A sniffle came from Alice as she sat all alone curled up into a little ball. Her short brown hair curled up at her chin, and her bangs covered some of her reddish brownish colored eyes. Alice sat there crying for what seemed like an eternity before a nursery women came in. "ALICE! Get into bed right now!" The women's usually nice features grew cold and emotionless as she spoke to Alice. A shiver ran down Alice's back before she quickly scurred(sp?) to her bed and quickly dug under the covers, her plain white gown trailing behind her a little. The women nodded in satisfaction before turning all the lights off and slamming the door shut, locking it and letting no light comfort Alice. Alice sniffed again before sitting up and throwing off her covers. She quickly ran to her small drawers and opening them with her tiny hands. "I have to get out of here before hic she comes back!" Alice's small voice cracked as she had not dranken anything since the day she was brought here. "Why me?" Alice whipped off her small tears and quickly set all her clothes in a small black bag she had. Alice's breathing stopped for a moment to listen to hear if anyone was near. Alice sighed softly when she heard nothing. Little hands worked franticly on a small black messenger bag. Alice bit the bottom of her lip, making it bleed. Alice flinched but then ignored the pain and took her finger to the small cut. She then went to find a small piece of paper before writing a small message with her own small bit of blood from the cut.

'Deer peapole uv thiss dreadful pwace, (she is 5)

I will bee leaving thes pwace four everr.

Dont luk four me cauz I nowe u wont.'

Alice nodded in satisfaction before biting her lip again, but this time softly. Alice quickly did a silent prayer before leaving it on her bed and opening her window. She shivered as cold air brushed against her delicate skin and freezing body. "C-c-c-cold." Alice shivered once more and rubbed her hands together, she then jumped up onto the sill and swung her leg to the other side. Then, she knitted her eyebrows together in concentration before swinging her other leg on the same side as her other one and jumped down softly on the ground. Alice looked back up shakily to see the only 1 story house of the Orphanage. Alice wrapped her arms around her frail body before turning around, away from the place, and ran. She ran as far as she could with only a white gown to keep shelter from the cold, her shoes and socks something she had none of.

Alice cried out in pain as she landed with a hard 'thud' in the train that was about to leave. Alice wrapped her arms around her knees and rocked herself, falling asleep in only a minute later.

A hard jolt made Alice awaken startled. Alice blinked and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with her tiny pale hands. "Where am I…?" Alice walked cautiously to the train door and slid it open slowly. Alice thanked the lord as she found that nobody was around. She turned around and grabbed her bag and jumped out of the train. Alice coughed as the train abruptly started again and went on its way, leaving a small trail of dust which made her cough violently. "cough, cough" Alice rubbed her red eyes, and walked to the small town ahead of her. "Oh my, look at you!" A women around her 20's came up beside Alice and kneeled down beside her. "You look terrible! Where did you come from? Oh dear, here I go rambling off when you obviously need a place to rest! Follow me please." Alice shyly took her hand and walked down with her in the town. The women finally stopped at a place that looked like an inn and brung her inside. "Come, come, let me find you some clothes you could possibly wear…" Alice nodded again and held tightly on her bag. She looked to her left and sat down in a small chair at a table and looked at the kind women who brought her here. The women had bushy and curly brown hair, bluish colored eyes, black boots with heels, long black pants, a black corset(?) over a red and white flower long sleeved blouse, and a long sleeved purple shirt that went over it, but was above her waist and had no buttons or zippers on it. Alice curiously looked up to the women. "What's your name?" Alice's voice crackled again but she still had a soft and innocent voice. The women turned around and smiled. "My name is Anna, Anna Valerius."