Why does Drake Parker think there are monsters in the attic? Read and find out…

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Drake: Which means we're lucky...

1 year before Walter & Audrey were married…

Drake Parker was stretching out on the sofa, watching TV, when his mother came out of the kitchen.

"Drake, there's a big blue box next to all the photographs in the attic. Could you go get it?"

"I'm kind of busy."

"Well, get the box first. Then you can keep watching TV."

"Fine." Drake said, getting up and going up the stairs. He didn't really like dark spaces, and that included the attic. It wasn't that he was afraid of going into the attic, he just didn't like it.

He reached the top and opened the attic door. Suddenly a teddy bear flew at him with a scream.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Drake screamed back, turning around and running down the stairs.

"Mom! I can't go get the box. There's a flying teddy bear that goes "aaaaaaaaahhhhh" when I open up the door."

"Oh, Drake, it's probably your imagination. Now, go get that box!"

"But Mom –"

"Drake Parker, you go get that box for me now!"

"Okay!" Drake said, turning around and creeping up the stairs slowly. When he got to the attic, he slowly turned the knob, afraid another teddy bear would come flying.

He opened the door, but nothing flew at him.

"Whew. It must have just been my imagination." He sighed in relief and stepped into the attic to get the box for Audrey.

He was searching for it when he heard a shuffling noise.

"Who's there?" He called, nervous again.

Suddenly an un-earthly sound came from the far corner of the attic. Drake yelped. Then a different sound came from right next to him. This one scared him even more.

"Monsters!" He yelled. He was about to dash out of the attic when the door suddenly shut. Creeeeeeeeak… locking Drake inside.

"Oh, help me! I'm locked in the attic with monsters!" he shouted, pounding on the door. But no one came to help him.

He sat near the door, trembling, listening to all the sounds from the different parts of the attic. It seemed like he'd been there hours when the door opened.


"Mom said you were taking too long and to come and help you." She said.

"Oh thank goodness! I swear there's something living in the attic!"

"Yeah, right!"

"Oh, I swear! It was horrible! I'll never go in the attic again!"


"Here's the box you wanted, Mom! And please don't ever, ever, ever ask me to go up there again!" Drake pleaded.

"Drake! You're fourteen! You shouldn't be afraid of the attic!"

"You don't understand, Mom! There are monsters up there!"

"Oh brother. I'll go prove to you there are no such things." Audrey said, going up the stairs. A few minutes later she returned.

"There are no monsters up there, or a flying teddy bear, or a door that shuts and locks." She said.

"But I'm telling you I heard, and saw—"

"There's nothing up there. Just lots of dust and boxes." Audrey cut him off, taking the box into the kitchen.

"There are monsters up there." He muttered to himself. "And I'm never going back up there. Ever!"

With that he settled back down in front of the TV, as Megan sat in her room giggling.

Once again, Megan is the culprit. What a shocker! lol She's the root of almost every problem Drake (and later Josh) has ever had… Actually, Drake probably gets himself into most of the issues in his life… oh well.