. His wings straining to keep him aloft, he gazed at the ground below with a slightly interested expression.

"Watch your tongue Tef, Lord Saffron may put up with your insolence but I won't have you even hinting that that boy down there is any match for our Lord." Kima, Chamberlain to Saffron, rebuked the elderly phoenix.

"Hehehe, I have no doubt that Lord Saffron could defeat any human on the planet." Tef calmly replied. "However, I'm not too sure that boy is human."

"What?!?" Kima turned to him shocked.

"Look beyond to physical Kima my dear. I know you can, I taught all my children how."

Kima narrowed her eyes at her grandfather for a second before turning her attention back to the ground below her. This time she applied some ki to her eyes. Soon they matched Tef's golden sheen. What she saw made her gasp.


Ranma was worried. Very worried.

Saffron had taken all he could throw at him and still the phoenix king would not go down. This is even worse the when I fought against Herb! He thought. The battle had reached a lull, Saffron realized that any fireball he sent, Ranma would dodge. Ranma had nothing left to throw at Saffron. The two opponents warily circled each other, waiting for the next move.

"Ranma!!" A voice called out. "Great-Grandmother say Akane no have much time left!!" Shampoo cried out. She had nothing too personal against Akane (beside her treatment of her Airen) that she would wish the girl dead over. She hoped her Airen would win soon, but she also dreaded the other, very likely outcome. Ranma had beaten other, very powerful opponents before, but could even he beat a god?

Shampoo hoped the answer was 'yes.'

Ranma heard Shampoo's warning and became even more desperate too win. Then he had a flash of inspiration. With a yell, he charged Saffron. The others watching the battle on the ground gasped at the apparent suicide move. Two watching above saw what one thought was impossible. The other just smiled thinly as though he was expecting this. The one Ranma was charging smiled in anticipation.

As Ranma ran, his battle aura, till now almost non-existent, sprang to life with a vengeance. The aura, normally a yellow color reflecting his confidence, was now a fierce fiery orange. As the others watched in shock, the aura began to… shift into another shape.

"What happen to Ranma aura?" Shampoo shockingly asked her great grandmother, Cologne.

"I'm not sure child." The Matriarch of the Amazons answered, awed at what she was witnessing.

Ranma was focused.

More then ever in his life, he was focused. All other thoughts, all emotions, were cast aside like sticks. All he knew was that Saffron had to go down. He reached for power to do so and, surprisingly, he found some. He didn't even notice when he started to literally fly at the laughing phoenix king. He didn't notice the shape superimposed over his own. He didn't notice that the thoughts echoing in the back of his head were not his own. He did notice the impact with Saffron. With a slight push, the power he held slammed into his opponent.

The world went white.

Japan, Juuban District

Nodoka Saotome looked up as she felt something she had not felt in years. Without a second thought, she extended her power in search of the disturbance.

"Oh Ranma." She sighed, having found her answers. "I had hoped you wouldn't face this choice."

With another sad sigh, Nodoka began to gather things. She had a trip to make.

America, Westchester County

Scott Summers looked at his wife in concern. He was calmly talking to her after dinner when Jean suddenly froze and looked east. Her eyes briefly shifting to the gold they toke when she was fully tapping her powers. For a minute she stayed that way, unresponsive to anything. A quick call across the lake soon brought Ororo to the house with word that the others were on their way.

"China…." Jean finally said.

Both Scott and Ororo were by her side in an instant.

"What about China Jean?" Scott asked.

"Fire, desperation, a laughing face, power, Phoenix Mountain." Jean croaked out.

"It sounds as though Jean is mentally linked with someone." Ororo stated.

"Yes, but who could have enough power to pull Jean into a link?"

A good question Scott A soft voice echoed in both minds.

"Professor! Can you sense who has Jean?" Scott asked hopefully.

No I can not Professor Xaiver's mental voice replied. What ever it is that holds Jean, it's not on the Astral Plane

"That what could it be Charles?" Ororo asked.

"Jean said Phoenix Mountain. That could be where this person is." Scott guessed.

That is likely, I'll have Hank begin scanning while I look with Cerebro


"Jean!" Scott was immediately holding Jean's hand. "What happened?"

"Scott," Jean began in a much firmer voice, "We must go to China now."

Scott looked at his wife quietly. The two women in the room could almost see the change go over him. No longer was he Scott Summers, husband of Jean Grey-Summers. Now it was Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, considering the information told to him.

