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Chapter 8 The Trip

I woke to the lovely sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man", and I giggled a little at the thought of how much the song reminded me of Dean. I was happy to be back with him, out on the road again, I mean as much as I love home, nothing seems more like home to me than Deans arms. As this thought crossed my mind I took notice that said arms were no longer around me. I was half asleep so panic immediately set in. My eyes shot open and I began looking all around the car to find both Winchesters were gone.

"Calm yourself." I demanded quietly. I then came back to reality and noticed we were in the parking lot of a little diner in the middle of no where. Of course, I should have known the only thing Dean would leave his car for was food. Slowly I began to take a more detailed notice of my surroundings. It was about 2 in the morning, it was dark, and to my satisfaction, it was raining. I pulled the headphones off my ears and I pulled my messy hair up into a low ponytail. I reached to the floor found my boots, put them on and laced them up. I opened the door and stepped out and stood there for a moment taking in the rain. After a few seconds I made my way to the front door of the small café.

As I entered I scoped the place out. It was simple, fifties themed, pink and mint green color theme, typical roadside diner. I then began observing the people. Or, should I say, lack-there-of. There was a scraggily looking trucker sitting at the counter sipping coffee and reading a paper, a waitress leaning against her register chewing her gum obnoxiously and staring into space, and in a booth all the way in the corner there was Sam typing vigorously at his laptop and he seemed frustrated.

I headed over there scanning the room for a jukebox or a game machine where I might find Dean but it was to no avail. I took my seat across from Sam and went to reach for whatever was left on Deans plat. Nothing.

"He is such a pig. What you working on Samm.." I started, and it earned me a playful glare from the man across from me.

"Sam." I finished with a look of accomplishment on my face.

"Well that earned you some fries, and to answer your question I'm

getting directions." He laughed and pushed his plate closer to me.

"Directions? I thought ya'll took care of that before we left the hotel room? Where are we?" I was utterly confused it wasn't a hard, or a long trip from Seattle to Modesto. I waited for his answer and grabbed some fries for myself.

"Genius decided to take 'this great shortcut.'" He replied in a mocking tone, I laughed a bit and let him continue.

"If my calculations are right time wise we should be about thirty or forty miles outside of Portland. Only were about ten miles out of Twin Falls." I began to laugh then I heard a voice behind me, "I told you once Sammy, Oregon and Idaho aren't that far away. Anyone could have made that mistake."

"Yea but only you would make a wrong turn, then go 'Oh hey I made a wrong turn' and then keep going!" Sam was now full on laughing at his brother who had just appeared at my side.

"Wow and I thought you were the directional wizard." I started laughing to. Dean stared at the both of us.

"You two are horrible." He said this with a mock, hurt look on his face. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and patted it as I

moved away.

"It's ok Dean your still the master traveler." I choked out between fits of laughter. He took this moment to slip in a smart-aleck comment.

"Well at least I don't sleep the whole trip. You know your both really boring company in the car." Sam ignored his comment, if he had even heard it, and was back typing. I however decided to play into Deans little game.

"How dare you call ME boring, Mr.'I-won't-go-into-the-ocean-without-a-floatie Winchester'!" I said in a pouty voice and I turned my head so he couldn't see me laughing.

"Aww now come on that's not even fair. I mean I only did that for YOUR protection…..Babe? Are you seriously mad?" After this comment I couldn't help but laugh.

"Of course not!" I giggled. A proud cocky grin spread across his face.

"I knew it I'm to hot to be mad at!" He concluded. This just made Sam and I laugh even harder.

After a few minutes of mindless chat and food Sam had concocted a plan.

"Ok so all we have to do is get back on twenty six and take that straight to Portland. Then get on Highway 99 and take it all the way down to Modesto. You think you can handle that Dean?" Sam finished by stuffing a fry in his mouth.

"Sure thing. You guys ready?" He motioned to the door. Sam and I both nodded and began getting up.

"Alright then lets hit the road!" He finished with a clap of his hands. With that we all followed Dean out the door and to the Impala, where Dean drove and Sam rode shotgun to keep an eye on the maps.

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