Disclaimer: Hey guys! This is my first Lord of the Rings fan fic, so I'm excited! Hehe! I usually write Harry Potter, but I'm trying something new! Hehe! Well, this is just a short Fluff between Elrond and Arwen! Hehe! I always tried to picture a little Arwen and her father!

For some people who do not know this, Ada means Father in the Sindarin Elvish Language! Hehe! I wish I could speak it!

"My little princess"

Elrond sat down in the middle of a meadow, he watched as his four-year-old daughter Arwen played. Her dark brownish-black hair swaying in the wind as she chased a small frog. He couldn't help but admire her curiosity. Arwen ran and followed the frog into a puddle.

"Come back little froggie!" she giggled as she jumped and splashed into a puddle.

Elrond laughed at his little daughter, she was so much like her mother. Beautiful, Curious, and free-spirited.

Arwen picked up the frog and ran towards Elrond. Her grey-blue eyes filled with such brightness, it made Elrond happy to know his daughter was enjoying herself.

"Ada! Ada! Look Ada! I found a froggie! Isn't he cute?" Arwen jumped on her father getting mud all over him. He didn't mind.

"Indeed he is cute, but why don't you give him a kiss my young one. He might turn into a prince!" Elrond laughed as his daughter gave him a bewildered look.

"Ada, do all princes start out as froggies?" she asked.

"Indeed they do! To turn into a prince a young and fair maiden must give them a kiss!" Elrond tickled little Arwen, she laughed.

"Ada, I think you are teasing me!" she giggled.

"Now why would I tease you? Now go on, give the froggie a kiss!"

"I don't think I want to, I am not ready to be a princess yet. I want to play some more!" Arwen jumped up and gave her Ada a kiss on the cheek leaving mud all over his face, Elrond laughed.

"You may not want to be a princess yet, but you will always be my Little Princess!"

The End

I hope ya guys liked it! Haha! I had a lot of fun with this one!