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Chapter 19 Marry

3 years later

I walked down my apartment building hallway and pulled my keys out. It had been 3 years since I ran, again, from the institute. I was still a mutant but I just couldn't take living in that place anymore.

That place even after I went back for Christmas' still brought hurt and pain of things, of people. Living in an apartment in Seattle all the way on the other side of the country really helped me, it was nice, and it brought me hope.

People from the institute still came to visit me, by people, I mean Logan came to visit me. It was nice, seeing his...friendly face sometimes. I didn't really have any friends here, I never was much of a social person, still aren't, only person that got that was...John.

But that day as I walked down the hall searching through my mail after a long hard night working at the local bar I saw a very interesting spectacle.

An invitation.

To 2 weddings.

A double wedding at the institute.

I skimmed through the card and smiled to myself. Kitty and Bobby were getting married, and so were Logan and Storm. I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of the two couples, and the two couples getting married together.

First off I could never imagine Logan getting married period. Especially not at a double wedding.

Second I couldn't imagine Bobby actually being interested in Kitty that long for them to get married. I shook my head and checked the date.


That was in a couple weeks.

I opened the door to my apartment and looked around at the now messy apartment. I had left the apartment spotless but by 3 am it was always messy, how I wasn't sure...well that's not true.

"John!" I yelled looking around the tiny apartment.

I knew he wasn't asleep, he never went to bed without me, he denies it of course but I can read through the lines.

"Out here!" he yells back from our deck.

I slowly walk outside to our deck and saw him smoking a cigarette and looking over the city.

"Hey baby." he said greeting me and holding a hand out.

I smiled at him and quickly grasped his hand as he pulled me closer. I ignored the smoke getting into my hair and my nose as he breathed out and I laid my head on his shoulder.

"How was work?" he whispered in my ear.

I smiled, "fine, no nasty old guys grabbed my ass, again."

John laughed, "good, I don't wanna beat anyone up here."

I laughed at him over his protectiveness. It was so absurd that 3 years after leaving John and his apartment in New York City I was living with the same man in Seattle.

I looked off into the city and remembered how I went from hating the asshole to being so much more deeply in love with him then before.

I looked around my room at all the bags I had with me, tonight was my last night in the institute at least that's what I told myself each night.

Instead of leaving in 1 week Logan asked me to stay another one, then the next week Kitty got sick and Storm asked me to fill in, then by the fourth week Bobby was actually being semi-nice and I was thinking about just sticking around. I was on the fifth week of not going anywhere, but still had my bags packed, when Logan was asked to, by Storm most likely, if I would stay and teach, and continue being part of the family I had not knowingly joined.

I told him that I didn't know. I was torn between staying in a place I loved, but also in a place that had too many memories to bare. Mostly of the nameless asshole I refuse to speak of. I wanted to stay so badly, so one day I just decided, I was staying, even if it meant enduring memory of places me and John, I mean, nameless asshole, had been.

I was now here a total of 2 months. With bags still packed on my floor. I changed quietly and got into my bed, the same bed that John had slept him, and the same bed, we had did our homework on and the—

Knock Knock.

I looked at my door surprised who could be knocking on the door at 2 in the morning. Then I heard it again but not from the door but from my deck.

I went over to it, stupidly because that's what the big boobed girls did in horror films where the always died. They went TOWARDS the noise not away from it.

That's when I heard my name, "Rogue, Rogue, open up!" he whispered.

I shook my head angrily but opened the deck door neither the less. "John?" I asked too loudly which made him shush me.

"What do you want?" I spat glaring at him.

If I remember correctly we did not leave on the most great of terms. I had yelled and screamed and he had made mean sarcastic jokes.

"I want...Rogue, I want you." he breathed staring at me with a helpless expression.

I just stared at him so many feelings rushing through my body. "Uh...what?" I asked wondering if I'd heard him correctly.

"I want you, Rogue. I...I love you." he said even quieter.

"Where the hell do you get off?" I almost yelled.

"Rogue! Be quiet! They'll hear you and I'm dead." John said covering my mouth as I continued to yell obscene things.

"I came here to tell you that, because for the past couple of months I've been thinking about...everything, you know. Me, you, the sex, our relationship, etc. and I wouldn't have come here if not for your mom."

"What?" I asked as he stopped covering my mouth.

"Your mom, Mystique or Raven, whatever." John said rolling his eyes and trying to move on, "so she came to me—"

"She's my mom?" I wondered ignoring John's story.

"Yes! I thought she told you!" John groaned exasperated trying to get all the words out.

"Uh, no. I guess...I guess she was about to." I muttered dazed. Now everything clicked into place. How she knew about me, why she came, why she invited me in...everything. I sat down on the bed still dazed and put my head in my hands and did something I hadn't done in 2 months.

I cried.

I cried hard.

And I was finally after so long comforted by the one person I was craving for comfort. It was 2am when I finally stopped crying and looked at John next to me ful in the face.

