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Author notes:

1)This chapter is just a resume of the characters and story of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children for the ones who never played the game and/or never watched the movie. What's the point in making a crossover with a game, if there are people who never played it, that's why I made this resume.

2)Parings: WuyaxRai(main pairing), DojoxKim, TifaxCloudxAeris, TsengxElena, CidxShera (another pairings may appear in future chapters).

3)It has been almost a year since the last time I played Final Fantasy 7, so forgive me if I forgot anything.



1)Cloud Strife: man, blond, blue ayes, short and spiky hair, tall and uses a really big sword as a weapon. He is the main character of Final Fantasy 7. In the movie he uses a big and large sword which can be divided in six swords. He has Jenova cells in his body due Hojo experiences on him. He was used as a puppet by Jenova to bring Sephiroth back to the world in the game. And he has Geostigma like Raimundo. He wears gray clothes, only his left arm has a sleeve and he has a small silver dragon head on his chest(near his left shoulder)

2)Tifa Lockhart: woman, long and black hair, she is a master at martial arts, her clothing looks like Cloud's, but for the silver dragon and has no sleeves and she has a red ribbon on her left arm. She is the owner of a small pub in Midgar(it is a city in the game) and she has a delivery service called Strife Delivery. Tifa and Cloud live together along with Marlene, Denzel and Barret. Tifa and Cloud aren't married neither dating, but she has a thing for him.

3)Yuffie Kisaragi: woman, she uses point tail hair and it is black. She is a ninja(she can even teleport) who was born in a city called Wutai. Her weapon is a big ninja star. She is a material hunter and one time she stole all Cloud's material. She gave back after a few events.

4)Barret Wallace: A tall and muscular person, with short and frizzy hair. He is Marlen's step father. Barret uses a mechanical right hand which becomes a machine gun. He lost his hand trying to hold Dyne, Marlene's true father, from falling from a cliff, but Shinra soldiers appear and fired at Barret's right hand.

5)Nanaki a.k.a. Red XIII: He is a "cat" with red fur, he talk, he has a small flame at the end of his tail and he has fifty years old!(In human age he has sixteen). He has some tribal tattoos on fur. He is the last of his kind, his mother died when he was a cub and his father died trying to protect the Cosmo Canyon(their home). Red was raised by a human called Boogen Hagen, Nanaki called his grandpa. Boogen died with 130 years old. Nanaki was another victim of Hojo, thought the evil scientist never injected him Jenova cells and was Hojo who named him Red XIII. Due this experiences Nanaki lost his right eye.

6)Aeris Gainsborough: She is the last of the Ancients and she is the woman who appeared in a flower field to Raimundo in chapter 5 of Secrets. When she was a little her mother died and she was adopted by a human woman. She was killed in the game by Sephirtoth while she tried to summon holy(the most powerful white magic) in the City of Ancients (But in my fanfic she is alive, you will have to read it to discover how). She managed to reach Holy, however Sephiroth influence didn't allowed its happen. The Holy only appeared after Sephiroth was defeated.

7)Marlene: She is the step daughter of Barret. She has just six years old and doesn't appear too much in the game. She was kidnapped by Cait once.

8)Denzel: A boy who only shows up in the movie. He is a little older then Marlene. He has Geostigma too.

9)Rufus Shinra: He is the president of Shinra Company. He was supposed to be dead in the game, but in the movie he shows up in a wheelchair. When he tried to explain to Cloud how he survived from the Diamond Weapon's attack, he(Cloud) didn't wanted to hear. Rufus isn't exactly a good person, he wanted to extract the Lifestream from the "Promised Land" to use as energy to his factories, but he was stopped.

10)Cid Highwind: he is a the smartest guy in Cloud's team, he is tall, his hair is short and blond, blue eyes. He is a engineer. He lives with a woman called Shera in a city called Rocket town and made the project of the first rocked in his world. He uses a spear as a weapon.

