Cross the Line - Uniform

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for slash

Disclaimer: Trust me; you'd know if I owned Xiaolin Showdown, because the show would focus on the sexcapades of Chase and Jack. And since it doesn't, you can safely assume that I don't own it.

Author's Note: I honestly never thought I'd write Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction of all things… But when an OTP calls to me, who am I to ignore it? So I claimed my second couple at LJ's 7snogs and started with the insanity. None of these themes will be related unless I specifically say so. I'm not a big fan of angst, so most of these will probably humor. We'll have to see... Where in the timeline they fit will differ too. Just stick it whenever it makes sense I guess. Seeing as this is my first XS fic ever, I tried my best to keep everyone in character, but feel free to give me pointers if anything is off. All that being said, enjoy the first step to madness!

7snogs theme: 1-Uniform

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"This wasn't quite what I had in mind…" Chase cocked an elegant eyebrow, regarding the Goth in a bored manner.

"What's wrong Spicer? It was you who said that you would do anything if I allowed you to become my apprentice, was it not? Are you having doubts already?"

"No, no!" Jack exclaimed anxiously, waving his arms in a manner that reminded Chase of a frantic chicken. "It's not that, it's just…"

'It's just that when you agreed to anything, you were pinning me to a wall and grinding our hips together. And silly me, I thought you wanted something a tad bit different than this! I'm not crazy enough to tell you that though…'

Now, Chase was a patient man, seeing as he had lived for a long time and would continue in that same fashion as long as things went as planned, but Jack Spicer was the one person who could wear his nerves thin faster than anyone else he'd ever met. So when Jack trailed off and started his mental conversation, he wasn't pleased. To show this, he fixed Jack with a pointed glare and a low growl, effectively snapping the teen back to reality with a noise that sounded suspiciously like "eep!"

"It's just what, Spicer?" It was times like this, when Chase looked like he'd rather pull out the redhead's larynx through his nostrils than look at him, that Jack wondered exactly why he stuck around. And then he'd look at Chase and remember—'Oh yeah, cause he's sexy.'

"Well, y-you know, I—" When Chase's look darkened, he knew that he was seconds away from becoming a chew toy for one of the citadel's felines. "I just thought I was becoming your apprentice, not your maid!" The moment the words spilled from his mouth, his face flushed a shade of red to rival his hair. This didn't go unnoticed by the older man, who had a glimmer of amusement in his golden eyes.

"What's wrong with your new uniform? Is it not to your liking?" The haughty tone caused Jack instinctively to lower his gaze, though he immediately wished he hadn't. The black and white frilly maid's outfit met his vision, making his blush deepen, not only because he was wearing it, but also because he wondered why Chase had it in the first place. And this reaction, of course, only made Chase want to see how much redder his face could get…

"I look like a French maid in a kinky porno flick. Do you think I like it?" Rather than get upset at the teen's insolent tone, Chase's amusement rose to the point that he allowed a smirk to show.

"Oh, I don't know. Despite your words, it certainly fits you well. I see no problems with it…" And just as the older man expected, the red hue deepened to an almost dangerous level. He should probably stop before Jack passed out… But that wouldn't have been any fun.

"Y-you, you think that—"

"I think," Chase began, slowly advanced upon the fidgeting teen, "that I shall take much pleasure in having you work dressed like that." Jack opened his mouth to ask if Chase meant what he thought he meant, but he never got that chance. After all, it's rather hard to question someone when they pin you against the wall and attempt to acquaint themselves with your tonsils. Under normal circumstances, Jack would have pushed the offender away, kicked him where it counts, and run for his virginity. However, these were not normal circumstances. He was being ravished by Chase Young, his idol, his crush, his walking wet dream. He'd rather give up being evil than push Chase away now that he was finally getting the one thing he'd wanted for so long.

Chase's oral assault continued for a few minutes, with Jack doing his best to keep up, before he finally removed his hands from the redhead's shoulders and moved them to rest on his hips. From there, they slipped even further until Jack was moaning at the firm hands messaging his bottom. Jack's own arms remained looped around Chase's neck, for fear that he'd melt into a drooling puddle of fanboy without something to keep him up. Then again, Chase certainly didn't appear to want to let him go anytime soon…

But of course, as all good things do, the mind-numbing kiss soon came to an end. With one last lap at Jack's abused lips, Chase pulled away completely and leered smugly at the teen, looking as composed as ever. Jack, on the other hand, had all he could do just to lean against the wall and catch his breath without falling to his knees. If this was what being Chase's apprentice comprised of, he wished he'd offered anything a long time ago…

"So," he managed to say without gasping, having finally caught his breath, "does this mean we're, you know, together?" Chase smirk remained firmly in place as he calmly pointed to a bucket and scrub brush over on the other side of the room.

"What it means Spicer, is that you're going to scrub the floors until they shine. No robotics, no Shen Gong Wu. Once you're done, we'll talk." Jack couldn't help it when his jaw dropped. So he really was just a maid? How did this help him become eviler or get him in bed with Chase? Why did the world hate him? "…And after we talk, we'll see if we can't put that uniform to better use…" His face immediately brightened, and if Chase had been anyone else, the adorable sight probably would have melted his heart. But seeing as he was Chase Young, Prince of Darkness, it only made him want to tie him down and—

No. Jack had to learn some discipline before his lessons on evil or love could begin.

His mind made up, Chase turned on his heel and gracefully strode out of the room as only he could do. Jack watched him go, feeling himself salivate at the hypnotic movements of the older man. If he had to reduce himself to dressing in drag and scrubbing floors to get a piece of that

Then Jack had never been so eager to clean in his entire life.