The Xavier Riddle Series:
Year Two: The Chamber of Secrets

Chapter 1: Oh Lordy Lord not Lockhart!

The summer holidays had finally drawn to a close, with only 24 hours until September the first. And Xavier had to admit it; he was bored. He hadn't seen the Malfoy's since his birthday, as they had told him they were going to spend a few weeks at their other Estate in Ireland for a get-a-way before term started up again and things went back to normal.

Dudely was also as bored as his cousin; they had sat down the week they came home and done all their homework so that they had the summer to themselves without the pressure of un-finished essays looming over them.

"Mum. Can't we go out and do something?" He whined, stomping into the kitchen where Petunia was over-seeing Vernon making their tea

"Sorry dear, we've got guests tonight" She said to him


"You'll find out later" She smiled softly "How is Xavier?"

"He's brooding in his room" said Dudely "He's not come out since he told me in no un-certain terms to leave him alone" He hmphed, Petunia chuckled

"Don't worry Dinkums, im sure he's just got a lot on his mind"

"I guess... say, will you show me that spell again?" He suddenly asked

"Which one? Crucio?"

"Yeah I like that one"

"So does your Uncle" She smiled fondly "Come on… we'll go into the garden and practice"

Meanwhile, Neville was poring over his Potions essay, checking it for errors.

"Are you ready for some tea Neville?" his Gran asked

"Not yet I want to finish checking over this essay… but I cant think of anything I may have missed!" He growled

"Not to worry, take a break and Im sure you'll think of something" She said, Neville put down his quill and followed his Gran out of his bedroom and downstairs for his meal.

He took a glass of Pumpkin juice out of the fridge and sat down whilst she served it up

"Have you heard from the boys lately?"

"Not for a day or so" he replied "Xavier's working on something top secret he said, not too sure what that is, and Draco's still in Ireland from what I gather" said Neville

"I see, Well I got a letter from Petunia this morning, we're invited round to their house tonight for a meeting"

"How come?" Neville looked up

"She didn't say," said his Gran "Only to come round for about 8pm"

"Oh I see" he shrugged

That night, Xavier; Dudely and Neville were told they had to stay upstairs whilst Petunia and Neville's grandmother talked about something for over three hours.

"Wonder what they're talking about?" Neville said moodily

"No idea" Dudely replied "Can't see why we're not involved"

"Most likely, its Death Eater stuff" said Xavier from his corner, he had a large book on the table and was poring over it.

"What's that you're reading?" Neville asked

"It's the book Lucius gave me for my birthday," he said "it's a revised edition of Moste Potente Potions"


"Some of the potions in here are definitely in here for a reason" He chuckled "say, id like to try out this one… Polyjuice Potion, turns you into someone else if you get their hair or a toenail"

"Cool, we could sneak into other common rooms with that one!" Dudely grinned

"Exactly, find out what they know about this Order of the Chicken" Xavier replied

"Phoenix…not chicken" said Neville "My Gran's a member… or was… as were my parents, until BellatrixLestrangeand Barty Crouch Junior decided to torture them to insanity" He sighed, taking a look out of the window

"Neville," Xavier looked at him "I promised you the night you came to Slytherin, that if I can I will do all in my power to get your parents' minds restored, if anyone can do it, it would be my Father, if he's around"

"Still not seen him then?" Neville asked

"Not a chance, whenever I ask Petunia she just goes quiet and tells me to go and do something else…. she knows something we don't" he frowned.

"Hmm. Anyway, have you seen who we have for Defence this year?"

"Unfortunately, we met him in Flourish and Blotts, pompous bastard" Xavier growled "Gilderoy fucking Lockhart!"

"Mm I know, that means we're getting no training this year…" Dudely agreed

Neville and his Gran left at about 12 midnight, although his Gran refused to tell him anything and sent him straight to bed when he got home


"No Neville, you need to go to bed okay? Tomorrow you go back to Hogwarts," She told him sternly

"Fine, fine, goodnight Gran" He gave her a hug and went to his room.

Although sleep didn't seem to come, he couldn't believe that Xavier had kept his word about wanting to give him his parent's back, Neville sighed, staring at his canopy until he fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning, Xavier and Dudely got to Kings Cross for half past ten, Petunia took them through the barrier between Platform 9/34ths And the Muggle world

"Now you two stay out of trouble okay?" She said with a glint in her eye, Dudely chuckled

"Of course we will mum, when would we ever put ourselves in danger?"

