It is seven months, two weeks and three days later. Renee is reinstated as a police officer after sobering up, something I did not wish to add to the story because this is only a slight plot point and i wished to move onto the action more promptly.

Thumbs entwined together and manila envelope cast aside, it was no overwhelming mystery that Lieutenant Renee Montoya was rather nervous. She had taken up smoking just to keep her mind off of the sweet nectar of alcohol that nearly destroyed her, yet every moment without it was screaming and writhing agony. It had taken two months to scrounge up the courage to go crawling back to the police force, forced to beg Maggie Sawyer for her position back. Her dignity suffered an unimaginable blow, but she was forced to make due.

It had become simple force of habit to appear underneath these trees, the same place she was chided by the bat man months before, whenever she had any sort of information. She often wondered whether or not this creature of the night was human, or if he was simply a man who knew when to be at the right place at the right time. In exchange for the return of her job, Renee had agreed to taking Breathalyzer tests whenever Captain Sawyer found it convenient.

"Ms. Sawyer." He breathed behind her, cold breath touching the back of her neck. She resisted the urge to whirl around, knowing that her bafflement would only amuse him.

"SeƱor Batman." She stated tersely, turning to face him with the utmost civility. "You're late." She said, a gentle smile surfacing to indicate the level of her seriousness.

"There was no specified time." He informed her with ease, gliding to her side and scooping up the envelope without pretense. "What is this?" He asked, waving it slightly. It was difficult to remember that this man could snap her in two whenever he wished it, toward her he rarely revealed any sort of roughness.

"Information you may find interesting, proof of corruption amongst the finest officers in the GCPD. I'm a small person, in importance, naturally, and I know i could be silenced the instant I allowed this to surface but I believe that you have a bit more power than that." The unmarked folder beckoned him, and the Batman undid the closing mechanism and allowed the pictures and such to spill onto the ground.

"Be careful, you might get them dirty." She said with such brash persistence that he fought the approaching smile.

"They're dirty enough," He sneered, pocketing them thoughtfully, patting the photographs for good measure. "How is your newly instated position? Still as interesting as ever?" Small talk was not something he was good at, but somehow he felt in debt.

"I have a feeling you had something to do with nudging my superiors, chico, they would do practically anything for their golden boy." His expression was indiscernible, and she made no great strides to attempt to decipher it. "Everything is all right, I'm as dry as a desert, if that's your concern." She had an aching feeling that he was periodically checking up on her, something she found oddly comforting. "But Harvey is still out there, and so is Corrigan. I haven't forgotten about either, and the thought of Harvey trying something again is one of the many things that keeps me awake at night."

He glanced at her with something that resembled interest glinting in his eyes. "You can sleep tight, don't worry, you're safe." The for now played in both of their heads, something that offered nothing more than raw and bloodthirsty rage for the both.

"I'll try, Gotham City is not exactly an ideal vacation spot. Every day you sort of risk dying, especially if you're on the force and not accepting bribes." Batman nodded in accord, recalling three of the men he himself personally took out in an attempt to protect her, all of whom he was certain she could handle. His interest in her situation was bordering on alarming, especially due to her own preference.

"Two-Face is even more dangerous than I think you've comprehended thus far." He comprehended how high-and-mighty this sounded the instant the words escaped his lips, though she seemed unaffected.

"I understand perfectly well, maybe a bit more than I really would like." She admitted without pretense, her chocolatey eyes piercing his own with only slight discomfort. Her brazen resolve impressed him, causing the walls securing himself to drop ever so slightly.

He pursed his lips but made no other expression to display either agreement nor displeasure. "I won't allow the police to so much as slow their search, it's out of the question." Both of them acknowledged perfectly well, there was no shock in the realization that he controlled the majority of the police force.

"Something is going to go down at the Wayne Benefit, I'd like to have someone I trust there." He informed her, a ticket falling from his folded arms and into the dirt. She made no attempt to reach for it, certain that the instant she resurfaced he would be gone.

"Thanks, maybe I'll see you there."

He snorted and shook his head gently. "I doubt it." This was reason enough for her to finally scoop up the invitation, the swish of his cape signifying his dramatic exit.

"Adios, Batman." She muttered, walking away from the scene and toward her car.

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