"Alright." He nodded and turned to the tall black woman beside Jean, "Storm, return to the mansion and get ready." Storm briskly nodded and in three steps was out the porch door. Another step saw her flying across the lake on wind currents under her total control.

"Professor, who can we spare at the moment?" Cyclops asked knowing his mentor was still listening.

Storm, Beast, Psylocke and Wolverine are the only ones in the mansion at the moment. Psylocke is on her way to warm up the Blackbird as we speak

Cyclops nodded as he stood up. Jean remained seated another breath then Phoenix soon up and joined her husband in preparing.

The Sea of Japan: The Next Day

It was a quiet group that made their journey east to Japan. Ryouga Hibiki leaned against the wall of the small cabin he and his most hated rival shared. Currently he was looking at said rival, wondering how she pulled off another victory.


After Ranma's explosive impact with Saffron, everyone rushed over to the new crater. The inside was slowly filling with water from the source of water that feed Jusenkyou, Ranma, now in his cursed form was unconscious. Near the redheaded girl was a large egg. Ryouga stared at the thing until he realized, that was Saffron. With a start, Ryouga remembered the reason for the fight.


Shampoo jumped up at the Lost Boy's shout. Quickly she ran out of the crater to the Source of Jusenkyou. She thrust the doll in her hands into the pool and felt it change in her hands. Soon Shampoo was struggling to pull the suddenly full-sized Akane from the pool. A quick exam soon had her calling for her great-grandmother.

"Great-grandmother! Akane no breath!"

Cologne hopped over to Shampoo on her staff. Standing beside the restored girl, Cologne looked at her, reading Akane's ki. Soon the aged Matriarch found the problem. A swift thrust with her staff hit the appropriate shiatsu points. Akane toke a shuddering breath, coughed a few times then settled into a deep slumber. Cologne nodded to herself and then turned back to Ranma.

Ukyo had, with Ryouga's help, pulled her fiancé out of the crater and was looking for any damage. All were startled when two forms dropped from the sky. Kima landed by the egg that was Saffron and gathered it to her, looking at Ranma with an awed gaze. The elder phoenix-man set down near Ranma.

"Stay away from him!" Ukyo screamed, standing in front of her fiancé with her battle spatula drawn. Ryouga said nothing but toke a similar stance beside her.

Tef smiled at the two would-be protectors in amusement but stopped where he was. "I seek no revenge on the one called Ranma. Our lord will live again." He looked past the two at the sleeping form of Akane. "You have accomplished what you set out for humans," He briskly walk by a startled Ukyo and Ryouga and knelt by Ranma. "I would recommend that you leave this place soon though. Others at the mountain will not be as forgiving." He lightly cupped Ranma's face with his talons and examined the red head. "Yes," he whispered to himself, "It is her."

"What are you talking about?" Ukyo asked warily. If this strange old man tried anything on her Ranchan he'd find that Ukyo Kijoni was no one to underestimate!

"Leave now." Tef stated, rising. "We will take our lord and leave as well. You had best be gone when the others arrive." Without looking back, Tef strode over to Kima. The two snapped their wings open and climbed into the sky.

"We should do as he says." Cologne said into the silence following the departure of the two phoenixes. Numbly, the others nodded.

Ryouga shook his head, bringing him back to the present. Ranma had failed to regain consciousness by the time the party made it to their ship. Ryouga grudgingly carried the small girl the whole way, trying not to think of the way she felt. This was Ranma damn it! He tried to distract himself by wondering about the technique Ranma used. When did he learn that? It didn't look like any of his other moves at all, so he had to have learnt it somewhere. Right?

With a sigh Ryouga realized he was even farther form beating Ranma then ever. So why didn't he really want to anymore? Oh sure he attacked Ranma with the same intensity as when they first reunited. Was it almost two years now? But as time went on, he began to see Ranma as a friend. His treatment of his fiancée was terrible, which was mainly the reason Ryouga attacked him now. He just got so angry with him for taking what he had for granted what Ryouga mostly just dreamed of. Ryouga still wasn't sure why Ranma kept his secret about being P-chan, but he was grateful all the same.

"Saotome, you and I really have to talk later."

On the deck of the little ship, Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo discussed things of great importance.

"Tendo we must get Ranma and Akane married as soon as we get back to the dojo." Genma gravely told his friend.

"Yes Saotome, I agree. This recent kidnapping was too close. If we don't get those two ungrateful children of ours married soon…"

"…our retirement is doomed!" Genma completed.

