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By the way, the italics are Jack's thoughts, if that's not obvious.

"Do I look fat in this?"

Jack looked up from his magazine, surprised by the question. "Of course not, you always look great."

"Really? Even in the green BDUs?"

"Green isn't really anyone's color." Jack said, wondering where this conversation was going.

"I suppose."

"Why so self-conscious all of a sudden?" This was so unlike his teammate.

"Need to know."

"Oh really, well as your CO I think you can tell me." You can't blame a guy for being curious.

"I'm not sure."

"Oh would you just tell me? I can keep a secret." Well, usually.



"So, I'll see you."

"What! You still haven't told me." You're not going to weasel out of this that easily.

"I know."


"I've got a date."

"No…" Jack was stunned.


"Since when did you get a life?"

"I've always had a life."

"Uh huh." If you call tinkering with ancient artifacts a life.

"You act as though you haven't noticed."

"Who are you going out with?"

"Now that you don't need to know."

"What if you get… Fine, I don't have a good reason." Smooth one O'Neill.

"Okay, bye."

"Wait, so where you going?" Jack received a death glare. "Okay never mind!"

"See you tomorrow."

"Knock her dead Daniel."