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Wuya hugged her beloved asking over and over again if he was okay, alonge with Cloud and his friends. Raimundo couldn't help but to smile softly as he replied: "Appart from the fact that I feel like I've been hit by a truck, I'm great." He finished saying with a chuckle.

Kimiko sighed as she translated what he had just said for the ones who didn't know him: "He's fine. Don't worry about him."

Raimundo then remembered what Aeris had said to him and the Brazilian teen explained everything that happened within him and how a woman named Aeris helped him out to defeat Sephiroth.

Cloud felt both happy and sad with these news. He was happy that Aeris was alright and that she was looking after everyone. After all. The rain she sent was her limit break, the Great Gospel, which healed everyone's wounds and purged everyone's body from the geostigma. But he wished he could be physically reunited with him.

Tifa could understand Cloud's expression. The fight had always seen the flower girl as her rival in love. But it looked like Cloud still cared a lot for her.

They all were surprised by the people, who were being controlled by Sephiroth regaining their conscience and they were really confused. "I think we should attend them first." Barret suggested.

They all agreed with that and helped the victims of the geostigma. Tifa assisted Denzel and was glad hat everything ended just fine.

Master Fung offered the temple to attend any wounded people, but Yuffie had a foxy smile and raised her left hand which had a wristband with a Cure material connected to an All material and she used it on everyone to heal any possible wound. But they still needed sometime to rest, so they agreed on staying pending their night on the xiaolin temple, before they returned to their own dimension.

At night, everyone laughed how Yuffie snapped at Omi for making a sexist comment and everyone was rather shocked after hearing about Kimiko and Dojo revealed their relationship.

Raimundo invited Wuya outside for some stargazing and his girlfriend happily agreed. They were on a mountain a bit far from the temple and they were both lying on the ground looking at the now clear sky full of stars.

"Wuya, do you think we should tell the others about your diary? I mean everyone must know the truth about Dashi and you." Raimundo suddenly asked.

The former heylin witch remained quiet for a while as she wondered about her beloved's suggestion: "I don't think it's a good idea, my love. Think about it. We had a pretty hard time proving I wasn't a monster to them and if we suddenly start saying that the true monster was Dashi, they would think I'm just a liar and they'll go back hating me…us. Let's leave it like this. We're safe, sound and happy. Maybe one day, the monks might be able to handle the truth, but for now…"

Wuya gently held Raimundo's face with her hands and turned to her and she gave him a passionate kiss.

After she broke it she whishpered to him: "I love you."

Raimundo smiled and said: "I love you too."

Both of them just hugged each other and decided to watch the stars together. They were happy knowing that they had each other for the rest of their lives.

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