She wanted to be perfect.

It was that simple.

In Chilton, she strived to make perfect grades, write perfect articles, hand in perfect papers, have perfect transcripts.

All this so that she could go to the perfect school.

At first it was Harvard, but then it was Yale. Yale because it was close to her mother, perfect, close to her grandparents, perfect, the Gilmore family alma mater, perfect.

She was close to her mother; the perfect relationship.

She was a debutante to please her grandmother.

She was up to date on stocks to please her grandfather.

She was the perfect little grand-daughter.

She strived to make her relationships perfect.

Dean. The perfect first boyfriend. Kind, gentle, considerate, safe.

Tristan. The perfect rebel. Cocky, smirking, dangerous.

Jess. The perfect bad boy. Smart, alluring, tough.

And then she used Dean again when he was married. Because she wasn't perfect. Because her whole life was a mistake. Because her mom had her at sixteen. She knew what they said about her. The "Scandal Child". Rory was not perfect.

And then there was Logan.

Loud, cocky, obnoxious, caring, gentle, kind, out-going. He brought out the best in her. He brought out the perfect. He also brought out the worst in her. The self-doubting monster in her mind.

Because that's what Logan did.

He brings out the most in you, good or bad.

He gets under your skin, he worms his way into your heart.

He angers you, he provokes you.

He holds you while you cry and makes you laugh when you need it.

No, Rory's not perfect.

But Logan showed her that no one else is either.