I think this is going to be a good story. It will always be in first person through Sam except for this first part, which is through Danny. At first I wanted to put this on a challenge forum but then I decided to write it myself. It's fun to write stories. I know that I already have several new stories out already but If I don't write an Idea down I lose it.

Ember McLain's hypnotizing music floated through the halls. I was asleep on my desk after a particularly ghost filled night and woke with a start at the loud sound. Students all around me started chanting and they ran out of the classroom towards the school grounds.

Mr. Lancer tried desperately to maintain order but the teens simply shoved past him. I used the chaos to my advantage and flowed out of the class with everyone else. Instead of continuing out into the hall I cut across the mob into the boy's bathroom.

Two blue rings surrounded me as I turned into Danny Phantom and flew out of school over the crowd. Sam waved her arms at me and I landed next to her. The only good thing about Ember's music is that no one else paid attention to the ghost in their midst. Sam had the Fenton Earphones that she always carried in her ears and smiled in a relieved way when I landed.

"Danny! I'm so glad that you found me. Ember still hasn't appeared yet. I don't know what's going on!" I looked around for the blue haired ghost and realized that there was only one place where she could be- the office. That was where the PA system was hooked up.

I told Sam that I was going and told her to stay where she was and watch for Ember. My feet lifted off the ground and I sped invisibly towards the Principal's office. As soon as I floated through the wall my ghost sense went off and I saw Ember standing next to a very surprised looking Japanese teenager holding a phone.

I appeared and Ember smirked at me. "Hello dipstick." She said. "I was expecting you to show up. And you won't be alone either. The principal just called your parents because she had enough sense to realize I was a ghost." I looked around for the principal and found no one. She must have run away.

Suddenly my parents burst into the room and pointed their guns at both me and Ember. Ember's smile grew even larger and she pulled her guitar off her back. "More test subjects for my new power." She strummed something on her guitar and it lit up bright blue. "Guess what dipstick, I figured out how to turn boring old adults into teenagers. Imagine, a world ruled by teens ruled by me!"

She strummed her guitar and an arrow shot from it towards my parents. I flew forward as fast as I could and shoved them out of the way. The blast collided with my chest and I was forced backwards into the hall. The strangest sensation spread through me as two rings changed me back to normal, and the feeling didn't stop.

I turned my head and saw Sam running towards me. "Danny!" she screamed.


Sam's POV

I wasn't just going to sit while Danny went looking for Ember by himself. We were a team and the last time we fought Ember made him obsessed with me. Although, I must admit, that wasn't so bad.

The crowd of hypnotized teens swayed back and forth to the music and I forced my way through them. At one point I saw Tucker but couldn't reach him through the crowd. I kept shoving my way through and finally emerged at the front doors of the school.

The PA system was still blaring Ember music full blast and I realized that Danny must have gone to the office. I ran through the empty building and heard a loud thud as something hit the wall in front of me. I saw a flash of blue light and saw that it was Danny.

He fell to the floor and I sprinted towards him. His face seemed to be shrinking and so was he. "Danny!" I screamed at him. He looked at me and I watched amazed as his face became younger and pudgier. His blue eyes widened and finally he seemed to stop shrinking.

I finally reached him and saw that his clothes were now far too big for him. His shoes had slipped off his feet and he was staring around in confusion. Danny looked up at me and smiled a cute childish smile. "Um, Danny, how old are you?"

He giggled like it was a game and counted out three fingers on his hand. Then he held his hand out so that I could see. "I'm three and a half. You're pretty." I blinked in surprise and watched as he laughed happily at my reaction.

Suddenly Ember came out of the office and smiled when she saw Danny. "Well at least he's out of the way. But maybe I should finish the job just in case."

Danny glared up at Ember and then stood up. His baggy shirt that had fit him when he was fourteen now went down to his knees. He closed his eyes and then vanished. Ember and I both gasped and suddenly I felt two small hands hug my leg. I looked down and watched Danny reappear as a miniature version of Danny Phantom.

His little green eyes glowed and he whispered, "She's a bad lady. She made me cold." Then he turned invisible again and let go of my leg. I frantically felt around for him but couldn't find any trace. Then suddenly Ember screamed as a small ectobeam hit her in the eye.

I tried not to laugh as Ember was hit by countless blasts. Then the blasts stopped and a very tired looking toddler appeared next to me again. Ember saw him and glared angrily at us both.

Danny started to cry and I lifted him up in my arms. He was surprisingly light. Ember came closer and prepared to hit us with another blast. Danny grabbed my arm and I felt an odd sensation creep through me. Then I fell through the floor with Danny still in my arms.

We landed on the floor below and Danny changed back to normal. Then he fell asleep from exhaustion. I ran from the school and found myself once again in the huge crowd of kids all waiting for Ember. All I could do was force my way through, because if Ember caught us the only person who could save me was asleep in my arms.

Tucker spotted me and walked over with a nervous look on his face. Ever since the first Ember incident he had been forced to keep a pair of earphones with him at all times. He noticed Danny wrapped up in his oversized shirt and gave me a questioning look. "Sam, I know that you took the flower sack project a little too seriously, and that you have a crush on Danny, but that's no reason to dress a real baby in his clothes."

Danny woke up with a start at the sound of his name. "I am not a baby." He whined. "I'm three and a half."

Tucker winked at Danny and said "Is your name Lilith?"

Again Danny looked startled at the fact that Tucker was talking to him. "No are you silly or something? I'm Danny Fenton most of the time." I looked at Danny in confusion and so did Tucker. "The rest of the time I'm a superhero." Tucker started laughing and Danny simply looked like he was going to cry again.

"How did you train him to say that Sam?" he asked when he finally stopped laughing. I sighed and then put Danny on the ground so that I could stretch. He smiled up at me and then kicked Tucker in the shin. "Oww! What was that for you little brat!"

"For laughing at me." He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I walked over to Tucker and told him the whole story. At the end Tucker looked down apologetically at Danny's small form. "Sorry dude, I didn't mean to insult you." Danny smiled and then sat down by Tucker's feet.

Suddenly his eyes widened and became a darker blue. He looked around in shock and then up at Tucker and I. "How the heck did I get so small?" his voice was deeper and I realized that now he was fourteen in a three (and a half) year old body. He looked around and then down and started to panic.

"Sam, please tell me that I'm not a toddler." I said nothing because I was still too surprised. He turned his small face up to Tucker, and then he looked down at his small body again. "It was Ember wasn't it." I nodded and Danny's eyes flashed green in anger.

"I have to stop her!" he tried to change into his ghost form but since he was only three he still didn't have enough energy to do it. Instead he tried to force his way through the crowd. I grabbed him and pulled him back but he continued to struggle against my grip.

Then he suddenly stopped and I watched as his eyes became a lighter blue. He giggled cutely and then said, "You're holding my hand, pretty lady."

This was going to be a long day.