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Field Trip

Chapter 1

An Unhappy Student

Jennifer Wilkins stared blankly at her chemistry book. It was no good. She couldn't focus while in such a poor mood. The bell rang and with a deeply regretful sigh, she began piling her books together.

"Jennifer, I could not help but notice you seemed rather depressed today. Is anything the matter?" Henry "Hank" McCoy stood next to Jennifer's desk as she rose.

"It's nothing sir…" Her voice was quieter than usual and Hank put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Come now. Surely if it were nothing you would not be so obviously distraught. Perhaps if we had lunch together you would feel more at ease to speak with me." His gentle smile brought a blush to her pale blue face.

"Really, sir I don't think that's very appropriate…"

Hank looked confused a moment then understood and chuckled as he spoke. "I meant we might join the rest of the students in the cafeteria for lunch."

Jennifer's cheeks were bright red with embarrassment and she could only nod and follow him to the large lunchroom. By the time they were both seated her skin had returned to its usual pale electric blue. "Now, please tell me what it really is that's bothering you."

The younger mutant stared at her plate of food for several long moments. "It's Miss Grey."

"Jean? I don't understand what you mean." Hank's steady gaze went unmet.

"I wanted the art class to take a field trip to the museum. They have a special exhibit of impressionist paintings on loan from Chicago. But the class took a vote and I was the only one interested in going." She stopped trying to eat and just stared at the food.

"I was considering a little trip to enjoy the exhibit myself." Jennifer looked up at him eyes shining with hope.

"Would you take me with you? Oh please, oh please, oh please." Hank was slightly taken aback by the intensity of Jennifer's desire to go to the museum.

"Of course…I am always happy to further the education of one of my students. However, I was planning to go this afternoon…Is that too soon for you?"

"NO!" The cafeteria grew quiet as virtually all eyes turned to them.

"Perhaps some self control would be wise, Jennifer." Blushing and with small sparks of electricity emanating from her fingers, Jennifer sat down too embarrassed to speak again. Hank asked her at the end of lunch if she would be able to meet him at 4:00 in front of the main entrance. She nodded and hurried to her next class.