Title: I can't quite you Baby

Author: Psy0gurl0

Disclaimer: I don't own anything as usual...sigh. Everything belongs to someone else with a much more interesting and exciting brain.

Couples: Rogue/Pyro Bobby/Kitty Storm/Logan Scott/Jean

Summary: This Story takes place during X1, have you ever wondered what happened when Logan was knocked out and cyclops and storm took rogue? Well I did, so I made a story during the X1 and it goes into X2. This is Rogue centric

Authors note: The title of this story is taken from a Led Zeppelin song. I know this story has probably been done before but I swear this story will be different! It is Rogue centric and all in her view. I have not read the comic, but I love the movie and I've seen the cartoon. I'm sorry if any of the characters are OOC but I am trying. I hope you like this story and it'll probably be a little slow in the beginning but it'll get better if it totally sux I swear.

Chapter 1 Extraordinary

As we walked into the large mansion I looked around nervously. The man was carrying Logan into the mansion and the woman was trying to talk to me, to I guess get me to lighten up. I wasn't any less nervous. Where were these people taking me? What were they going to do with me? I had a feeling they weren't going to hurt me, I mean, they had rescued me.

"Where are we going?" I asked quietly.

The women looked at me with a kind face and smiled at me. "Well we are going to go see the man in charge of this school."

"This is a school?" I asked surprised.

The women laughed and nodded."My name is Ororo Munroe, or Storm, either one is fine. This is Scott or Cyclops."

I nodded then gave her a small smile. "I'm Rogue. This is Logan."

Storm nodded and we reached an elevator and went up.

"Did you two just meet?" Scott asked me.

I nodded, "yeah, we just met. I was getting a ride." I said quietly.

We came out onto a floor and walked some more until we got to an office. Scott disappeared with Logan and Storm took me.

"You must be Marie D'Ancanto. I am Professor Xavier." a man in a wheel chair said to me in a quiet voice. He seemed like a nice enough man.

"Yes, that's me but can you call me Rogue." I said quietly, going to a chair to sit down.

He nodded and I looked around the room. "You have some very extraordinary power, Rogue."

I looked back at him not sure what to say. "Oh? I don't think it's very extraordinary."

"Really? And why is that?"

I could feel my cheeks heating up. "Well I accidently put my boyfriend in a coma. Just between you and me Professor, I'm a little afraid of my ability." I was surprised at myself at my truthfulness to this complete stranger. He must've gotten that a lot because he didn't say anything after I told him my feelings toward my powers.

"Well, Rogue, I think we can help you with these feeling you have been having about your powers. This place you are in is an institute for mutants. You have heard of mutants have you not?"

I nodded.

"This is a safe ground for them to live and learn in an environment of there own kind. Everyone here is a mutant. I am one, I have the power to read minds. Ororo is one, she can control the weather. Scott is one too, he has laser like eyes. You will meet many more mutants here, Rogue. You don't have to run anymore. You can stay here if you choose."

I nodded, it seemed nice here. Better from what I had left back at my house. It wasn't my house anymore though, they had kicked me out.

"I want to stay."

The professor smiled at me, "good. Now I want to help you with your powers, but right now isn't the best time. Can you give me a few weeks to figure out how to help you? Then we can start helping to control them. I know what you must be thinking Rogue, but your powers are a gift not a curse. If you keep thinking that way they will be a curse to you, but take advantage of them." The Professor smiled kindly at me.

Storm led me to an empty room where she said I would live. She told me to shower and get dressed classes would be starting soon, and she wanted to get me started as soon as possible. I took a shower and got dressed, I had time left so I made my bed with some sheets I found.

I looked at the schedule Storm had left on my bed and the map. I glanced at the alarm clock by my bed and started to leave, it was 8 in the morning and classes would start in a half hour. I still had time for breakfast so I headed down to the kitchen to grab something. I had a quick glass of orange juice and a muffin.

Then hurried to my first class as 8:30 rolled around and was surprised to find it was Scotts' class. Scott taught us Math stuff. Life Algebra and Calculus all that boring crap. I sat in the back, I wasn't sure if we had assigned seats or not.

I glanced around the classroom looking at all the students I was going to be working with or living with. They all looked normal enough, but I guess I looked pretty normal too. I was surprised at how much it was like a regular class room.

People were fooling around and passing notes when Scott was trying to teach, it was like school back in Mississippi. But I knew I was a long way from Mississippi, I could be a mutant here unlike back home were I wasn't exactly extraordinary. I continued to look at all the different mutants here not hearing Scott say my name.

"Marie? Marie would you like to tell us a little about yourself."

I could feel my self blush as everyone looked at me. "Um Ok." I said standing up.

I smoothed my pants out and tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear. I tried to smile a friendly smile at everyone, but since finding out I was a mutant I wasn't exactly hoping to make friends. I didn't want to open myself up to anyone incase they hurt me with rejection. Even back in Mississippi people looked at me different, even when no one knew I was a mutant. The only people I really talked to was my friend Rachel, and my boyfriend Cody. I was a shy person but since finding out about my...powers, I was turning even shyer then usual. I looked back at everyone as they continued to stare at me.

"Um, Hi my names Rogue. I'm from Mississippi. Um I'm not sure what else I should tell y'all." I said quietly then casting my gaze up to Scott as he nodded for me to sit down.

"Well, Rogue is our new student, I hope you all make her feel at home, and help her around the school." He nodded and was about to tell us the homework assignment when the bell rang and we were dismissed to go to our next class.

I followed the wave of students in his class to the next class. I noticed two boys looking at me as I entered Storm's classroom. Something I was used to, which was a little odd since I felt like I repealed people.