"Hmmm indeed" She chuckled back "Well, its getting on towards eleven so you best get on the train okay? Write to me when you get the chance"

"Of course we will aunt Petunia" Xavier nodded formally "See you in the holidays I expect"

"If not before" She said, again with an odd look in her eyes.

Xavier and Dudely had claimed a carriage when Draco walked in

"Good morning all" He grinned

"Hiya Draco" Dudely nodded "you seen Nev?"

"Yeah he's just talking to his Gran, he'll be on shortly"

"Good, good" Said Dudely "We wouldn't want one of our own to miss the train"

"No, we wouldn't" Xavier agreed, looking at his watch "its five to…"

Neville walked in not a moment later

"Hi, sorry, Gran wanted a word before I got on the train…how was your Summer Draco?"

"It was nice, we spent most of it in Ireland, in the Malfoy Estate over there, although my Father wouldn't let me go into the West Wing, and he spent a lot of time there himself" He shrugged "probably stuff im too young to know about"

"Probably" They agreed

After an hour or so of the train ride, the door to their carriage came open and a girl walked in

"S'cuse me, don't mind if I share with you do you? My bloody brothers a re pissing me off, I could kill them... but id draw attention to myself" She scowled

"With an entrance like that, how can we refuse?" said Neville "take a seat" He motioned to the one in front of him on the other side of the table, the girl sat down

"Thanks" She said "And you are?"

"Neville Longbottom" He shook her hand "this is Dudely Dursely-Evans, his cousin, Xavier Riddle and-"

"Draco Malfoy if im not mistaken?" She grinned slyly

"That would be me"

"Well im Weasely, Ginerva Weasely" She said

A short silence greeted the statement

"Should have known by the red hair" Sneered Draco "Mudblood lover…."

"Actually there your wrong Draco…. im about as much of a Mudblood lover as Voldemort himself!" She spat at him

"Interesting analogy" said Xavier with a funny look

"Really? Whys that?" She asked

"We cant tell you yet, not until we see which house your in" said Neville "nothing against you or anything, but if you end up in Gryffindor…" he twitched, he was still touchy about the Gryffindor/Slytherin transfer he had had to go through earlier in his first year.

"I'll always get a transfer," She said with a scowl "I am NOT putting up with those bastards I have to call my brothers, any longer than I should have to"

"I think you'll be green by the end of the day" said Dudely with a smirk.

When the train finally pulled up, Ginny, as the boys now knew her as, was forced to go with the other first years on the boats up to the castle, whereas the others got one of the horseless carriages.

"See you later Gin" Neville called

"Bye Nev" She nodded "hope to see you in Green" She chuckled, heading onto the boat with the others, Xavier found a carriage and Neville, Draco and Dudely climbed in after him and waited for it to take off to head to the school.

Xavier, Draco, Neville and Dudely took their usual places at the Slytherin table and watched the first years become sorted

"Weasely, Ginerva" was finally called out; Ginny walked to the Sorting Hat and sat down, waiting patiently to have her house announced to the hall

"SLYTHERIN!" Shouted the Sorting Hat

A deathly silence filled the hall as she took a place next to Neville

"TRAITOR!" Ron Weasely yelled across the hall "YOUR NO SISTER OF MINE! YOU FOUL-!"

"That will be enough Mr Weasely" McGonagall cut him off "if I hear so much as a peep out of you for the rest of the evening you will receive detention am I clear?" She glared at him; Ron wilted under her gaze and nodded, then when her back was turned, gave his sister a sinister glare, Ginny gave him an unemotional stare that made Ron blink and turned to talk to Neville about potions.

As the food appeared and the Slytherin's filled their plate, Xavier turned to Ginny

"Welcome to Slytherin House Ginerva" he said

"Please, call me Ginny, We're going to be Housemates for the next six years or so, so I don't see that we cant be on a first name basis" She said, picking up some steak with her fork

"Indeed" Xavier replied "then you may called me Xavier, and don't worry about the Weasel, he will get his just rewards" he glared heatedly towards the Gryffindor table

"What do you mean?" She asked

"We'll tell you soon…." Xavier said with a small smile.

