Final Grauniad
by tehexile

The tenth floor of the Fienal Tower had a ghostly atmosphere about it. Silent apart from the low hum of a computer's fan and a distorted clanking noise, it felt like a place where humans didn't go. Life was not supported here. It was erased. The entire Universe would be erased and there would be no remorse felt. It would go 'beep' to tell you it had done it.

Several billion calculations flashed through Filia's mind in a fraction of a second and another part of the Crest of Annihilation slotted into place. A giant sphere of pure energy orbited by plates of magic-conducting metal, Filia was the most advanced computer in Energy Nede, maybe in the Universe. It was totally dedicated to and completely capable of performing its sole function.

Indalecio teleported in front of it and stood there watching it. Although utterly devoid of humanity, he was beautiful and inspired a kind of awe. He was tall with fiery red hair, perfect features and a spotless white labcoat. He felt a surge of religious ecstasy as he watched the computer. It was almost over. The Crest of Annihilation would erase all that was faulty, all that was obsolete. Filia and he desired nothing less than the reformatting of the entire Universe. Then he could install Filia OS X v 2.5.6 on it, the perfect operating system, and sit at Filia's right hand as System Administrator of the Universe.

A noise. He whirled round faster than the human eye could see and encountered a microphone shoved in his face.

"Hi, I'm Chisato Madison from the Nede Chronicle. Mr Indalecio, can you explain exactly what you and your... computer thing are doing right now?"

"Deleting the Universe. Go away." he growled.

"People are calling this the 'end of the game' and you the 'final boss'. Do you have any comments on this?"

"Switch my limiter off. Then you'll learn the meaning of a hard fight, you wusses."

"Mr. Indalecio, what do you have to say about the unfortunate demise of the other nine Wise Men?"

"So THAT's how you got past security!" he groaned, "I'm surprised about Decus and Vesper... anyway, it doesn't matter. You won't get past me. Especially if you turn OFF my LIMITER, you ungrateful bitch! You've wasted enough of my time already!"

"Mr. Indalecio, do you have any comments on the rumour that you're sleeping with Dias Flac?"

"I HEARD THAT!" roared a deep voice from the other side of the door, followed by loud banging, "That better not go on national television! Hey, Ashton, help me before she starts saying stuff about you too!"

"So you've brought reinforcements... I'll defeat all of you, you puny mortals, limiter or no limiter! Preferably no limiter!" he jumped into the air and began floating. The rest of the party burst through the door and the battle began.