Avin slugged his sword through another monster and groaned in frustration as the fading light in of the day was whisked away into complete darkness. Twin pillars of stone were the only indicator in the darkened wasteland that Avin could see ahead in the distance. They were quite close to the old enterance into Cathedral but he knew he needs to keep out of the enemies' site if he was to find a way to save his sister.

A few feet behind him, Madram finished off a pack of monsters with one of his slashing sword moves, cutting clean through the one eyed beast.

"You make it look so easy." Avin groaned out. The young man's hands were shaking from the strain of holding his sword non-stop for so many hours. The two had started off into the rocky wasteland with the dawn at their backs, and now it seemed, they'd end with a cold night ahead of them.

"We'd better rest now. Making it underground in this state will be the death of us, Madram!" Avin grunted out, before sitting on a nearby rock. He watched Madram finish off the latest batch of foes and trudge over to the tired young man.

"Your not seriously tired, are you Avin?" Madram said, a hint of laughter in his words.

"Well, I might not be if it hadn't been your great idea to go all out to find this place. But we're stuck out here now, let's get the fire going, it's getting a bit chilly here."

The sword of Durga shone brightly as Avin looked upon it with awe.

"It's just what I need." He whispered, as he reached out his hand to grasp it.

It would be his undoing.