The next day felt like a day off to Shadow. He was at the park sitting on the shiny grass near a tree resting his eyes with the sun coming through the openings on top of the tree. The wind even blew calmly and every living thing was outside enjoying the beauty that once was around Mobius.

"Shadow", a familiar voice called.

"Ker? Is that you?"

A white haired demon was sitting near the tree as well. He was sitting on the other side. He nodded, "Yes it is."

Shadow never turned to look to see if it was really him, but he could tell because of his voice. He still had his eyes closed, "You're a spirit aren't you?" If he was, he would be the only one to see Ker not anyone else.

"Yes, God sent me here to give you a message."

"A message?"

"God wants you to come back now."

"To heaven?"

He nodded, "Yes."

"I can't. I want to stay here with my family and friends."

"But you already completed your mission. You retrieved Heaven's Light you're through here."

Shadow opened his eyes and looked over to Ker a bit, "I want to stay."

Ker sighed, "I suppose God could let you stay, but first raise your hand towards the clouds in the sky."

Shadow did as Ker said and raised his hand. Then a white light came from his hand and went towards the clouds. He lowered his hand, "What just happened?"

"Heaven's Light is returning to heaven", he said with a smile.

Shadow smiled as well and leaned back against the tree again, "So Ker, how's heaven?"

"It's beautiful, Shadow. No fire or devils. It's just pure goodness. I'm now at peace and tranquillity...at last."

"What about Charmy?"

"He's doing fine. He still thinks about Chloe though."

"I shouldn't ask but what about Knuckles?"

"You mean that red echidna? I never saw him."

Shadow laughed a bit, "Serves that echidna right."

Ker stood from the ground.

"Are you leaving?"

"Yes I'm sorry but I can't stay down here too long."

"I understand."

"When you get a chance, tell the others I'm fine and doing well and please thank Tonya for me. She's been a very nice person to me."

Shadow stood from the ground and finally confronted Ker, but now he had just disappeared. He smiled, "I'll tell them." He turned his back and began to walk away.