She rings the doorbell for quite awhile. Guess he's not here. Well at least he didn't ditch me just to go home… Que-Min thinks as she heads around the corner from his house.

Que-min walks for quite awhile, checking out places Ghoon-hahm would be. Every place she went she felt like she was being watched. At one point she thought she saw someone ducking behind a bush.

Que-min continues to walk and she ends up at the park. She decides to cross though the park as a shortcut.

8:55 p.m. hmmm….I better get back home. As Que-min was about to make a left turn, a gun shots were fired just ahead of Que-Min, beyond some bushes.

"Eh? What's going on over there?" Que-min said to thin air. Que-min heads over to the bushes, with questions driving through her head, and knelt down to see what was going on.

As she peeks though the bushes, she sees a group of buys huddled around something and kicking/ stomping on it, too.

"That's enough!" says a guy coming up to the group of guys. The guys immediately stops and faces the guy; showing some respect to him. Obviously it's a gang…. And that guy is the gang leader? Que-min thought as she watches the gang standing around. Several minutes later the gang finally leaves leaving whatever they were beating, behind. Once Que-min thought it was fine she went over to see what was left behind.

Que-min drops to her knees when she sees what was left behind. A guy. She could feel panic rising up; but she tried to hold it down as much as possible. On her hands and knees she starts to crawl over to the "left behind."

She looked over the guy; finally realizing that this "left behind" was Ghoon-hahm. She looked over his body; again, noticing gun shot wounds on his left hand and right leg. He looked really beaten up, too.

"Ghoon-hahm!" Que-min said in an urging voice to him as she nudged him a bit. No response came. She nudged him again and once more. Ghoon-hahm groaned in pain.

"You're alive, thank god!" Que-min whispered. She sat Ghoon-hahm up, putting his right arm around her shoulders. Slowly she stood up. God! He's very light! Does he not eat much or something? Que-min thinks as she starts walking towards Ghoon-hahm house taking as many short cuts as she could.

Que-min walked up to the front door and froze. Crap… keys. We need keys! Que-min thinks as she carefully sits Ghoon-hahm down and starts searching his pockets for his keys. After awhile Que-Min-min finds his keys, in his back pockets, she unlocks the front door and walks Ghoon-hahm inside.

Que-min lays Ghoon-hahm down on the couch, in the living room, and heads into the kitchen looking for some ice and a first aid kit.

"Of course he doesn't have an aid kit!" Que-min yells out of frustration. She walks back into the living room to see Jung-woo sitting along side the couch pulling out the first aid kit from under the couch.

"Oh… hey. When did you get here?" Que-min puts the ice pack on Ghoon-hahm stomache. He puts his aid kit under the couch? Ghoon-hahm…you're weird. Que-min thinks as she starts to tend to his wounds with Jung-woo.

"You know… he looks kind of cute when he sleeps." Jung-woo says barely above a whisper.

"Eh?" Que-min says in surprise, "You… you think?"

"Yeah… kind of." Jung-woo said sort of ending it right there.

Que-min looks over at Ghoon-hahm's. He does look sort of cute. Que-min thinks as she nods her head, agreeing with Jung-woo, "yeah I guess so."

There's a long silence in the room. Que-min decides to find a phone to call her mom and tell her she'll be home late, due to an "accident" involving a friend.

After hanging up on a screaming mother, Que-min goes back into the living room with two drinks in her hand. She looks around to see Jung-woo playing video games.

"Here, Jung-woo." she says as she sits down beside him and hands him a drink, "its bon bon. I hope you don't mind."

"Thanks." Jung woo said, pausing his game, he took the drink that was offered to him. He took a sip and continued playing a game.

An hour later: 10:35 p.m.

"Ah… well I better get home so my mom doesn't kill me." Que-min got up and went over to check up on Ghoon-hahm. She turned her head to see Jung-woo still playing his game. Hesitating Que-min hovers over Ghoon-hahm face and kisses his cheek, "night Ghoon-hahm…take care of Ghoon-hahm tonight. 'Kay?

"Okay." Jung-woo replied all zombie like.

Que-min heads out of the front door, locking the door, and slipping the key under the door. She walks back to her house, taking the long way to give her time to think.

She reaches her street an hour later. Tired and exhausted Que-min slows her pace down a bit. Que-min sees a bunch of guys hanging around her front door. Hey aren't those guys the ones who were beating up Ghoon-hahm? What the hell do these fuckers want? Que-min thinks, both frustrated and confused, as she walks. With each step anger was held back in the bottom part of Que-min's stomache.

Que-min approached the gang with an agitated look. They al stood around, looking at her, and smiling all the more. Then the leader rose from the gang and approached her as well.

"What the hell do you want?" Que-min said though her teeth.

"Hmmm… I guess you know our surprise for you. How sad, but! To make it short, my dear…" he gave a smirk, "what I want is you…"

Que-min was struck in the back the head with something hard.

"We are the Ghoo-won gang, Que-min. you are my target and so is Ghoon-hahm…" chili said to the unconscious girl that they were hauling off.