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'blah' means thoughts

/blah/ means bond talking


"Padawan, wake up." Qui-Gon gently shook his apprentice awake.

/Good morning, Master/ Obi-Wan said through their bond. He also mouthed the words.

"Get up, Padawan. We need to survey the planet."

/I'm up/

Minutes later, both Jedi were out of the ship and had reached their first survey point.

/What do you expect we'll see, Master/

"I expect the people to be peaceful, judging by the terrain."

/Master, look. I see something/ Obi-Wan pointed.

Master and apprentice both looked to where the latter was pointing. Coming from behind one of the trees was an animal that slightly resembled a Trandoshan. This animal was about half the size and walked on all fours.

"Just an animal, Obi-Wan."

Obi-Wan blushed at his mistake.

In the four hours that they observed the forest, all they saw were the Trandoshan-like creatures and what could pass for a small ear-less Gungan that crawled on all fours.

/What's next, Master/

"I saw some mountains just beyond this plain."

As they crossed the plain, the saw creatures that had the head of a Thakwaash and a body of a Pegasus (without the wings). After two hours of walking across the plain and seeing nothing but the Thakwaash-like creatures, Obi-Wan started complaining. /Master, we've been walking for hours. How much further are the mountains/

"Padawan, we will get there when we get there."

After another hour, the complaining turned into whining. /Master, my feet are killing me/

"Well, I have good news, Obi-Wan. We're here."

/Good. Can we sit down now/

"Look, Padawan." Qui-Gon directed Obi-Wan's attention to a creature that looked like a Bothan. "Let's go."

/Go? Go where/

"Up the mountain."

/Up the mountain/ Fear accompanied these words.

"Why, Padawan, are you afraid of heights?" Obi-Wan just glared at his master. Qui-Gon just laughed. "All right, Obi-Wan. We won't go up the mountain."

They walked along the mountain base, scanning the rocky face carefully for any sign of life.

/Master, can you see it? It looks like a Wookie/

"It certainly does, Padawan." They kept walking along slowly until they came to a rocky cliff. There were large carrion birds flying about the face of the cliff. "Well, this will make it difficult."

/Make what difficult, Master/

"Diving into the water." Qui-Gon took out his breathing apparatus from his robe.


"Yes, Padawan. Diving. Follow me." The Jedi Master put his breathing apparatus in his mouth and dove off the cliff, executing a perfect swan dive, which resulted in a little splash. Obi-Wan shook his head, took out his breathing apparatus, and put it in his mouth. He tied to copy his master's dive, but couldn't quite do it. He ended up breaking the water's surface with his back, which resulted in a big loud splash.

/Very graceful, Padawan/

/I try, Master/

The two Jedi swam underwater, searching for signs of life. They searched the water for four hours and they only found two animals. One looked like the head of the Mon Calamari and the other looked like the head of the Feeorin. Both had longer tentacles. After seeing the Feeorin-like one, Obi-Wan asked/Master, isn't this one just like the other one we just saw/


/Than why are you making note of it again/

/They are similar but yet different/


/You will learn, my young Apprentice/

They left the water after their four hour search. As they headed for their craft, Obi-Wan said/You were right about one thing, Master. The inhabitants were peaceful/

"Yes but there are no humanoid life-forms." They reached their ship and laid down for some rest before their journey back.


"Master! Wake up!"

Qui-Gon was shaken awake by a very excited padawan. "Obi-Wan? What?"

"I can talk again, Master! Isn't that great?"

"Just wonderful."

"Well, let's go back to the Temple, Master."

The Jedi both piloted their ship back to the Temple. As they entered the Temple, Obi-Wan started talking again. "That mission was interesting, Master. All those creatures we saw were weird, but not a single one spoke. Plus there weren't any humanoid life-forms. The Council thought there would be. That's pretty funny, Master. The Council was wrong. How often does that happen?"

"Padawan, what did the healers say caused the laryngitis?"

"Talking too much."

"Think about that."

Obi-Wan thought about what his master said. "Oh."