"Saotome! I have an excellent idea!" Soun crowed. He urgently explained his plan into Genma's ear. Genma was soon nodding vigorously.

A little ways away from the two idiots, Akane Tendo shook her head at the antics of her father. She normally would have shouted at the two, but she was still weak from her recovery and just didn't feel like it. Besides, she thought in exasperation, it wouldn't' do any good. They haven't listened before, why should they start now? Deciding to ignore the two, Akane turned around and headed back to her cabin. Vaguely, she thought that she should prepare for whatever stupid idea her father had come up with. Soon Akane was in her cabin and shortly thereafter, asleep.

Japan, Nerima Ward the next day

Ranma knew his pop had something planed. He could see it in Genma's joyful smile. The old man told him it was pride in his son's accomplishments and why shouldn't he be proud? Had he not personally trained the greatest martial artist in the world? But what else could one expect from one such as himself? Ranma and the other young martial artists sweatdroped after hearing this. Ukyo voiced the collective opinion of the others save Soun and Genma himself.

"Is he for real?"



Genma-panda looked behind him at his son holding a half-empty bucket.

"Save it Oyaji. No one wants to hear it."

{Son! How could you do this to your own father?} flip {Oh, the disgrace of it. My only son picking on his} flip {father after all I've done for him!} Genma-panda was about to pull out another sign to continuing his rant as the others attempted to figure out how a sign had three sides when an unexpected voice cut him off.

"Hello? Soun are you here?"

Nodoka walked into the room followed by Kasumi. The omnipresent wrapped katana on her back. Genma-Panda reached behind him and hit the bucket his son was holding. Ranma sighed as he felt her body change. The strange buzzing at the back of her head that had started after Phoenix Mountain increased again as it had every time she was a she. Ranma shocker head a few times and reasserted the mental discipline he used in battles to keep the buzzing down. She then wiped the water form her face, glared at the panda playing with the ball behind a sign that claimed {I'm just a cute panda!} and sighed.

"You don't need to do that anymore baka-oyaji." She told her supposed father. Please, Kami, tell me I'm not related to him. She thought.

Nodoka watched this with mixed feelings. Disgust at the way her husband was behaving, Oh Genma what happened to strong man I married? Concern for her… child over what she was going through and what would soon happen. And amusement over her 'daughters' comments, both spoken and thought.

"Really husband, I wish you try to act like a man once in a while." The activity in the room halted in shock. Did the proper and traditional Japanese housewife just say what they heard? As the occupants of the room felt their minds freeze as they attempted to fit this new development in, Nodoka looked to her child and, to everyone else, cocked an eyebrow. To Ranma however… Don't concern yourself to much with your father Ranma, you have more then proven yourself to me.

"Huh? What do you mean Mom?" Ranma was confused, when did her mother learn vantirle… ventrall… uh, speaking without moving her mouth?

"Saotome, I would have thought that even you could get your mother's meaning." Nabiki smirked at the pig-tailed 'girl'.

"I did get it, Nabiki. I was just wondering why I don't need ta' worry about Pop anymore." Ranma shot back. The Tendos just looked Ranma until Akane lost her tedious grip on her temper.

"Ranma no baka, where did you get that from pervert?"

"Hay! I ain't no pervert, tomboy!"

"What did you call me!"

Quickly moving between the two, Nodoka spoke first to Akane then to Ranma. "Akane, stop. Ranma, come with me. I have something I must discus with you." So saying, the Soatome Matriarch dragged her transformed son out the door to the dojo. The room was silent for a minute at the sudden speed Mrs. Soatome moved at. Nabiki raised an eyebrow and quietly left the room. She needed to tun on her microphones in the dojo. This promised to be interesting.

When she got to her room, Nabiki moved one her posters and flicked the switch marked 'dojo' on the panel revealed. Crossing to her desk she grabbed the headphones, sat back with a smirk and waited to hear the latest Ranma gossip.

The smirk faltered.

The smirk fell.

A frown replaced it.

A grumbling Nabiki went back to the panel and moved the switch once, twice, three times. A confused Nabiki stood there blinking at the unresponsive device until Ranma's shout snapped her back to reality.

"I'M A WHAT?!?"

End Prologue

Yo! Ranma here. So what'cha wanna tell me mom? Huh? Alien? So you weren't born it Japan, so what. Huh? What about me? What? No way!

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