It was a dark beautiful night. The small bright stars had taken over the dark skies. A young teenaged black hedgehog was outside sitting on a bench on his porch staring at their beauty with his aqua blue eyes. 'Why?' He thought. 'Why did you leave us? Were we not important enough for you? Is that why you left? Was that the reason why you broke mom's heart? If so then what kind of father would you be. I haven't seen you at all yet everyone says that you look like me. If that's how you feel about mom, I'm happy as hell that you left. I hope you never return.'

In the house, in the kitchen, Rouge looked through the window and saw her son outside sitting on the bench staring at the night sky looking upset. She turned to the red echidna behind her, "Knuckles, I'm worried about Spike. He has that look in his eyes again."

Knuckles shrugged, "So what? He's been out every night looking at the sky ever since we told him that lie about Shadow leaving you."

"Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Maybe we shouldn't have told him that. I should tell him the truth."

"Rouge, no! If you tell him that his real father died then he'll act like that I'm taking his place and he won't treat me right anymore."

The white bat smirked, "He still doesn't."

The echidna frowned.

"Just talk to that boy."

He sighed, "All right, I'll give it a shot." He walked outside and saw the black hedgehog. He sat beside him.

The hedgehog looked over to him with a glare as he sat beside him without his permission. He looked back at the sky, "I didn't ask you to sit next to me."

Knuckles started to laugh, "You know, Spike you have the same attitude as your father. I swear it."

"Don't even mention that traitor to me."

"Spike, just forget about him. He's gone and just sitting here throwing fits won't make things better."

"Look echidna, I can throw a fit if I want to just stay out of my business, Knuckles", he said with a smart tone.

"Hey don't get smart with me, boy and another thing don't call me Knuckles. I'm your father."

Spike shook his head slowly, "Heh, you're not my father. You're just trash my mother ended up marrying." He got up from the bench and walked into the house.

Rouge noticed him walking through the door, "Spike, are you feeling okay?"

The hedgehog turned to her, "Mom, tell that damn echidna to leave me the hell alone!" He ran upstairs with anger.

Knuckles came into the house scratching his head, "I find it ironic that Spike hates me just as his father did."

The bat embraced on the echidna, "He'll get use to you. You'll see."

He smiled, "I guess you're right." He wrapped his arms around her body and started to kiss her.

Spike was behind the corner watching his mother make out with Knuckles. Anger filled him, "What a bastard", he muttered.

N/A: Don't worry about the sudden knuxouge. Knuckles will eventually die or getbeaten up and Rouge will end up with Shadow again.