In one swift motion, Tony tossed Angela over his shoulder. A slight smile crept across Angela's face although she feigned surprise.

"Tony, what's gotten into you?" Angela asked, giggling.

"Well, Angela …if I'm going to be a volunteer fireman, I need to practice lifting people… and, well… your body is the perfect specimen. Tony grinned sheepishly remembering the last time he carried Angela was to her room in a drunken haze. The memories kept on coming…He had to physically carry her out the door when they went to Puerto Vierta…Angela interrupted his thoughts; a touch of coyness in her voice.

"Oh yeah?" she drawled. "Well, Rhett Butler has nothing on you…and by the way, the 'view' is spectacular from here."

"Ay, Oh…Angela, are you staring at what I think you're staring at?" "Inquiring minds want to know," he chuckled.

"Speaking of perfect specimens"… Angela's voice trailed off.

Just then Mona came bustling through the kitchen door. She stopped short at the sight of Angela, high heels dangling in the air and said, "You really swept her off her feet this time, didn't you?"

"That was the idea." Tony's voice was barely audible as he spoke through gritted teeth.

Mona looked pointedly at Angela and said with a devilish grin, "I would love to be in your position right now."

Angela's face turned the same shade as the wine red cardigan sweater she was wearing as she shot her mother an icy glare.

"Angela", Mona playfully admonished, "As someone who loves you, I should tell you that red isn't your color…"

"Mother, don't you have somewhere to go?" Angela's eyes shifted from Mona and remained fixed on the front door.

"I can take a hint...I know when I'm not wanted." The corners of Mona's mouth curved downward in a slight pout.

"Aren't you laying the guilt trip on a little thick, Mona?" Tony chided good-naturedly.

"Apparently not thick enough, but it looks as though three's becoming quite a crowd…"

With one hand on the doorknob, Mona turned back toward Tony and Angela and said,

"Would you two please do something I 'would' do?"

"Mona..." Tony whined; his face resembling the color of the Beefsteak tomato he had sliced earlier.

"Talk about turning up the heat…well, my work here is done;" Mona said, walking out the door with a slight sway in her hips.

"Mother..." Angela said with a mixture of shock and embarrassment that fell on deaf ears.

When Angela was sure the front door had closed, her curiosity got the better of her. She looked up at Tony and began tentatively, "So since you deem me in dire need of rescuing, where is it that you're taking me?"

"Well, Ms. Bower, Ma'am, Tony said; climbing the stairs and turning on the charm with every step, "I thought I'd take you up to your room, and..."

"This is going to be some fire drill," she whispered seductively against his ear.

Tony swallowed hard. He looked into her gleaming eyes and said, "I'm already starting to sweat."

With Angela still in his arms, Tony hesitantly stood outside her bedroom door.

"Oh, Fireman Micelli, how can I ever thank you?" Angela asked, looking into his eyes adoringly.

"Well, normally, Ma'am, I don't ask to be rewarded for my efforts, but since you're offering…"

Angela's lips melted into his. With every kiss, heat rose between them. Angela slid out of his arms and pulled him into the threshold of her room.

"Umm…Angela?" he murmured while placing kisses along her neck; I think I need a cold shower.

"Mmm…I'm starting to get a little overheated myself; a shower sounds like a great way to cool off", she agreed.

They parted; the heat waning as the space between them grew.



"Do you think we'll ever make it 'through' the door?"

"This was just a spark, Angela...which will eventually ignite into…"

"A flame." She exhales deeply.

"Come on, Angela—we're talkin' about you and me here…It'll be a blaze."