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The Transformation of Gunnar Stahl

Summary: We all know that Gunnar Stahl and Scooter Vanderbilt were played by the same actor. Ever wonder why? This is the true story of how Gunnar Stahl became Scooter, the Eden Hall Varsity goalie.

A/N: The entire story will be in Gunnar/Scooter's POV. I don't know Icelandic, so I'm just going to pretend that everyone in Iceland speaks English instead.

Loss to Team USA

I couldn't keep the smile off of my face as I watched her, Julie "the cat" Gaffney, skate towards the goal and take the place of that fat kid. I was looking forward to this. I've wanted to get Gaffney back ever since that groin shot she gave to Sanderson and me. And here it was, my chance to do just that.

I don't get why Bombay would send her in in the first place. A girl goalie. What a joke. she hasn't even played a second in this tournament and he thinks she can stop me. Does he realize who I am? I am Gunnar Stahl, the leading scorer in this tournament. Yet he thinks she can stop me from scoring the game tying goal, sending this shoot out to extras, where the next unmatched goal wins the gold. Stupid duckys.

Gaffney took her place in front of the net and the referee wished her good luck. He then skated towards me and did the same. I waited for the refs signal and took off down the ice with the puck. This was going to be the easiest goal I've ever scored. It was like I told her the last time we played them, "send in a woman to do a mans job." That was just before she slugged me in the groin. I was determined to prove to her that being goalie was, and will always be, a mans job.

I deked three times and shot the puck towards the left, her glove side. The puck sailed through the air and the arena was deathly silent, as none had any idea whether or not the puck had gone in. I kept my eyes on "the cat" as she slowly stood from the ice and flipped the puck out of her glove and onto the ice.

I stood there, stunned as she removed her helmet and skated towards me. "Nice try," she told me, smartly. I couldn't help but crack a smile. That girl really does act like a bitch. Man, that is so hot. I stood there a bit longer, watching as Team USA celebrated their gold medal winning victory over us. That was supposed to have been me celebrating with my team, Team Iceland. We had crushed them in our first meeting 12-1. We were doing the same in this game, until they came out with those damn duck jerseys. How can a stupid jersey turn a game around? How the hell did we loose to them? They're two years younger then us for crying out loud.

As I skated back to the bench I heard Bombay talking with Gaffney. "See, what did I tell you? Triple deke, glove side." I shook my head, She knew my move. No wonder she stopped the puck. I suppose that is what a good coach does for you.

I made it back to my teammates, where Coach Stanson was waiting for me. He grabbed my shoulder. "Gunnar, you lost it for me."

That's all you care about isn't it. You, you, you. Hmm, listen to me, I sound like the Brady Bunch. "You lost it for yourself." I told him and looked behind him at my teammates. "Let's go shake their hands."

My teammates followed my lead and we stood in a line and shook each of the ducks' hands. I smiled at Gaffney as I passed her. She may have acted like a bitch, but like I said, I find that, well her in general, to be extremely hot. The last hand I shook was the of Conway's. "Good Work, Captain duck."

"Thanks Gunnar," he told me before I skated off back to the locker room where I was sure a fight was ready to break out.

I was right. Once we made it back to the locker room all hell broke loose. "You jerks made me look like a fool. How could you let those little twerps back in the game?"

"What about you ?" I asked, anger building in me. "You didn't do a damn thing to stop them. It was your job to tell us how to stop the onslaught."

"Don't even get me started on you." he yelled at me. "You let a girl save your shot. What kind of player are you?"

"What kind of coach are you? You are the one who told us the game was over during the second intermission. Bombay out coached you and you know it. He came up with one brilliant play after another, but you didn't come up with any way for us to stop them."

"Yeah," Sanderson agreed with me. "The only thing you have cared about this whole damn tournament is you. You don't care about us. All you want is a coaching gig back in the states for some stupid NHL team."

"The only thing you don't realize is that they don't want anything to do with you. They think your crazy. And I agree with them. Our loss is as much your fault as it is ours. You were looking over at their bench the entire time out. How in the hell did you not see the Goalie and the Tyler kid changing uniforms?" He didn't give me an answer. Instead he gave me a strong slap on the face. I didn't know what to say.

"Don't you ever talk to me that way. You guys are going to be the ones to face the consequences once we get back to Iceland, not me." He yelled at us before storming out of the locker room.

"What the hell does that mean?" Sanderson asked me.

"I have no idea."

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