After the dining was over; the Slytherin's headed towards the Dungeons, the prefects taking the first years were in front, the second-years trailed behind, already knowing where their dorm was. Ginny walked with Neville at the back of the group as they debated animatedly about subjects

"Do you think she'll handle it?" Dudely said to Draco

"As long as we're friendly to her, I don't see why not. Besides, she seems the perfect Slytherin, no matter what family she comes from"

"You've changed your tune!" Xavier smirked

"Well I had let my idea of the Weasely's over-ride who she was" he said to them "She's definitely not a run-of-the-mill Weasely"

"You're right there Draco" said Xavier "She definitely isn't"

As the weeks passed on, Ron and the other Gryffindors made Ginny their new target, She simply ignored their insults and wrote home to her parents about the way in which Ron was treating her, all she got was a Howler in return telling her not to tell tales on her brothers and that she should be ashamed to be in Slytherin when all her family had been Gryffindors. Xavier told her not to worry and that the matter would be resolved in the near future.

The lessons with Gilderoy were… surprising to say the least, after a disastrous first lesson with Cornish Pixies; he retreated to reading his books aloud to the class whilst they fell asleep.

One afternoon, after lessons had finished, Xavier and Draco were looking over their Transfiguration homework, when an Owl dropped a letter in front of them, scattering their things everywhere.

"How the hell'd that get in here?" Draco asked, noticing it said Xavier's name on the front

"Dunno…" Xavier picked it up and checked it for curses before opening it, he folded the parchment out into his hands and read it


Thought I better warn you, The Weasel is plotting to harm Ginny at the Halloween Feast. Not sure what he will do yet, will let you know further on.

The letter wasn't signed but he knew the script well enough, He shoved the letter into his robes as Ginny walked through the common room with some of the other first year Slytherin's

"Ginny, can we have a word please?" he looked up at her

"Um Sure Xavier ill just put my books in my room, back in a tick" She disappeared into the girls dorm and put her books away

She re-appeared a few moments later

"Okay im all ears" She said, "What's up?"

"I've had word that your brother is going to try to harm you at the Samhain festivities" said Xavier, "there's something we need to talk to you about later tonight okay?"

"Okay sure, but I don't see what's the problem? Ron's a twat, everyone knows it" said Ginny

"That's not the problem" said Draco "your parents are less than friendly, as is Ron…Ive not seen George or Fred do anything to you…. have they?"

"No they're pretty neutral, the Sorting hat wanted them both in Slytherin but they made it put them in Gryffindor" Ginny told them, then seeing their looks, she added "They told me when I got my letter in the summer, that if I was told to go here then to do it, they're behind me all the way"

"That's interesting" Xavier nodded

"Why is it?"

"Ill tell you later" He said, "When the common room isn't so full"

"Okay well I have a potions assignment to do…. Bye" She headed up to the study area of the common room and put her robes over a chair, then went to get her books.

When the common room had cleared for the evening, Ginny was still sat down reading some more of her Charms book when Xavier, Draco, Dudely and Neville came over to talk to her

"Ginny?" Neville spoke up "Can we talk to you?"

"Well that is why im still sat here" She grinned, "What is it you want to talk to me about?" She asked, following them to sit down at the fireplace to get some warmth.

Xavier looked at her

"What im about to tell you cannot go further than us…. otherwise I will know" He said to her

"Go on" She nodded

"Do you trust Dumbledore?" asked Neville

"Not really, why?"

"Dumbledore put a spell on me" said Neville "He found out about a prophecy that I would be able to destroy the Dark Lord and wanted to stop my powers advancing, so he talked my parents into it, Mr Malfoy managed to remove it last year but im still having a hard time" he said moodily

"That's downright evil!" Ginny stared at him "Neville I'm so sorry, when Ron kept writing home he was gloating about how stupid you were. And then that you were a turn-coat for transferring…" She trailed off "Sorry"

"What I said when we were on the train, about something we couldn't tell you until we knew what house you would be in; its about my parent…. well my Father" He said


"My father is Lord Voldemort" Xavier told her "The Dark Lord, You-Know-Who" He added, Ginny turned white for a split second

"I see," She said after a moment "And you telling me this… why?"

"Because I want to know your side in the War," He replied, "you've heard what Dumbledore did to Neville…"

"Which is down-right evil" Ginny glared at the fireplace "Id like to say right now im neutral, not one or the other until I see the other sides ideas"

"Fair statement" Xavier nodded "but for obvious reasons you cannot tell anyone, not even the Twins"

"You have my word," She said

"Good, I was hoping I would have" He said

"So, how did you find out Useless Weasel was going to try and harm me on Halloween"?