11)Vincent Valantine: He is an ex-Turk member. He has long and black hair, uses black cloth, a big and red cloak a bit tear up in the end, his left arm has many parts covered by some kind of armor with gold color and uses a shotgun as a weapon. He looks like twenty-eight, but he much more older than that because of Hojo experiments on him. Vicent loved Lucrecia, however she didn't loved him. Lucrecia married with Hojo and was pregnant of him. When Vincent tried to talk to him, Hojo shot Vincent and made experiments on him.

12)Reno: He is a Turk member. He has red and hair. He and Rude are really funny. He uses a silver and small staff as weapon.

13)Rude: He is a Turk member. He is bald. He fight using his fists. In the movie he and Reno fight against Loz and Yazoo.

14)Elena: She is a Turk member. She has short and blond hair. She uses some magic and fighting skills. She has a crush for Tseng. They are the only ones who acts professionally.

15)Tseng: He is a Turk member. There isn't much about him. He has long and black hair. He was almost killed in Ancient Temple.(If someone watched the anime called YuYu Hakusho, He looks a lot like Sakyo).

16)Cait Sith: it is a robot cat controlled by Reeve. It has a small golden crown on the head, a red cloak and black fur on the back, arms and legs and it is white on the nose and belly. It uses rides a big robot mogle(it is a creature which appears in almost all final fantasy games. It is white and has two little red bat wings. In the movie Cait's mogle disappeared and it was riding Nanaki, but I am a Red XIII fan, so I can't let that happen). This the Cait Sith number two, because the first was destroyed in Ancient Temple.

17)Reeve: He is the guy who control Cait Sith. He made Cait Sith work as a spy in Cloud's team, but he regretted and stated to help Cloud.

18)Hojo: Shephiroth's father. He was a mad scientist who made experiments with Lucrecia, Cloud and Vincent. He was killed in a battle against Cloud's team.

19)Sephirtoth: He is the swordsman who appears in Rai's nightmares. His master plan was summon a meteor to collide with the planet, that way he could merge himself with the lifestream and became invincible, but Cloud and his friends managed to ruin his plans…temporally.

20)Jenova: She is the floating head who also appear in Rai's nightmares. I have a correction to make: her eyes are purple not yellow. She is also known as the "Calamity that came from sky". She came to Cloud's Earth using a meteor as a ship. She crashed in the planet and killed almost all Ancients.

21)Lucrecia Crescent: She gave birth to Sephiroth. When he was inside of her, Hojo injected Jenova cells inside her. Lucrecia is alive and can't die due Jenova cells. When she asked to Vincent if her son was still alive, he lied and said that Sephiroth was dead, because she would be really ashamed if she found about what her son had become.

22)Kadaj: The man with medium sized hair who spied Raimundo. He uses a Japanese sword with two blades. He , Loz and Yazoo are part of Sephiroth.

23)Loz: The man with short hair who was spying Raimundo. He uses some kind of a mechanical glove, when activated two small thorns appear and his punch can be so powerful as someone using the Fist of Tebigong. He can became really fast when he becomes blue.

24)Yazoo: The man with longer hair who was spying Raimundo. He uses two pistols which have blades, they can are useful to close and far battles.

Another things about Final Fantasy 7:

1)Materia: they are small balls made by solid lifestream. They have incredible powers. The red ones are summon, the green ones are magic, the yellow are command, the blue ones are support and the purple ones are independent.

2)Lifestream: This is the power that fix a planet when it is damaged and keep the world working. Without this, the planet die after a few moments.

3)Limit break: It is the occult power inside of everyone. This power comes out when the "limit gauge" is full, in another words in critical moments it comes out easily.

4)Shadow Creeps: they are the dogs that attacked the temple in the chapter 9 of Secrets.

5)Geostigma: The disease that only appear in people who has JENOVA cells in the blood.

6)The Turks: They are, how can I say, a group of elite fighters who works for Rufus. They all wear black suit.

7)Weapons: Most of them have names of precious jewel. There are Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Ultima. They are gigantic mechanical monsters created by the Ancients. Sephiroth started to control them to protect him.

8)The Ancients: They were a race that could communicate with the planet. They looked like humans. Jenova destroyed them all, but Aeris and her mother.

Timeline: two years after the game ends

End of the Resume

I hope I could help you with this small resume. The first chapter is coming as soon as possible.