Title: A Curious Incident

Author: Mercy Me It's Ashley


Rating: PG13

Pairing: Percy/Oliver

WARNING: Yes, two males are going to engage in romantic activities. You have been forewarned. Any anti-slash flamers will be met with my personal wrath.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Let's face it, this is fanfiction. No one owns anything.

A Curious Incident

"Look at it this way, at least it wasn't a loss," Percy said gently, putting an arm around Oliver's shoulders.

"No, it was a tie. With Slytherin." the Scot said miserably. The scowl written across his face unmistakably was that of a Quidditch player who'd just tied with his least favourite opponent ever. And a tie that came unwillingly at that, when in the middle of the match a lightning strike set fire to the quaffle, leaving nasty burns on the hands of the Slytherin catchers. Which had been slightly funny, actually. Even Percy had to admit.

"Well, it's not like- mmmph!" Percy had originally meant to say 'well, it's not like you've fallen out of the running', but he was cut off when Oliver suddenly stopped in mid step, put either hand against Percy's cheek, and pressed their lips together. Hard.

Though he was slightly reluctant at first to allow himself to fall into Oliver's embrace, his doubts immediately were banished as he felt the Scot's tongue slip into his mouth. Not quite realizing they were standing in the middle of the common room, Percy felt himself floating back into their dorm room, where it was just him and Oliver, talking and hugging, kissing and laughing. Instead of pulling away as he should have, instead he encircled his arms around his lover's shoulders, holding him closer with every beat of his heart.

"Oh, I see you're feeling better," he murmured when they pulled apart, though he kept his arms wrapped around Oliver's neck.

"And I'll be fantastic if you'll only do me the pleasure of accompanying me up the stairs, to a more private area," the brunette smiled warmly, his arms moving slowly down Percy's back, massaging his shoulders pleasantly, then letting his arms fall to his waist, holding Percy tightly to him.

"It'll be my pleasure," Percy replied, happy to see that Oliver was back to his normal self. If only for a short while.

"Mmm," Oliver sighed into a clump of red hair, nuzzling Percy shoulder with his nose, "I love you."

"Love you too," Percy sighed, rocking back and forth with Oliver in his arms.

"Fred?" George said with an open mouth.

"Yes, George," Fred replied, with an equally stunned look.

"Did you know Oliver was gay?"

"Did you know Percy was gay?"

The two looked at each other, eyes and mouths wide open, and in unison, said, "I think we'd best keep that a secret."