"I have an informant in Gryffindor. But no need to worry about that, I think its time to go to bed." Xavier stifled a yawn and they headed to their dorms.

The Halloween feast went down spectacularly with everyone, Xavier, Draco, Neville and Dudely were on watch in case Ron tried anything stupid in front of the teachers

"I doubt he's going to try anything in front of the school" Said Ginny, helping herself to some sugared mice. Xavier frowned

"He wont, that's the problem" He replied "he's not stupid enough," He added, Ginny snorted into her pumpkin juice

"Very true" She said when she had composed herself "What do you think he will try to do?"

"Not sure" said Xavier… hang on. Here comes trouble" He spotted Ron coming over

Ron looked at his sister

"Ginny…can I have a word please?"

"You've had one, actually you've had seven" said Neville with a glare "Get lost Weasel"

"Shut it Longbottom" Ron spat "I was talking to my sister, you know. Family, not something YOU'D know about" he added nastily, Neville rolled his eyes

"Empty threat Weasel" he said, "now if you don't mind, we're trying to enjoy Samhain"

"Sam what?"

"See. Doesn't even know the true meaning of tonight…. Tut tut, and you call yourself a Pureblood" Xavier grinned, Ron turned scarlet and whipped out his wand

"Don't make me curse you Riddle!" He snarled

"Again Ronald, another empty threat" Ginny smirked "and no, you cant have a word with me so go play with your other kitties and leave me well enough alone…." She spat "don't make me hex you"

"Ha as if you know anything above Wingardium Leviosa" crowed Ron, laughing stupidly at his sister

Ginny snarled and in a flash her wand was out

"EVERTEA STATEM!" She yelled angrily, Ron went flying backwards over the Gryffindor's table, landing with a crash

"Miss Weasely!" Dumbledore came over "What on earth do you think you are doing?"

"Defending myself against my brother, sir" Ginny said, putting her wand away "He was about to curse me, so I simply got in there first" She smiled sweetly at him. Dumbledore frowned

"Very well, ten points from Slytherin for use of magic" He walked off and then called the feast over with.

On their way back to the dorms, the Slytherin's heard a scream from a corridor not too far away, Xavier was the first there to see Hermione standing in front of a wall, on which was written in blood



On a nearby candelabra was Mrs Norris, completely frozen in terror

"What the hell?" Xavier whistled, "We best move… this wont look good if we're caught" He nudged Hermione " come on, we best go and alert McGonagall" He said, Hermione snapped to her senses

"S-sure…" She scattered towards the Transfigurations classroom with the others in tow.

Minerva was finishing up grading some last minute papers when they burst in

"Professor!" Hermione gasped "mrs-norris-writing-wall-blood" She stammered, and then collapsed in a heap

"What on earth is she talking about?"

"In the corridor Professor" said Ginny "Mrs Norris is attached to a candelabra and there's words daubed on the wall in what looks like blood"

"What? Enervate" She brought Hermione round and made sure she was okay "Show me," She said to them

The group headed back towards the corridor and saw Dumbledore. Snape and Lockhart there

"Ah Minerva," said Dumbledore gravely "And Mister Riddle" he looked piercingly at Xavier, who looked calmly back

"The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, Enemies of the Heir, beware" said Dumbledore, he stepped forward two spaces and peered at them all "And what, are you doing out of your dorms?"

"We were on our way back when we heard a scream, we saw Hermione in front of the wall and we all went to see Professor McGonagall as her classroom was nearest, we hoped she'd be there" said Dudely

"Hmmm" Dumbledore didn't look impressed

"Innocent until proven guilty headmaster" said Snape "I shall escort them back to their House immediately, if Minerva would mind to escort Ms Granger?"

"Of course" She said "come with me Ms Granger" She gently took Hermione out of the way and the Slytherin's followed Snape

"Snape… what is going on?" Xavier asked him

"I cannot tell you here" He hissed "Come to my office tomorrow night at nine pm sharp, ill give you detention tomorrow so no-one will be suspicious and I will explain it then"

"Okay…" He nodded "Serpents tongue" Xavier said, the wall disappeared and they walked into the common room

"Chamber of Secrets?" Draco said, confused

"Owl your Father, he may know something, but right now, I think its time we had an early night" Xavier told them all, stifling a yawn himself, he headed to bed but he had still far too much on his mind to actually sleep.