Storm apparently taught us History as I looked around the classroom. I again sat in the back part of the classroom, but this time one of the boys who was looking at me sat beside me and the other boy was in front of me.

I wondered why after Scotts introduction of me everyone started to come closer to me, it was like they needed an invitation to talk to me. I briefly wondered who the boy in front of me was, I hadn't really gotten a good look at his face but from far away he looked cute. The guy next to me didn't really strike me as anything special, he was obviously trying to get my attention.

I noticed the boy in front of me take a lighter out and light it a ball of fire went into his hand and casually let it sit there for a few minutes. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen, it was so pretty. The guy next to me then turned the ball of fire into ice and made an ice rose of my desk. It was very impressive but between you and me, I liked the fire a lot better. I wasn't sure why, the rose was much more impressive, but it was a too over the top. The fire was so much more less show offy that it really meant more to me then just some ice rose.

The boy next to me then introduced himself as Bobby, as Storm yelled at the guy in front of me for distracting the class. The guy in front of me I found out as he was yelled at, his name was John.

Bobby and John.

What nice normal names.

After Bobby told me his name he asked me mine, I told him Rogue. Hadn't he been listening last period? What was he deaf? I don't know where all the bitter feelings had suddenly came from, from him asking my name, but it was really annoying.

The bell rang a little while later and I basically ran out of the room. I know I wanted to make friends but hadn't I done fine without them for this long? I'm not sure where the less then desirable feelings for Bobby had surfaced from but he was really annoying me. He kept glancing at me in the rest of the classes we had together, and the guy John wasn't much better.

Finally in the last period we had for that day was a study hall. We didn't get a chance to go to our own dorms, we all had to be in a classroom together. I guess it was more of a social hour for the kids that weren't all that social. I sat down at a table a little isolated from everyone else until I heard a chair scrape against the ground.

I looked up to see who had chosen to sit by the new girl.

It was the boy, John, that had chosen to sit by me.

"Hey." he said nodding to me as he sat down.

I nodded back and went to look back at my new text books.

"So, Rogue is it? How do you like mutant high?"

I shrugged.

"Not a big talker, huh?"

I finally looked at him full in the face and had to control myself from blushing.

"Not really, John." I said smiling at him.

"Well, isn't that interesting you don't talk but you know my name. I guess your more of a listener aren't you? Or else...can you read minds?"

I laughed at the thought of me reading minds. I was more of a people reader not a mind reader. Maybe that was the reason why I decided that I didn't like Bobby, I read him too well. He was one of those guys that flirted with you and showed off for you, then after he got you went on to someone else. I'd give Bobby a chance though, he seemed nice enough. But to be truthful it was a lot more fun talking to John, he at least was a little funny, and didn't just show off.

"No I can't read minds. It'd be fun though."

He smirked at me. "Then what can you do?"

I looked down as I played with my hands, hear was a question I dreaded, our conversation was going great before he asked me that stupid question. I was afraid he'd be completely turned off once he found out what I could do. "Nothing really extraordinary." I said smiling at him.

He raised an eyebrow. "Want to see what I can do?" he asked leaning in closer.

I sat back in my chair away from him. "I already now what you can do."

"What's that?"

"Well in Storm's class you did a great impression of getting in trouble, is that your gift?"

He laughed. "No, that's Bobby's. I can create fire." he said in a dramatic voice.

I nodded, "hmm interesting gift. Do you do that trick for all new girls?"

"No, only for you."

I smiled at him again, my homework completely forgotten.

"Hi, I'm Bobby, you know from earlier." Bobby said coming over to us.

I plastered on a fake smile for him, and said hi.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to have a tour of the mansion, it's really big you know."

"I'm sure it is." I said as I got up and started packing my stuff up.

"But I should get to my room, I'm kind of tired. Long day."

"I'll walk you then." Bobby offered.

I heard John snicker behind him.

"That's fine."

"Hi, I'm Kitty and this is Jubilee but call her Jubes." a short girl with brown hair said coming up to me.

Was I ever going to get out of here? Or was it harass the new girl day? Everyone I guess was trying to be nice, but I was really tired. All I wanted to do was go back to my room and sleep. And maybe talk to John some more, he seemed really...interesting.

Really different.

"Hi, I'm Rogue." I said trying to be polite as I tried to walk out of the room.

"We live right next to you." Kitty said smiling at me. "If you need help with anything totally come over. We are really friendly."

I nodded trying to sound interested and slowly sneak out of the room. "Ok, I will, I will, just I'm going to go take a nap. You know, it being my first day and all." I said finally getting to the door.

I looked back at the two girls who were smiling eerily at me and Bobby giving me a flirtatious smile. Then I looked at John who was laughing his head off at the whole thing. I smiled again and said my goodbyes as I practically ran from the room.

It was nice to meet new people, but I wasn't very social. I liked people don't get me wrong, just after people spent time with me they don't like me. I hoped coming here would help me meet people more like me. But I was starting to think that wasn't really going to happen.

Bobby was practically pushing himself onto me, Kitty and Jubes were...nice they seemed fine. Then John, John was well, I wasn't really sure. He just seemed different from the rest of them. He was really hott and I'd date him if I didn't have my problem...maybe I could date him once the professor helped me out.

I got into my bed changing into my PJ's. I didn't really care if it was 4 in the afternoon, I was so tired. I fell into bed forgetting my homework, and just falling into dream land. I had an odd dream of a certain fire starter and me in a locked classroom when I was awaken by strange noises from the room next to mine.

(A/N: Did it totally suck? I hope you liked it, and tell me if I should countinue or not because if no one really lieks it I won't countinue. Thankx for reading though)