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Dear Ron,

I must disagree with your method. It is widely known that if a person boils the water before putting in the noodles, the noodles will cook much more quickly.

Now, don't you dare tell me that you don't need to boil water because your Mum uses magic to cook. I'm very well aware of magical cooking methods, and I know that you still need to boil water when making macaroni and cheese!

Disagreeably yours,


Hermione read the letter she had written and smiled. There's no way I'm going to let him win this argument. Hermione gave an owl treat to the overly-excited owl sitting on her kitchen table, tied the note to his leg, and sent him off to the Burrow to deliver her response to Ron. Then she grabbed a book to read in the backyard until Pig returned, which should take about an hour.

This is what the entire week had been like for Ron and Hermione. It was a good thing Pig was so energetic because he had been flying back and forth between Hermione's house and the Burrow about four times daily. Hermione and Ron had been sending little, short notes to each other constantly. No note was more than a page long, because they required such quick responses to continue with the "conversation." Hermione felt bad for the little owl, but at the same time felt a tingle when she saw Pig flying toward her.

Ron was having his mid-morning snack when Pig came flying through the open kitchen window and crashed onto the table, nearly knocking over Ron's pumpkin juice. Ron gave Pig a piece of the coffee cake he was eating and untied Hermione's note from around Pig's leg. Ron opened the note, read it, and chuckled to himself. He wrote back,

Dear Mione,

Why don't we call this silly argument a draw? That way, you don't win, but I don't win, either. Isn't that all you care about anyway? That I not win?

Yours Truly,


Ron was about to roll up the note and tie it to Pig when Mrs. Weasley came into the room.

"Well! There's Pig! I've been looking all over for him. I've needed to send a note to Charlie for days! Now Ron, I know that you've been writing to Hermione, so why don't you just invite her over for the rest of the summer? That was you don't have to flirt by owl."

Ron blushed fiercely. "We're not flirting, Mum. Hermione's one of my best friends! Can't I owl her without being criticized?" Ron felt that the last part was a little defensive. He'd have to remember to back off, or else his family would think that he did like Hermione.

"Of course not, dear," replied Mrs. Weasley, tidying up the hopelessly messy kitchen. "Speaking of best friends, why don't you also invite Harry?"

Ron nodded, his face still flushed. He picked up his quill again and added to his note to Hermione,

P.S. My mum wants our owl back, and suggested that you stay with us for the rest of the summer. Will you please come?

Ron rolled up the parchment, tied it to Pig's leg, and sent him back to Hermione's. Then he quickly scribbled a note to Harry, inviting him to also come. He would send that once Hermione's response came.

Hermione was reading her book when she suddenly felt a breeze on her face. She looked up to see Pig coming straight at her at full speed! Hermione quickly marked her page and rolled over, off of the tri-fold lawn chair she had been sitting on. The moment she hit the ground she heard a big thump. Hermione got up off of the ground and looked at the chair. She realized that she had gotten out of the way just in time. She looked at the chair and laughed. Pig's beak had gone through the back of the chair, and the wild owl was swinging his legs wildly while trying to move his head. After a minute Hermione started to feel guilty at letting the poor owl stay stuck in the chair and went to help him. She put one arm under Pig's legs and gently grabbed the back of his head. She slowly pulled Pig's beak out of the chair. Hermione pulled her wand out of her pocket, pointed it at the chair's back and said, "Reparo!" The chair's fabric seemed to stretch over the hole and seal it. Nodding in approval, Hermione cradled Pig in her arms like a baby and took him into the house.

Once Pig had some food and water, Hermione untied Ron's note from around Pig's leg and read it. She smiled and thought, He knows me too well, when she read his note about not winning. When she read the postscript, Hermione quickly got out of her seat and ran to the garden where her mother was working.

Hermione told her mom about Ron's invitation. Her mom chuckled. "Well, it certainly would give that poor owl a rest. I'll miss seeing you this summer, but I supposed I should have expected this to happen. Alright, you may go."

Hermione gave her mom a squeeze and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks, Mum!" With that, Hermione went to write Ron a response and pack.

Ron read Hermione's note and grinned broadly. Um, she's going to be here in less than an hour!"

"Well, I supposed I should get Ginny's room ready, then. I suppose you haven't even gotten Harry's invitation out yet?" asked Mrs. Weasley, amused at her son's excitement.

"No, but I'm going to do that right now." Ron got his note for Harry, then tied it to Pig's leg and sent it off. He hoped that Pig knew that Harry was now living with Lupin. Otherwise, the Dursleys were sure to panic when Pig blew into their kitchen. Ron chuckled to himself, imagining the straight-laced Durlsey family sitting around the table eating dinner as Pig the super-hyper owl crashed through their window and into their dinner. It would serve them right, after how they treated Harry, Ron figured.


Hermione had her trunk open and half full of all her books, which had been shrunken in order to fit them all. Hermione was standing in front of her mirror, holding outfits up to her. After looking at her bed and seeing that all her clothes were either in her "take" or "maybe" pile, Hermione said to herself, "Are you a witch of what?" and shrunk all of her clothes and put them into her trunk.

Once Hermione was packed she bewitched her trunk to float downstairs into the living room. When she got down there herself, Hermione found both of her parents waiting for her. Her dad had come home for lunch and was informed by his wife that Hermione was leaving right away. Hermione was touched to see that one or both of her parents had started a fire in the fireplace, although it was rather warm already in the living room. She hugged and kissed both of her parents on the cheek. Then she tossed some green powder into the fire. When the fire turned green, Hermione stepped in, holding onto her trunk, and waved back at her parents. She then shouted, "The Burrow!" Quickly Hermione was yanked through the fireplace and was on her way to the Burrow.

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