Cross the Line – Rumour

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for slash

Disclaimer: Trust me; you'd know if I owned Xiaolin Showdown, because the show would focus on the sexcapades of Chase and Jack. And since it doesn't, you can safely assume that I don't own it.

Author's Note: This was written with, like, no troubles whatsoever. It's amazing how this chapter simply just wrote itself. This is the first time I've written anything substantial with the monks and Dojo, so hopefully I got them down right. Please tell me if you have any suggestions. Other than that, please enjoy the latest installment!

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There was quite the rumor circulating among the youngest monks at the Xiaolin Temple; it was potentially the juiciest rumour they'd ever heard. Not that such virtuous monks would ever stoop to gossiping instead of training mind you… They argued that since it had to do with their enemies, it was more… Battle tactics. Or something like that.

"I'm telling you guys, I saw them! He had his tongue shoved halfway down—"

"Aw Kimiko," Raimundo interrupted, a thoroughly disgusted look on his face, "we just ate lunch! Are you trying to make me sick?" The Japanese girl rolled her eyes at his theatrics.

"You were the one who asked in the first place Rai." He opened his mouth to retort, only to realize that he was about to say something very stupid and instead just sulked.

"Yeah, well, I didn't want so many details…"

Any further argument between the two—and thankfully before Omi could chime in and ask why someone would put their tongue into anyone else—disappeared when Dojo appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It was a talent he was particularly proud of.

"Sorry gang, but you're gonna have to reschedule your little gossip party for your next tea social. A new Shen Gong Wu just appeared, and we have to get it before someone else does." The monks looked at each other, varying degrees of excitement on their faces.

"Think they'll be there?" Kimiko's face was almost split by the grin she wore.

"Oh, I'm counting on it."

Sure enough, once Dojo got the monks to the site of the new Shen Gong Wu, they weren't alone. Chase Young and Jack Spicer were also there—Jack frantically looking for the Wu, and Chase watching Jack's every move.

"Where do ya' reckon Wuya is?" Clay asked, wondering if maybe Kimiko was telling the truth.

"Perhaps Chase Young finally let Jack Spicer be his apprentice," Omi offered. It wasn't that he didn't believe Kimiko, he just didn't understand her. After all, two guys didn't do those sort of things, right?

"Or maybe you guys should just listen to me and accept that they're screwing each other's brains out! Well, Chase is screwing Jack at least…" Raimundo and Clay looked rather uncomfortable with the sudden frankness of the conversation. Dojo muttered something about having obviously missed something. And finally, young Omi looked downright confused.

"What is this 'screwing' you speak of?" …Well, how did you explain that one to a young, naïve monk?

"Um, well…" Kimiko looked to the others for help, but she was met with expressions that clearly read, 'You brought this upon yourself, so get out of it yourself.' ...She hated guys sometimes. "It means…"

"It means having sex." Four monks and one dragon managed to gasp in perfect unison as Chase was suddenly behind them. So much for staying hidden… "I must say, young monks, that I never expected you to waste your time spreading rumors when you could be looking for your precious Shen Gong Wu. At this rate, Spicer is apt to find it first." And as if on cue, Jack's voice rang out from the other side of the bushes.

"Chase, hey look, I found it! I can't believe I— Hey, Chase? Where'd you go?" Saying that Chase looked smug would have been an understatement.

"It seems that I was correct. Now if you'll excuse us, Spicer and I have important business to attend to…" He turned, only to stop as he heard Raimundo call out to him. Though he didn't face them, he motioned for the dragon of wind to continue.

"Um, what Kimiko said… About you and Jack… Is it true?" They couldn't see Chase's face, but it no doubt had a nasty smirk on it.

"I believe that is no one's business but our own. I suggest next time you worry less about our sex life and more about getting your Wu." And with that, he suddenly disappeared, leaving three very disappointed monks and one very confused one.

"But how can two males…? Wait, the Shen Gong Wu! We must get it from Jack Spicer!" The group suddenly recalled that they did come all the way out here for a reason, and sprung from the bushes, only to find— Nothing. Wherever Chase had gone, Jack was obviously with him. "Oh phooey."

"Great, this is all your fault Kimiko! If you hadn't told us that stupid story—"

"It's not a stupid story, it's true! Chase did say 'our sex life,' not 'ours' didn't he?"

"So what? That doesn't mean—"

Dojo sighed and super sized himself, allowing Clay to load his bickering teammates on the dragon's back. Omi hopped on afterwards, staying as far away from Kimiko and Raimundo as he possibly could. Which put him right behind the cowboy.


"Yeah Omi?" Somehow, he knew that whatever came next, he wasn't going to like it. Not one bit.

"How do two males procreate? Are they not lacking the proper equipment to have babies?"

…Sometimes, Clay decided, it would have been so much easier to stay in Texas…

"I did it, I did it, I did it!" Jack sang as he danced around the room, Shen Gong Wu in his hands. Chase could have told him the circumstances as to why he'd won, but Jack was always so frisky when he was in a good mood…

"Why yes Spicer, you did win. Would you like a medal?" Jack set the Wu down on a random table—Chase's citadel had a lot of them—and pouted. It was a very cute pout, Chase noted.

"Oh, come on Chase, I finally got there before those Xiaolin losers! Doesn't that count for anything?" Oh, and he was just getting cuter by the second. And, of course, when Jack started looking cute, clothes were usually shed.

"Of course it does Jack." Saying his lover's first name had the desired response—Jack shivered at the sensual tone and was suddenly in Chase's arms.

"Does that mean we can celebrate?" Evil overlord or not, no one could say no to that face… Well, not without some difficulty at least.

"Yes, that's exactly what it means. Come now; let us celebrate your victory in my bed chamber…" Jack squealed excitedly and pressed a quick kiss to the older man's lips before leading them up to the room he knew oh-so well.

If Kimiko got excited over seeing them make out in the forest, Chase could only imagine the sort of rumors that'd start if she saw this