"She got you to come here?" I whispered laying my head on his shoulder like we used to do.

"Yeah." he whispered. "Basically she got me to realize I was a jerk. An asshole. And I made you do all the work, and I just seemed like I was on it for the ride. You've been on my mind for months, Rogue. But the only reason I'm actually seeing you now is because of Mystique." he explained then laughed out loud. "This sounds like some corny shit right now. I sound pathetic like a Britney effing Spears song." he said continuing to laugh.

I smiled into his should and shrugged, "I like it, it's a nice change of pace for whose being pathetic." he pulled me closer and those words. "So, I came here to tell you I want a relationship, I want you, and I'm sorry for being a—"

"Insufferable Jackass? And immature prat? And total cocksucking asshole?" I filled in looking at him with a smile on my face.

"Uh...yeah, all those things." he said shaking his head at me. "And I want you, for real, no jokes or anything."

I gave him a look, "no jokes? No sarcastic mixed signals? Nothing?"

He nodded.

"Ok then." I said smiling and snuggling closer to him. "Let's go then." I added.

"Go? Now?"

"Yeah, I've been waiting to leave, now's perfect."

"You wanna runaway together?" he asked laughing at me.

I nodded. "Yeah, you're the only one I've ever wanted to run away with."

He looked at me fully in the face from his spot on the bed and I looked at him from where I was standing.

I have another thing to add onto the long list of things that have happened on my bed.

The second time I ever had sex with John Allerdyce.

"I can't believe you want to drive there!" I yelled rolling my eyes.

"Why not? We don't have a lot of money, Rogue!" John said back pouring a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.

"Yes we have enough for a plan ride! It'll take a million years, John!" I whined putting my hands on my hips.

"I already don't want to go, Rogue, we're driving and that's final." John said shoving a mouthful of Lucky Charms into his mouth.

I rolled my eyes, "well maybe I'll just go."

"No way! I'm your husband and I'm invited, too."

"You are not! It says To Rogue plus 1 guest." John scowled at me and I felt like laughing at him.

"Don't scowl it might stay life that." I said laughing.

He got up off the chair and walked towards me. "Driving."


"If we drive we can see all of the US." John said playing on a thing I've wanted to do since I was little.

"If we fly we can do dirty things in the bathroom like you've always wanted." I said smiling at how close he was to me.

"If we drive we..."

"Lose a lot of money with gas."

"If we fly we lose money period." John ran his hands up and down my arms.

"Flying, please!"

"Driving, please." We looked at each other long and heard.

"I know how we can settle this!" I announced.

"How?" he asked confused.

"A game of pool."

John laughed and nodded. "Fine."


And we left to go down the street to the local bar.

And that's how we ended up driving to Seattle, which after awhile I didn't mind so much. It took 3 days to drive across the country and we had rented a hotel just in case people tried to kill John or me for marrying him.

We drove into Westchester to the institute and as we arrived I saw people giving us odd looks. Like we didn't belong there. And maybe, we didn't.

"ROGUE!" Storm yelled coming over to the car as we got out.

"Storm!" I said back smiling enthusiastically.

"I'm so glad you're here!" she said hugging me then her eyes settled on John.

"Hi, uh...Storm." John said scratching the back of his neck.

I felt like giggling at my husband but didn't. That would be mean, but it felt like we were still in high school.

"John." she said surprised.

"I didn't know you guys were still friends. Or are you dating?" she asked suspiciously.

"Neither we're—" John started but I yelled over him as Logan came out.

"Hey, kid." Logan said smirking at me, then he saw John.

Logan came to visit all the time, but I usually made John get out, er leave for a few days. Because, well, because I was afraid for his life. I knew Logan hated John so I didn't really wanna kill him, cause I love John. Then there's the whole you-betrayed-us-get-away thing.

"Wolverine." John said nodding at Logan's shocked expression.

"Did you two come together?" he asked looking at us.

I nodded, smiling pretending not to see the big deal.

"We're married." we said in unison.

And then there was a loud crash from behind us, and a 'what' yelled very loudly. I turned to see Bobby who had been caring a shit loud of dishes, now a shit loud of broken glass.

"Married? You married a criminal?" Bobby yelled as everyone stared at us.

"Yep!" John said happily squeezing my waist. "Marie likes it rough."

I smacked him knowing he was pushing everyone's buttons and we arrived 5 minutes ago.

"So, this will be an interesting weekend." I heard Storm mutter. "We're are your bags?"

I pointed to the car because after we were going to go to the hotel to drop them off, I told Storm this but she waved us off and showed us ironically to my old room.

"Looks exactly the same." John muttered looking around then sitting on the bed.

"John, try not to annoy people while we are here, they will be visiting us soon. Or something." I said shaking my head and sitting next to him.

"Yeah, but Marie it's fine to annoy the icicle. And well I know we'll see Wolverine a lot more but he's fun too."

I tried not to laugh at his reasoning because we weren't there to make enemies we were there to go to a wedding.

