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Hello, everyone! This idea just came to me one day and I've decided that I should publish it … So…

This story is basically Episode I with a twist and is focused mainly around chaos and an OC character named NINA. You'll find out more about her later and as she comes into the story. Yes, it's a romance/general. You know, just the whole Xenosaga thematic stuff in general.

Pairings / Relationships: Here are the pairings and/or relationships in this fic…

chaos x OC (NINA)

Shion x Allen

MOMO x Jr.

chaos/MOMO x Ziggy – (relationship) friend and someone to confide in / father figure

Shion/NINA x KOS-MOS – (relationship) "mother" and friend / good friend

Yes, I promise that Ziggy and KOS-MOS are not just support characters. They have a potential here too … And you'll discover more relationships as you read along.

Summary (full):

The creatures that defy all laws of physics, the monsters that have taken a liking to mankind, the Gnosis. Ever since the discovery of the Zohar in A,D 2020, life for humans has changed dramatically. After abandoning their home planet, humans have nearly been forced to live on drifter colonies, ever aware of their predators around them.

The invention of a new weapon has brought a sliver of hope into the universe. KOS-MOS, the Anti-Gnosis Humanoid Fighting System, has been created and has been proven effective against the Gnosis.

But something deeper lies within the mystery of the Gnosis and the Zohar. Rumors of a distant copy of KOS-MOS have begun to flutter about the people's tongues. Could this distant copy exist? And if so, what purpose would this copy serve if it has not made an appearance in the battle for mankind?

Life is about to become ever more complicated for a team of scientists, and even more so for those connected to the cryptic Zohar…

Xenosaga: Nexus Ties

Chapter 1: KOS-MOS

The Woglinde, Analysis and Scientific Lab: Vector Industries, T.C 4767

"Commencing startup experiment. Open up an interconnection." a young woman with caramel hair ordered from the Virtual Reality System as she waited to be transferred to a test environment.

"Roger. Opening interconnection. Connecting with dummy protocol." the man whose I.D card read 'Allen' answered. His fingers tapped their way across the keyboard, en route to releasing a connection. The dummy protocol was used as a safety measure during the environmental simulation, a precaution if anything should go wrong as it has done so before…

"A-LINE protocol zone secured." another man announced from one of the lab computers. This was the connection of the environment and a key command to retain it's stability.

"Opening cage partition. Sixty seconds to release." An older man said, beginning the countdown. "Beginning countdown. 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51…"

"All monitors clear." came the young man's voice once more, announcing the environment was safe and nearly ready for a transfer.

"…3, 2, 1. Partition open." the man finished. "Proceeding with KOS-MOS body formation." And so it began, the data of the android KOS-MOS had begun its transfer and scanning as she was prepared for the V.R.S.

"Body formation complete. Commencing Penfield mapping." a soft woman's voice rang out as she began to bring the test environment to life.

"Proceeding with Encephalon construction." yet again the young man announced.

"Mapping percentage at 76, 77, 78…" another woman began to count towards the completion of the environment and its stability.

"Encephalon construction complete." the young man notified as the environment was brought to life.

"There's noise appearing in the temporal lobe." Allen announced as he once again began to tap on the keys of his keyboard.

"What's the problem?" the woman in the V.R.S asked, breaking her long held silence patiently.

"It's on the left side of the temporal lobe. I'm showing slight stimulation of the synapses in section 818. It's within permissible bounds though." he answered. Mixed signals meant trouble when dealing with any machine, especially the V.R.S where a human could be harmed in the process. Allen turned in his chair to face the woman. "Do you wanna abort?"

"No," the caramel-haired woman shook her head in response. "Let's keep going. Just stick to the menu. I'll try for a direct approach. Back me up."

"Roger." he replied as he turned back to his console. "Launching NATARAJA connection system."

The woman in the V.R.S began typing into her keypad…

'Connection system NATARAJA now loading…

User name: Shion Uzuki

Password: Ye shall be as gods

"Password accepted." the distorted built-in female voice growled from the machine. "Commencing NATARAJA boot up sequence."

