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. Alternate Love .
By Baka Mandy-chan

"Made up your mind?"

He stopped walking and didn't dare turn around to the sound of the voice. His feet were firmly planted, and his frame was stiff and the cold air whipped across his skin, seemingly freezing the cool raindrops that rested on his pale flesh.

His back was turned to the only one he trusted, the only one he gave the faintest bit of attention to, and the only one he cared for more then himself. The spiky, blond haired teen refused to look at his red, thorny haired friend. He could not bear to see the pained look on the other man's face.

"I need to know why the Keyblade chose me."

No... I already know. It's because I'm that boy's... Sora's... Nobody. I just...

... I just don't want to see you hurt anymore.

Funny. How was it that they were feeling so much when they had no hearts...? Maybe it was beyond being a 'Nobody'. The boy clutched his chest with one hand as if he were trying to rip the unnatural feeling from his body.

But it didn't really matter anymore. The blond boy was determined to sever their relationship to prevent anymore of this 'pain'.

"I'm leaving, not that it matters to anyone. No one will miss me anyway," His footsteps echoed loudly over the sound of the rain that poured tirelessly around them, though he'd rather hear the rain over the sound of him leaving.

The man that stood behind him rested against the cold brick wall; his arms folded tightly over his breast with a hard expression his face that seemed to show that he didn't care. However that was not the truth at all. He was shielding himself, holding back the shaking that was like an earthquake quickly expanding through out his body. The fiery haired man closed his eyes, trying to sort the thoughts that were wheeling through his head like an out of control washing machine. He managed to snatch and place a few of those thoughts; one being that he wanted to stop the boy from leaving.

But the boy was a stubborn thing to behold. He was more stubborn than a stick in the mud... more like a metal pole in cement, he imagined. There would be no way the blonde would give up without a good fight, and when it comes to fights, he's an even better fighter then the red head himself, which he knew personally since he had never been able to win a single sparing match against the teen.

Another thought was caught from the wheel in his head. No indeed someone would miss the boy.

"I'll miss you..." the words slipped through his slightly parted lips as he drew in breaths of the crisp air that lingered around them. He looked up quickly to see if the words had reached the ears of his friend, in hope and in horror, but it seemed as though they hadn't. The fiery haired man sunk deeper into the impenetrable wall.

There had to be something he could do to prevent the other boy from leaving. His chest tightened with the thought of the blond boy not being around anymore. There'd be nothing; no playing pranks on the other members of the organization, stuff like drawing moustaches on Saix's face when he was sleeping in the library, or replacing Demyx's hair mousse with whip cream. Not only that, there would be no going out and getting wasted at Port Royal, or collecting Gummi Blocks for the hell of it and building the most outrageous Gummi Ships. Most importantly, there'd be no hanging out with each other, just enjoying the presence of the other's company, no friendly sparing matches and no sticking up for each other when the other is late for a meeting. No more of that at all.

The oxygen in the air seemingly disappeared and the red haired man began to feel faint as reality hit him. Yes, that boy was like the air he breathed, he couldn't live without him; he needed him. There was no way he could see himself living a day without that... that stubborn brat.

An unfamiliar sensation tingled in his limbs; panic. There was something more that mixed in with that feeling... but he wasn't sure what it was. But that combination of feelings gave him the power to move his body parts. In a blur, he found his arms wrapped around the small frame of the blond haired boy, his face buried deep in the sweet smelling mess of golden locks.

"I'll never forgive you," more words rushed past his lips. They were loud, as though he thought the other boy wouldn't hear them this time. "If you leave... If you leave..." the words trailed off and he felt his throat clench up making it impossible to speak. "Roxas..."

Roxas was certainly startled when he felt the strong arms wrap around his torso. He nearly threw them off and would have started to run away, but the words that were spoken to him glued him to the spot. A strange comfort washed over him, making him want to drown in its depths, but he managed to stay on the surface.

Roxas thought he had done it. He thought he had cut the ropes of their friendship, but the red haired man was clinging onto every thread. The blonde's head started throbbing and the feeling in his chest became heavier then ever.

They stood there for a while, in embrace. It felt like forever as they let the sky wash their black cloaked bodies with its cool tears. The stillness and silence were slowly eating away at them like termites at wood though, and it was starting to become unbearable. Roxas felt as though he was going to die standing there.

... Or maybe he just wanted to die...? Right there, right in his friend's arms...

Unable to take it anymore, the red haired man spun his friend around to face him, gripping the boy's shoulders in a way that must have been painful. "Roxas... Roxas..." he chanted in a low and raspy tone. It felt as though his vocal cords where torn up and beyond repair. Waiting for a response, he realized the other boy was refusing to meet his gaze. Frustrated, he took the small chin in between his fingers and forced Roxas' faced up to confront his own, his startling green eyes trying to reach the dangerous depths of the other's deepest blue. They were still avoiding him.

However, his gaze trailed off not too far from the boy's eyes; his attention focused on the boy's lips, noticing how they moved when his thumb changed its position the slightest bit. He took note of the light pink that tinted the flesh and how soft and full they were. He watched as he drew Roxas' bottom lip down, opening his mouth a little bit. On another note, he was totally unaware of the fact his face was coming closer and closer to the blond boy's small round face. The boy's hot breath tickled his cheeks, drawing him further in.


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