"Your awful, John." I said shaking my head and getting up.

"And you married me!" he yelled back as I went into the bathroom.

That I did, I thought, that I did.

The wedding reception was the night we came so we went down there and ran through the wedding. I found out I was a bride's maid then, and they shoved me into a hideous pink dress to try on for the next day. I dreaded to see the look on my husbands face when he saw me because it would one of great amusement. He never saw me in pink, nor anyone else.

I only wore, green, red, blue, black.

No light colors for Rogue.

We sat down to dinner afterwards and I felt all eyes not on the brides and grooms but on me and John. I knew people wanted to come over and ask us tons of questions but refrained from doing so. As far as I could tell John didn't even notice he just talked and talked and talked about anything.

During dessert Logan came over to us and sat down.

"When the hell did you two get married?"

John and I glanced at each other, "uh...2 years ago." I muttered.

"And I come to visit you like every 3 months?" Logan asked surprised. "Is he a pull em out husband or something?"

I laughed, John glared.

"No! I just...knew you hated him so do protect John I...made him leave?" I said apologetically.

"I see." Logan said looking around and not making eye contact. "Rogue, you've been married for 2 years and I'm just finding out now. Do you see something wrong? And why would you marry a guy whose—"

"Logan, please not now. It's your wedding. You enjoy it." I said all of a sudden feeling exhausted.

Logan growled and got up and left. I saw him grab a shot on the way back to his table, but I also noticed everyone ignored that, because everyone needed a shot when they were talking to the criminal betrayer and the black-hearted rogue. But we fit together, perfectly.

John and me.

Me and John, and no one would tell us differently.

Except the next contestant eager enough to come talk to us.

"What the hell, Rogue?" Bobby seethed coming over to us.

I saw John smirk out of the corner of my eye and I kicked him under the table. "What the hell what, Bobby?"

"Your with this guy? The guy who betrayed us? The guy whose suppose to be dead? ANd how come no one knew? Were you ashamed of marrying a criminal?"

"Lay off Bobby." I growled exhausted.

Why couldn't everyone just stay out of our business? Why did they have to tell their opinion on it? Why did it matter so much to them? My mother was happy! Why couldn't everyone else be too.

"No! Why would you marry such a—"

"because I love him." I said kissing John swiftly on the mouth. I heard Bobby make a gagging noise and really imitate a fifth grader seeing their parents kiss. "Grow up, Bobby. Go back to your wife." I sneered irritated at people.

Bobby glared at us then left our table. I smiled at John whose hand was on my thigh and he smiled at me, because it didn't matter what anyone thought, we were together, and we loved each other.

Nothing could get in our way, not people, not things, not mutant powers and especially not jealous assholes. We loved each other and that was enough.

In the end both marriages were great and nice, but I'll always remember my wedding and how John proposed.

"Rogue!" John yelled from the bedroom.

"What?" I yelled back from my place cooking a meal.

"Come here!"

"Why?" I yelled back.

"I need to show you something!"

"I'm busy!"

"Come anyway! It's important!"

"The cat better have killed itself for making me stop cooking!" I yelled back cutting th vegetables.

"Not exactly!"

"Then I'm not coming, John!"

"But I need you to come!"


"I'm not! Do it yourself!"

"I can't possible marry myself, Rogue!"

I stopped cutting the vegetables and went back to the bedroom where I saw what he'd been working on all day. Fire was floating in the shape of a heart. And I gasped as I saw him sitting on the bed with a ring box opened in his hand.

"Rogue? Will you marry me?" he asked with a smirk.

I laughed thinking of the first time I met him. His smirk, the fire he was playing with behind his desk and how Storm had yelled at him. How he had gotten in trouble with Storm for me.

"Of course I'll marry you, you idiot!" I cried running over and jumping next to him.

He laughed and slide the ring onto my finger. "Now you'll be Mrs John Allerdyce." He said kissing my neck.

I laughed, "who says I want to talk your last name? Maybe I wanna keep my name, ever think of that?"

John scowled, "I want you to have my name though."

"Well I like my last name, and your last name carries a shit load of baggage."

"Does not!"

"You were wanted by the police at one point." I said laughed.

"Well...that was different."

"Was not."

"It was too."

"Was not."

"Was too."

"Was—Whatever! Doesn't matter! We're getting married! Are you ready for this?"

"I'm ready when you are." he said with a smirk.

"I love you."

"I love you too." he said kissing me and as he pulled away I saw a smirk on his lips.

He was touching me, my skin I mean, he could touch me now for long periods of time. It was nice, not having to wear gloves so much.

"So Rogue, what can you do?" he asked bringing up the first conversation we ever had.

I smirked at him and looked deep into his eyes, "nothing, really extraordinary."

"Not extraordinary my ass." he muttered as I pulled him in for yet another kiss as I held my powers back. "Your extraordinary and going to be even more when your Mrs John—"

"Don't start John, you just ruined a nice moment." I said shutting him up again with my lips.

The End