With this the woman, Shion Uzuki, felt and saw herself being transported through a pixilated world toward the capsule where KOS-MOS was kept as the lab faded away in a wash of blue. Everything around her faded, including the capsule, as the neutral grey environmental world took shape around her. The shapes distorted and rounded at first, then they settled and the environment was still. Well, mostly…

Shion took this time to look around the newly created environment. There was interference throughout the area, washing over the simulation as if it were carried by the gentle blowing of the wind.

"Allen, there seems to be a problem with the visual field connection." she said, knowing Allen could hear her through his headset and console.

"Hmm…" he pursed his lips together as he began to search for the source of the problem. "Ah … I see a small break in the MT field, route K12. It looks like … the bi-directional link in the V4 field has lagged, too … Hold on a minute, I'll fix it now."

Shion waited and watched as the interference in the V.R.S ultimately disappeared. Now, everything was as it should be, still and quiet.

"How is it now, Chief?" she hear Allen's voice ask.

"Okay, looks good." she replied with a nod of approval. "Let's keep going."

"Roger." Allen agreed. "Proceeding with KOS-MOS host separation."

All at once, before Shion the environment was distorted once more and the colors mixed and were as bright as neon. A shape of a young lady with hair that traveled down to her upper thighs began to take place. The shape was filled and the colors fixed just as the distortion and neon waves disappeared, leaving a light blue figure before her.

"Morning, KOS-MOS. How do you feel?" Shion inquired lightly as she took the few paces to the android's side.

"Good morning, Shion. All systems are normal." the strong, gentle and monotone voice of the android answered clearly. The metallic veil over her eyes hid away nearly half of her perfectly shaped face as she turned towards Shion in acknowledgment.

"Well, how about introducing yourself?" she offered, her innocent teal eyes closing as she listened to KOS-MOS begin and turn forward to stand in perfect posture.

"I am an Anti-Gnosis Humanoid Fighting System, serial number 00-00-00-00-1." she began, pronouncing every syllable to the point of perfection. "Development name KP-X. Abbreviated name KOS-MOS. As I am currently configured for simulated battle, my output is limited to 22 of its normal capacity. My estimated weapons specifications are…"

"Alright, that's good enough. Thanks." Shion smiled a let out a chuckle at her creation. It was better to interrupt her than to let her continue for hours completely explaining and describing her system…

"You are welcome." KOS-MOS answered with a nod.

"All I have for you today is the usual startup tests. Sorry to wake you up just for that." Shion explained. "You'll have to go back to sleep once everything's checked out."

"I see." she answered with a nod after a pause.

"Do you feel … sad, or anything?" Shion asked gently.

"A predetermined set of emotions has been hard-coded into my emotion module to better facilitate interaction with humans." KOS-MOS began. "In order to better facilitate with you -- Chief Engineer Shion Uzuki of the KOS-MOS Project, Vector Industries First R&D Division – I will emit such an expression such of sadness, only when it is deemed necessary. However, the emotion module of my program has determined that this is not necessary at this time."

Shion laughed at her creation's explanation of when to use the 'sad emotion.'

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I, of all people, should know that."

"You understanding is appreciated." the android thanked in her own way.

"But you know, KOS-MOS … I've got … mixed feelings about all this." Shion began on a melancholy note. "Of course I'm happy you're awake … But the fact that you'll go back to sleep makes me a bit … sad.

"On the other hand, the next time you wake up … it may be a time of much bloodshed. So, deep down inside … I hope that day never comes." she paused before continuing with her final word. "Understand?"

"The algorithms I have been programmed with do not support the comprehension of illogical human thought." KOS-MOS simply stated.

"Well … I hope you'll be able to … understand someday." Shion sighed.

"I will do my best." she answered.

"Alright KOS-MOS, should we get started?" Shion changed the subject to a lighter note. "Allen, let's pickup from process 277 where we last left off."

"Roger." Allen's voice rippled through the virtual environment. "Placing target drones in the Encephalon. The drones are set to "random movement" and "enemy ambush. How about a test run before the mission, Chief?"

Shion thought for a moment, taking a break from her continuous pacing for once, before giving her answer.

"Mmm. Sure, let's do that." she replied before turning to KOS-MOS. "Did you get that, KOS-MOS?""

"Affirmative." she nodded.

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