The Xavier Riddle Series
Year two

Chapter eight

Dumbledore angrily threw the parchment across his desk. He had just got written evidence from one of his many spies that Hermione Granger has been taken from her Muggle home in Cheshire by none other than Xavier Riddle! He snarled angrily, all his best laid plans were being torn apart by that wretch! He had been watching the girl since she arrived at Hogwarts, with plans to use her as a weapon against Voldemort. She had the brains, and rumour had it, he fire-power to be a worthy opponent with the right type of training and thought modification. Dumbledore frowned, maybe all was not lost? He stood up and circled his office desk, moving towards the grate and Flooing to the Ministry of Magic with a plan forming in his mind...

The Granger's were busying themselves with cleaning out their garden, taking advantage of the bright sunny afternoon, After cancelling their French vacation, they had decided to do more with their expanse of garden behind their house. Mr Granger was just pulling some weeds when he heard a rapping on their door knocker. Mr Granger walked down the side of the house, dusting off his hands from soil to see Dumbledore
"Headmaster Dumbledore?" He said "this is a pleasant surprise! Please, come into the garden" he smiled falsely "my wife and I are taking the time to do it up a bit. What can I do for you?"
"Mr Granger, I have brought some rather unsettling news" said Dumbledore

"oh? What about? Is Hermione okay?" He asked at once

"Darling what's...Mr Dumbledore, this is a surprise" Mrs Granger looked mildly stunned
"I'm afraid I have to bring you bad news... shall we go inside to talk?" Dumbledore replied

"of course..." the Granger's moved inside, neither of them missing the smirk Dumbledore had on his face, catching it in the kitchen mirror...

Dumbledore sat them down in the lounge
"what is this about Dumbledore?" asked Mr Granger
"One of my associates saw young Hermione in Diagon Alley this morning, with Mister Xavier Riddle and his friends..."
"What's that got to do with anything?" asked Mrs Granger "Hermione went into Diagon Alley to meet up with Mr and Mrs Patil, Padma and Parvati's parents, she received a letter this morning, maybe she was waiting for them with the Riddle boy?"

"Besides" said Mr Granger "what is wrong with her meeting up with friends?"

"I must warn you, that Hermione is in grave danger, by associating with the Riddles and the Malfoy's, she will become a target for others in her year, those boys are dangerous, and I ask you to stop her from seeing them" Dumbledore told them

"i do not think so!" Mrs Granger said angrily "you will not tell us who our daughter will or will not associate with!"

Dumbledore set her with an angry glare, before smothering it and trying his grandfatherly tone that seemed to ease Muggles into complying with him.
"Mrs Granger, you surely do not understand our customs-" he began
"Oh i understand very well!" she snarled at him "Hermione is but a young girl! She as the right to see her friends if she wants to! Tell me Dumbledore, do you tell every parent these things? Or are we a special case?!" she stood so swiftly Dumbledore was caught off guard "I don't appreciate you coming in to my house during the summer when school is clearly NOT in session! Now I want you to leave!" she folded her arms
"Mrs Gra-"
"You heard what my wife said Dumbledore, she wants you to leave, you have no right coming into our house and telling us that our daughter, who is not within your jurisdiction at the moment due to not being in school, to tell us that our daughter cannot see her friends! Its preposterous!" he said angrily

Dumbledore sighed inwardly, bidding the Granger's a good day with one more stern warning to keep Hermione away from the Riddle boy. Mrs Granger set him with a glare to rival a Mrs Weasely Special which made Albus feel very small indeed as he made his way back to the Portkey arrival and departure gate.

As soon as he had gone, the Grangers looked at each other over a glass of cold lemonade

"it seems that Voldemort was right" said Mr Granger "he seemed to know Dumbledore would try and pull something like this, he cannot be trusted, i have the feeling we did the right thing by Hermione by letting her go with them that be stuck here all summer"
"i agree" said Mrs Granger "ive never liked him anyway, and Hermione seemed to be happy to go with Voldemort... she knows what shes doing, its out of our hands, were not part of that world.."

He landed at the huge gates of Hogwarts and summoned a carriage to take him to the front door, musing darkly over how to repair his plans and to make Xavier's life a misery the next coming school year, if the boy wouldn't bow to his rules and allow him to mould him into the weapon against Voldemort, then Albus would make sure the boy was as down-trodden as possible...

These thoughts kept him busy all the way through the school and before he knew it; Albus was giving the password to the Gargoyle that guarded the stairs to his office.

Just as Albus settled in his office chair, and popped a sherbet lemon into his mouth, his eyes fell on an old picture of the Order, his eyes landed on the charming face of Sirius Black...

it is pay dear old Sirius a visit... Albus smirked darkly, his mind working overtime...

Well there we go! the second year has come to a close! i will be posting the first part of Third year either tonight or tomorrow depending on how much i write in the meantime!