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" " the character is speaking

: the character is thinking

/ Dream

Italics is a song ok I'm done rambling now lets get on wit the story.

Chapter 1 The Call

(Deans POV)

I tried to open my eyes it hurt so bad I just want to punch something. Finally after trying for what seemed like forever I got them to open but only a bit and the first thing I saw was a florescent light then the smell hit me, that disinfectant hospital smell. :What the hell happened: I made an attempt to sit up and I let out what sounded to me like a pathetic whimper and then Sam was at my side " Dean whoa dude slow down." I felt him put his hands on my arms as he slowly helped me back into my original position. " Sammy? Man what happened out there I cant remember shit" he smirked and looked at the door to make sure no one was there and he said quietly "We went after the banshee remember?" when I looked at him confused he went on, "She saw us and came after us. You were behind me she grabbed your ankle and pulled u down. You slammed your head on a rock that was on the ground."

"Well what the hell did u bring me hear for?"

"'Cause she tried to suck the life out of you." He said this in such a sarcastic way it made me want to punch the bastard but he was my brother. And not to mention he had apparently saved my life. " You lost a lot of blood and they say there still is a chance, if u are stressed even a bit, that you could go into a deep coma and… well…" I saw tears welling up in my baby brother's eyes. "Don't worry there is nothing for me to stress about. If I chill for a few days ill be fine." Sam turned around. " You were so close to being gone Dean and it made me feel awful because I wanted to help u and I couldn't." At that moment I remembered a promise I made to one of the three most special people in my life. "Sam get my wallet please?" Sam walked silently over to a duffle bag on the floor, reached in pulled out my jeans then my wallet. :maybe this will make him feel better: I opened the worn leather object and gave him a 'come here' nod and started "Here behind my id there is this." I pulled out a picture of a gorgeous 22 (at the time) year old girl with sandy brown hair and eyes almost the same green as my own. "Wow. Dean who is this? She's gorgeous." : yea and once you meet her it just gets better: "Flip it over." He obeyed and read the back ' Please don't keep me in the dark Dean 1-252-675-0989' "What dose that mean? Other than you got another beautiful girls phone number." I smiled. "If anything ever happens to me I need you to call that number and tell that girl what happened and that if I'm gone or going tell her I made my decision and I love her with my whole heart and I'm sorry I didn't tell her before. If you did that for me Sam it would be the greatest thing you ever did. But remember only if things are really going south." He looked back down at the picture and handed it back to me. "Anything man. Anything." He smiled. "Dude! Are we done with the mushy crap now?" We both laughed and a nurse came in to tell us visiting hours were over. Sammy started to leave but stopped at the door. "What's her name? "

"Lexis Onslow." I said and he left as he did I pulled the picture to my lips and kissed it "I wish you were here Lexi."

The next morning I heard Sams obnoxious ring tone and heard him frantically answering the person on the other end. "Yes I am his son. No. OH MY GOD! IS HE OK?" He yelled. :dad: "Holy shit. Yes ok thank you." As he hung up I heard and saw his reaction. Tears started to fall and he punched the wall "FUCK!" he screamed. I figured that was my cue to let him know I was awake the whole conversation. "What happened to him?" Sams answer pissed me off. "He's fine don't worry it'll only make you worse." I slammed the cup of water I was drinking down on the table and screamed. "DAMNITT SAM JUST TELL ME THE FUCKING TRUTH! " His answer came immediately as he jumped at my reaction. "There was and earth quake in California three days ago they just found him in the rubble today. He's still alive but not well at all." I wanted to cry, hell I almost did. "Shit. We gotta' go now." I got up and ran to get my bag and put some close on and suddenly my head felt light and I saw Sam run to my side with tears in his eyes. "DEAN!" That's when I remembered the stress thing.

(Lexis POV)

I was tired as hell. I had another dream last night of Dean. All I saw was his body fall to the floor and I had woke up screaming and gone into one of the shaking fits I had been getting since I was 15. I love him. I miss him. I worry all the time. I wish he'd call. I averted my eyes off the class and down to my desk where I saw the picture of him and I when I'd taken him to Emerald Isle after we worked a case together in western North Carolina. He left a few weeks after that telling me he was leaving because of the song I sang at an open mike night after a fight we had about his feelings for me. I asked him to make me a promise that if anything ever happened to him he'd call me. That was last year right before I wrote a song about how nothing could go my way. I found out a week later I had gotten a job teaching a course on my major, parapsychology, at Eastern Carolina University. I have been teaching it all year. I took the journal I had written those songs in and I put it in some drawer so I never had to look at it again. My cell phone ringing snapped me back to reality. "Excuse me class." I grabbed my phone and walked out of the room. "Lexis." I answered profesionaly. "Hi Lexis this is Sam, Sam Winchester." I heard his shaky voice trying not to cry so I took over. "Your Deans brother. What's wrong? Is he ok?" I know I didn't help much by the sigh Sam let out. "No yesterday he asked me to call u if anything happened to him and then this morning he passed out on the hospital floor and my dad in California is almost dead and now Dean and I cant handle this." He had broken down mid-sentence and I just wanted to hug the poor thing. "Listen to me Sam where are you guys?"

"Harbor lights hospital in Seattle" He had calmed a bit. "Ok whatever you do don't leave. What name is he under?" I was whispering because I noticed some of the students were trying to here. "Lewis Robertson." He answered me with question in his voice. "I'm on the next plane out there." I hung up and walked back into the room trying to mask the tears. I cleared my throat and stated firmly "Class dismissed and so you know I'm not going to be hear for the next few days." I gathered my bag and my coat and ran as fast as I could in heals all the way to my car started the engine jumped in and took off. When I got home I ran to my room pulled out a duffle bag and began throwing underwear, bras, two pairs of jeans and 4 tee shirts in the bag ran to the bathroom got my perfume and make up bag and grabbed everything and ran to the airport.

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