Lindsay Monroe stretched and rolled over coming in direct contact with her boyfriend Danny Messer. He seemed to be sleeping but Lindsay wasn't so sure. He had a very strange little smirk on his lips and she decided to test her theory. Ever so slow she started to kiss her way down his abdomen, going lower.

He didn't so much as twitch a muscle or breath until he felt her tongue run slowly under the underside of his cock. Danny jumped and groaned.

He was fully awake and had been for over an hour, but he had feigned sleep when he had felt her waking beside him.

Lindsay was currently punishing him for his deception by sucking on just the distend tip of his manhood. She pulled away with a tiny pop and Danny shuddered.

The things she could do with that mouth aught to be illegal.

"You were not asleep, Mr. Messer. You should know better by now then to try to trick me."

After over two months of sleeping in the same bed together she had grown accustom to his breathing patterns. There was no way he could fool her into thinking he was asleep when he wasn't. She was curious, though, as to why he felt the need to feign sleep.

Danny didn't give her a chance to think about it too much. He rolled her under him and the next thing she knew he was deep inside her. She groaned and kissed him as he plunged.

"Now that…is not fair…Mr. Messer," she gasped between burst of pleasure. She had never known that a man could feel so very good inside of her, or make her body respond and flood with pleasure almost every time.

"Who said…anything…bout playin' fair…Montana," he grunted as he moved faster.

"Danny," she whimpered as the familiar pressure built and then she screamed, "Danny!"

She came hard, her inner muscles contracting around the soft skin of his sex and a few moments latter he followed her, her name on his lips.

Winded he rolled off of her and pulled her up against his side. She reached out and started rubbing slow circles over his abdomen with her right hand when she noticed something that glinted in the morning light.

She frowned and brought her hand up so she could see her fingers and gasped.

"Danny?" she questioned, her voice none too steady. He smiled and kissed her temple.

"So, whattdaya think, Montana?" He sounded nervous and more than a little scared. Lindsay met his eyes, tears threatening at the corner of her own.

"I this…I don't know what to think…do you mean…," she whispered, more than a little scared herself.

He grunted and pulled her tighter. "Yeah I mean. It's an engagement ring, Montana. I was sorta hopin' that you might marry me."

A single tear rolled down Lindsay cheek and then another, and another.

"I don't know what to…This isn't a joke, like that offhanded proposal during the Mann case?"

Danny smirked. "Who's to say I didn't mean it then, either Monroe?"

Lindsay chuckled and looked back at the ring decorating her finger. She moved her hand and watched the sunlight gleam off the simple princess cut solitaire that winked at her from the platinum setting. It was beautiful, he was beautiful.

"So…you gonna give me an answer or what?" he asked. He sounded a little terrified and she decided that she should put him out of his misery.

"Yeah, I think I would like that, marrying you that is. Of course that could just be the orgasm talking."

Danny smirked and kissed her like she was a fine wine and he wanted to get drunk off of her. He broke away and brushed hair out of her face.

"I love you, Danny," she whispered and he smiled.

"Love ya too, Montana."

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Prove it," she challenged. Danny's lips twitch in a slow and sensual fashion. It would be his pleasure but first he pulled the ring off of her finger and tilted it sideways so that the light caught on the words inside the band.

She squinted at the inscription, her brow furrowing like it did when she was concentrating on a case.

"Read the inside first." Lindsay took the ring for Danny and tired to make out the words, when she did she started in surprise.

"Fidelis Ad Mortem," she whispered and looked at him with brimming eyes.

"Faithful unto death, that's me, Montana," he assured. He already knew that it was her as well.

Lindsay smiled a watery smile and slipped the ring, almost reverently, back onto her finger. This time though, she moved it to her left hand.

She kissed him slow and deep and very soon kissing wasn't near enough for either of them. Her last thought as they made love were those words echoing in her head.

Faithful unto death.

She didn't doubt it for an instant.


Author's note: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reviewed this story. It is always fun to find out that others enjoy the stuff that I have written.

This story was kind of a surprise for me. I got the interrogation idea from watching The Closer marathon on TNT a couple of weeks ago and once I started writing, what I had intended to be a really short interlude, morphed into what you see before you.

I tried very hard to present the characters as they appear to me in the show. Lindsay is an especially difficult character to write because we still know so little about her. I hope that I managed to capture not only her strength and determination, but also her dry sense of humor and that excitement that seems to bubble just below her surface.

Anyhoo, I am glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading.